New types of combat experience refreshing charm, “Lightning return FFXIII” Traditional Chinese version of the first demo




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Is expected to open in November this year to sell “Lightning return Final Fantasy XIII” in determining the Traditional Chinese version will be launched, Sony Computer Entertainment in Taiwan recently disclosed a new wave of Traditional Chinese version to experience the demo version, content, and during this year’s E3 show public version of the same, the biggest difference is that this time the story subtitles, system interface has completed the conversion of traditional Chinese culture. The demo content-based combat system, the plot supplemented; player controls Leiguang assistance in Hope, left chasing the whereabouts of treacherous ice and snow, and in the final encounter an unexpected powerful enemies.

“Leiguang return FFXIII” Countdown to Destruction faced only 13 days of the world as a stage actress after awakening inexplicable Leiguang, we must grasp the few remaining time to solve puzzles to save the destruction of the crisis, but along the way but because the old The emergence of fellow frequent crises. Daigo made that the game will have a taste of clocks ticking constantly remind the players to move around much time left, and Lightning even completely without any action, the time will slowly go by.

Based on experience version is the relationship between the content added the novice teaching guidelines, you can choose to skip or step by step execution. Approaching the open games arena, allowing players to jump inside the building, climb ladders, press R2 or L2 will conduct sprint running, although it will consume energy meter, but the response is very fast, but once depleted must be completely filled until the effort to begin to run, or only way to go slowly. (Incidentally, even if the action is an ordinary climb the ladder, but also very handsome sister saw Ray stand Oh ~)


Inherited “FFXIII” series has always been designed for the inside of the new Lightning also has three attributes attack mode, in the experience which has been provided in advance version of the “holy liberator”, “sorcerer underwear”, “Dark Muse” three kinds fitted ( not be the second replacement), using R1 or L1 can switch at any time, Leiguang clothes will change because of different attributes, and even a victory will be slightly different posture.

Equipped with three kinds of attacks are limited ATB meter values, once exhausted even basic attacks will not be cast; Based Players can switch between three modes, plus the non-use of the ATB gauge recovery speed is quite fast, as long as proper match, but there will be Leiguang get three servings as the ability to like, fire uninterrupted.


Furthermore, although the enemy will be bet on the roadside or in a corner “waiting for you” map-based movable relaxed area range, equivalent to the player with more flexible space to avoid the monsters. Using R1 attack enemies will enter the battle screen, as usual, in general, active attacks can be obtained when the capacity addition in the battle, anti know if discovered by the enemy, or to seize the initiative, you have to become like a battle for 5% less direct physical weakening setting might not be.

“Leiguang return FFXIII” emphasizes freedom fighting, players can feel immediately after entering a role in the battle round was finally able to walk freely, but the so-called “walk” only change the position, not only can not be run or sprint action , you want to move alone evade enemy attacks more easy, everything is still mainly rely on attack to guide the movement. For instance, at close range attacks allow players fast approaching enemy, but also the magic of distance away from the enemy side of the player, one before and one after the attack rhythm, with ATB meter consumption status, all rely on the player’s own moderation .

If only reimbursing against the enemy is too boring, the system added a “knock down” status, which allows players to continue to mobilize the skills of grams attributes, let the blood of the enemy lines waveform will appear dramatic ups and downs, continue to break through the critical point, Monster will enter “down” state, then the enemy will render defenseless state, the player’s attack value will be administered simultaneously improve, reverse the situation is also an important way to quickly resolve the enemy. Another good helper on the battlefield, is the newly added “overclocking” skills through continuing attacks GP values ​​accumulated corner of your screen, you can set full cast, Leiguang surrounding the passage of time due to the “overclocking” status sharp deceleration, In addition to grasping the time to give slap in the face, if with the “down” state, but also effectively extend the effect of time, be very influential skills.

Defense part, this is almost resident in different systems fitted above (to see now configured as master), grasping the time to launch an enemy attack that can withstand some damage to more accurately attack just the right moment, you can also activate a similar grid files retaliatory capability, the power can not be underestimated. As part of the contents of Traditional Chinese words, based on SCET Taiwan Cultural Center in the past have been several translate “FFXIII” in cultural experiences, a single release of the contents of the current point of view, to maintain a certain level of performance.

Experience version of the clip, starting depth Leiguang enemy camp, and Hope ongoing conversation, both on the ice and snow personality changed radically am unable to understand, though the middle recover lost once, but good insurance in gradually under the guidance of Hope approximation, but in the end of the road, even the mysterious girl appears dense Na exposed to conceal the true identity of her, went summoned dragon born from chaos, Leiguang can only put a knife in a crisis in the war.

The trial version of the content is limited, although not enough to get a glimpse of the whole picture works, the development team has enough experience in the combat system demands more refreshment; although seemingly complex combat system to see that this has added a new type of special skills “overclocking” , but for new and old players, the actual operation is still loved and easy to use; yet fully optimized picture and still see a more refined compared with the previous structure, part of the enemy’s re-modeling also effectively improve the integrity of the picture. The work is expected in the November 21 launch simultaneously in Taiwan in the Japanese version and the English version, presumably after a while there will be more new information is released.


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