New host suction eye, Xbox 360 games without interruption, McLaren P1 pressure field for the Microsoft platform




New host suction eye, Xbox 360 games without interruption, McLaren P1 pressure field for the Microsoft platform
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Into the third game of the home console market finally born, the layout of the game you can see it becoming more mature side.

This year’s E3 game show to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo three console makers all the arrangements at the Los Angeles Convention Center’s West Hall, not only neighbors but also the rivalry from the shot in the booth arrangement can see trick.

Microsoft this year’s exhibition broadly divided into two blocks, strong play Xbox One game area as well as individual simple game demo area, and another opened specifically for the Xbox 360 demo area.


After all, is the new host comes, most booths suction eye than the Xbox One block hosts show.

This time, in order to allow visitors to feel completely and was advertised imported more than 40 kinds of innovative technologies Xbox One controller, and the flagship of the “Impulse Striker” technology, on-site erected around four experiences Desk, feel the new technology is also experiencing new grip .


E3 this year, many manufacturers have published new work, racing, Sony and Microsoft have a real car show sizzling atmosphere, “Forza Motorsport 5” (Forza Motorsport 5) invited the product cover McLaren P1, is the region’s stall focus.



Indispensable “Forza Motorsport 5” real machine demo, in addition to a general version of the site also offers a 5.1-channel racing chair ride experience area.


Xbox One games and home entertainment emphasizes the link Another focus is Kinect somatosensory controller re-evolution, as to allow more visitors to learn about new technologies presented somatosensory, Microsoft offers technical demonstrations during the exhibition around the clock, on-site inviting Visitors come to experience significantly enhanced recognition ability.

Basically you can see the new Kinect detection reaction has improved significantly, many people recognize the reaction (as shown below), as well as more flexible recognition distance, motion discriminating sophistication yet also increased significantly.


This was published before the conference at E3 to attract a lot of attention, the main voice-controlled Xbox One “Project Spark”, this is a fantasy world built on action game that supports Kinect and SmartGlass; player can create the world or through the voice system Through SmartGlass for touch operation. After the creation of other players can enter an enemy or NPC helper select construction or destruction of the world, it is noteworthy was the creation of the original game players once they left the council, the next player can take over seamlessly joined, be very fresh gameplay.


The announcement of the Xbox 360 version will launch the “chariot World” (World of Tanks), in addition to its own booth, where also set up experience zone; course, ‘where are all the arms. ” consistently show style, in addition to outside the Los Angeles Convention Center erected a chariot, here also there is a howitzer



In the Microsoft E3 will be published before the show debut of Xbox One exclusive works “RYSE: Son of Rome”, issue of the road is a bit bumpy.

Was published for the first time is an exclusive Kinect for Xbox 360 works, was the name “Codename Kingdoms”, but disappeared after the news release, until this year’s E3 only see also disappeared. This is the “Crysis” developer Crytek’s works, the picture has a certain level. Players in the game inside the Incarnation Roman Marius Titus, in order to guard the motherland’s reputation, and vowed to kill Xue Ren family enemy, video game demos attached below.

In short, Microsoft this will “RYSE: Son of Rome” as one of Xbox One main lineup, not only for a small open area, landscaping theme is also constructed a Roman-style stone carving, quite eye-catching.



In Europe the game industry has a considerable reputation fighting game “Killer Instinct”, the development team was bought by Microsoft, this product also jump from the original N64 Xbox One platform, this time in the Microsoft E3 will be published before the show appearances, cited exclaimed to a considerable degree with warm applause, so Microsoft’s booth has become popular works of the matter, at any time be able to see full demo units nearby onlookers crowd.



E3 this year to carry out before the first publication of the “Halo: Super Commando” (Halo: Spartan Assault), the 343 Industries and Vanguard Games to jointly develop, is a the “Halo” series of shooting system into touch operation mode and for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platform offering products. Spacetime between “Halo 3” and “Halo 4” between the player can choose to play Commander Sarah. Palmer or super soldier Davis, to stand against the Star Alliance.

Because the site offers the highest prize of the activities available, try crowds and more crowds queuing more


Xbox One starting one of the games “LocoCycle” Xbox 360 will also be provided to download the game, this Twisted Pixel development work, providing 1080p 6ofps picture quality, is an enemy to be riding a motorcycle and confrontation, the assassination task action racing game.


Also belong to the crowd live demo of one point Xbox 360 “Splinter Cell: Blacklist”, published a while product is still high degree of suction eye.


Microsoft did not forget to remind consumers with Xbox 360 area, this host continues to promote, as well as new works continue. As president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick mentioned in an interview Xbox One necessity for future content, features provide network connection is needed, so if consumers can not accept or do not have the network environment, then you can select Xbox 360.


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