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Facebook in an effort to improve the performance of the business pages and increase the ease of the user, the Facebook company recently launched four new features for Facebook pages, which will help to facilitate the communication process and giving users many other ways to communicate directly with the brands or companies.
The first advantage: the ability to send private messages through the Facebook page through local advertising (Direct Message via Awareness Ads)


This is a new addition to local advertising templates, to allow users to communicate via direct messages directly with companies through ads appearing on their screens. When the user presses the button “Send a message,” Facebook Messenger window will appear, so that allows the user to type the letter and send it to the page you saw Aalanaha. Page Manager will receive this message along with a declaration which referred the user to a page; making manager knows where it came from this user queries.

The operation aims to facilitate communication and increase direct interaction between brands or companies and customers. This can be used advertising model widely in order to provide better service to customers and to provide their needs. Facilitate this direct communication may be a big step toward increasing the proportion of transformation. In spite of being a small addition, but it will inevitably increase user interaction, it will make the transactions between the company and the customer more personalized.
The second advantage: the possibility to respond to any comments through private (Respond via message Private Message)


This quote from a statement Facebook: “until the moment, Facebook pages managers can respond to the comments of customers in the same way that published by the suspension, ie, either through suspension or through a private message. In the coming weeks, the possibility of Vchristzy page response to public comments through private messages to managers; which will help in solving the question of special customer requests for a more effective manner. ”

From defects in response to customer comments or queries the current way, is that these responses will be published to the public do not have privacy. That would be the owner of the page in errors and increase the marginal comments signed, possibly a feud going on with his commentary. Certainly it is worry-page owners a lot.

The new addition to relieve the owners of the pages of this factor is disturbing, and allows them to enjoy privacy to talk with customers; in order to resolve this issue.

When Page Director choose to click on the icon “Send a message”, it will be attached to a copy of the comment in the message (as shown in the picture), which saves the customer re-asked the question again. When the company responded to the suspension through a private message, note will appear in front of this comment suggests that the company received it through a private message; visitor even know about it, they do not think it has been marginalized comment.

This process will facilitate the establishment of the pages on a personal contact and interact more privacy to resolve any problem facing the user. There is also there are some queries that can not respond to them or to provide a solution to the public, some of which relate to bad understanding of fluid before and would like to spread this year; in order to avoid exposure to comment His embarrassment.

Therefore, it is the possibility of cross-post a private message a wonderful addition. While the companies or brands that take into account the consequences that may result from any response, sometimes it makes sense to be refunded years in order to be up to respond to the widest possible audience; which confirms the keenness of the Page Manager on improving the customer experience and increase interest in ordering .
The third feature: a signal that allows users to identify the response from other pages (Page Responsiveness)

That feature very great, so that the page is high in response to Messages, Facebook will add such a reference / tag to that page, so that it points to the performance of the response page.

“Pages that have responded to the messages by 90% does not exceed an average response time of five minutes, and will be referred to as” a quick response to the messages “through special mark added to those pages.” – According to a statement Facebook

Response is measured periodically every week. Facebook and indicate the possibility of Show page managers time response rate in the “page views” or statistics. But it will mark only the pages that have 90% of any response in less than 5 minutes on its response Alrsail- at least being developed, and it may change later!

According to one of the views or replies initial feedback about this feature is that it applies only on pages that have more than 1,000 fan.

Is a tool to measure very great response, but maybe you need measurement method to some improvement and modification; Some pages managers noticed the presence of some of the messages that do not require a response, such as unwanted messages (spam), and thus the addition will be considered that process as a lack of response, which will reduce the ratio of page response from the standpoint of the new measurement tool, although the managers responding to the real customer inquiries.

Others have noted that they are in violation of their rights to get high from the standpoint of the new tool arrangement; because they can not reply to messages that arrive in late night (and it is considered an obstacle to small enterprises). Therefore, in spite of the fact that many pages managers irritable response, the new performance bar to the lack of the ability to display “signal response” to have; the lack of requirement according to standard tool indicates.

While progress can add new help to create greater contact with potential customers, the more likely the tool will be a lot of dialogue about this feature before the launch effectively.
Fourth feature: the ability to store replies (Canned Response)

It is an element added to the Facebook page to enable managers to create and save replies sent in response to inquiries. It is in addition to multiple messaging features, but they are distinguished by a great way to help companies speed up the response process, and to ensure the right message across in the most effective and appropriate.

“Thread became managers can take out Ruud saved and then re-sent with a single click, making respond to customers more quickly and easily via smartphones. Also it is made ​​available to managers page editor replies saved option before sending “- as stated Facebook

It will be made ​​available to managers of thread to use new features to help them follow up messages using the tools you archive, delete and mark the stored messages, as well as the possibility to mark messages as spam or Read.
More personalized expectations

These four new features are very important and effective; because any small individual interaction may have a significant impact, particularly with regard to the allocation of the customer experience. We go today to a dramatic increase in the allocation of the customer experience; in social media, which allowed each user to express his opinion and to hear his voice world. Beltala, the brands to keep pace with it and that have the lion’s share of this new interaction and bring these sounds like.

In these days we can observe increase customer awareness of the issue of the fact that brands are pursued and care about him, has become customers targeted based on their behavior, which allows companies access to a specific segment of the public anger– so can now be marketing to a group of public, or individuals, each according to their activity on social networking sites.

This may seem kind of scary to target customers and a bit daunting, but for some, this is the perfect solution. As for the younger generation in particular, it will be that process is the dominant and it would be normal to target customers. It will be expected to do is always follow-up brands and customers classified and targeted based on their activity on social networking sites. It does not keep pace with it, will find himself struggling to follow the evolution and achieve success, in a world that has become in allocated to the customer experience is the prevailing trend.

Customization is becoming the basis for access to the new generation of customers, so hear them and serve them and conquer their own personal needs, which Serihm how much they are important to your company. This is what Satoukah user conscious of the new generation of users of social networking sites.

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