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To our amazement at practically every presentation of a new game even asked by journalists whether there dlc will come. ” The answer to that question is nowadays almost always yes; any publisher today downloadable content adds to his games. Although we occasionally make an exception, we spend on Tweakers rule little attention to this additional content. That makes it all the more fun to look at some games, what content since the release is added and the added value thereof.

Far Cry 4 – Escape from Prison Durgesh

Ubisoft shooter Far Cry 4 had his first major expansion in mid-January. Escape from Prison Durgesh adds a new game mode to Far Cry 4 and gives the player a special challenge. But before we look at something more detail, we first want to deal with disappointment. Durgesh Prison is a prison in Kyrat where you are in the single player campaign does missions. However, this DLC has nothing to do with prison. Instead, you play in a well known, open area Kyrat. Why the dlc’s name must create the impression that it is a prison escape, not us is clear.

Header Crossy Road
Title Far Cry 4: Escape from Prison Durgesh Score
Platform Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Price 9.99 euros
What is it? The DLC package adds a kind of “challenge mode” to the game. You start with no weapons and no skills on top of a tower, and there is a counter on screen that counts down from thirty to zero minutes. Somewhere nearby is an Extraction Point, where you have to get in that half hour. By doing missions and score you can get time bonuses karma points, earn weapons and find and unlock skills. Eventually pull you towards the Extraction Point, where, after surviving a tough fight, you Accumulator pressure to play the game mode.

It is possible, but difficult to achieve all this in your first attempt. The main reason is that the missions are quite difficult and if you die in Escape from Prison Durgesh, you’re really dead and you have to start again. All you keep when you die, your weapons and your skills. This means in practice that most of the players probably builds its collection of weapons, items and skills in a number of attempts to make an attempt to escape afterwards. Of course it’s fun to play the entire mode in one fluid playthrough and that is not impossible, but the stepwise approach sounds like the most viable alternative for most players.

Far Cry 4 dlcFar Cry 4 dlc
These same players will, despite the slightly higher level of difficulty, no particular difficulties to smoothly through it. That has everything to do with the recognition of the content. The rules or otherwise, countdown and death means start, but what you’re doing content, remains exactly the same as in the main game. In addition, the biggest problem to the front; Escape from Prison Durgesh has an acute lack of new content. The DLC package recycles only been familiar gameplay elements and mission types, and adds nothing to it. Therefore, the gameplay is basically the same as the gameplay you already have dozens of hours pass by in Far Cry 4. That changes the fact that you can play all the dlc nothing in co-op.

Who have enjoyed Far Cry 4 and anxiously sat waiting for new content is still not quite a rude awakening, but really a lot to enjoy, there is not. The time pressure means that you work faster and that creates tension, and the fact that you always have to start over if you die, it is also nice, but otherwise there is little new under the sun. Do you have the Season Pass, you even now already have a new DLC pack for Far Cry 4, namely Hurk’s Deluxe Pack, which adds five new missions and a new weapon to Far Cry 4. Is Escape from Prison Durgesh a separate purchase for you, then the package will cost 9.99 euros and that we find quite spicy for what you get in return.


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