No excuses: “I’ve always been freedom-loving” – an interview with IT-entrepreneur Alexander Crowe




Today’s guest is a special project “No excuses” – Alexander Crowe. At 6 years old, he learned that seriously ill, but that does not stop him from becoming a successful webmaster and gain financial independence. The life and worldview Sasha read in this interview.Knigoman

– Hello, Alex! Is pleased to welcome you on the pages Layfhakera.

– Hi, Nastia!

– To begin with, according to tradition, tell me about your childhood.

– I was born in Magnitogorsk in the ordinary working-class family. Mother changed many spheres of activity, but the last 15-20 years in the meat sector, buys and sells the meat – butcher it. 🙂 My father worked all his life as an electrician at the plant.

– What do you dream to become when you grow up?

– My answer will probably be boring. Special dream I had. I did not want to become an astronaut or something similar.

The only thing that I was fond of – this book. Interest in literature instilled in me a father.

By the age of 12, I read as much as most of my peers are not “mastered” and 25 years.

At the same time I was interested enough for serious childhood literature: Pikul, Jules Verne and others. However, he grew up, I began to read much less. Unfortunately.
– By that time it has had an effect, “sore”?

– Yes, about 6 years old are having difficulty with movement. It turned out that I have a disease associated with muscle weakness. But baby I’m not particularly loaded question of how serious it is and whether progress.

– You’re a good student in school?

– Enough to go to university.
“Physics and lyrics”

– Who are you in the specialty?

– As I am a mathematician and computer scientist. Already in my youth, I tied his future with computers, so I chose the faculty, which, as it seemed to me, was correlated with information technology. But as a result, five years spent at the university, have not yielded any practical skills. The only thing that was good – the process of learning.

– How’s that?

– With respect to computer science to give knowledge, absolutely divorced from reality.

If you want to learn how to make money online and you go to this university, you are likely wasting your time. No you do not teach and do not even tell.
Although there are a number of disciplines where academic education, in my opinion, almost the only possible one. For example, the same mathematics.

Therefore, the only thing that gave me the years spent at university – learning process. I learned self-discipline and self-control, has acquired new acquaintances, etc.

– The tendency to exact sciences – have you got a child?

– I have a very well developed both left and right hemispheres of the brain, as a logical and creative components. To 15 years I played good chess, participated in city tournaments.

Initially, I was more creative things. For example, web design. But the university to “pump” and the part of the brain that is responsible for logic.In the first year was such a case. Was the subject of “Algebra and Number Theory”, many things which were incomprehensible to me. But nearing the end of the semester, had to take the credit. We learned from the textbook Yu.N.Smolina, he’s with us and taught. Therefore, in order to pass the discipline, I just picked up and learned the 150 pages of this tutorial. Without much understanding, simply memorized. When Yuri took me Ladder, I told everything in memory on the fly by substituting synonyms to not sleeping. I got Ladder and began to spend more time exact sciences. It is possible to develop a “logical” hemisphere.

Money and freedom

– When did you get your first computer?

– In the year of 1995. In those days was a good model: 486 dx2 66 mhz. However, without the Internet. Internet appeared in my much later – in the year 1999.

– Do you remember your first money, make money online?

– I do not remember the specific case, but I remember a time when it happened.

As I said, I did web design and web programming (taught “Pascal», PHP, etc.). Around the same time I was introduced to a pretty powerful man. He lived in Chicago, and from time to time I tossed orders for web real estate development and web design.

As a result, somewhere in the beginning of the “zero” I started earning their first money. I can not say that big, but at that time a very decent. Money given you freedom?

– Probably not. Firstly, what is freedom? This is a rather complex philosophical theme. – Freedom is not only when you are not restricted in making decisions and is responsible for them, but also a kind of inner feeling. It is important not to confuse freedom with the will, that is, the concept of “what I want, then turn back.”

Secondly, I have always been freedom-loving. For me it is one of the main motivating things makes you move forward.

If I was in something is not free, I always tried to remove this restriction and get what I need.
Therefore, money as such do not give freedom, but a lot of money help to become freer. For example, received orders for one of the $ 15,000, I removed the restriction of movement, able to travel abroad for the first time – on the island of Bali.

– Since you’re traveling. Where are you now? Where have visited and what horizons ahead?

– The last nine months I have been living in Thailand.

I can not call myself an avid traveler, as travel, in my opinion, involve active enough to travel around the world with frequently changing locations. I linger long enough in one place. For example, I was five times in Bali.

Also visited Laos, Malaysia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates. Someday I want to take a ride by car from the East to the West United States, from New York to California. I think to visit Rio, go through the favelas, to feel the atmosphere of them. I hope there is not disassemble the wheels. 🙂

Without a dream, but with problems

– Sasha, tell me about Flytourist . As it occurred to create a search engine cheap tickets?

– The idea came after the first return from Bali. Then I thought about the fact that orders for web design – is, of course, good. But this work involves hard deadline. To deliver the product on time, sometimes we had to work at night, through the “can not”. And it is not good for health, especially given my disease. I decided that I need to do something that will work autonomously and generate passive income without my active participation.

And was created by a meta-search engine Flytourist. At that time, he had a distinct competitive advantage – he was able to determine the minimum cost of a ticket for each of the payment methods. Because too often, when the search engine find the best offer travel-agency, and then it turned out that the payment to produce, for example, “YandexMoney”, which the person does not.

Now Flytourist develops, but without my active participation.You came out of the project?

– Two weeks ago, I delegate the management of a special person, but technical issues still supervise me. The fact that the original Flytourist created by me from scratch, then joined two partners who have invested money in the project by buying minority stakes. A year ago, came a new investor. He wanted to invest in the project million dollars, but with the proviso that one of his former partners leave. Sorry, could not agree on the amount of cash out’a – investor left. And I’m having some demotivation, and I focused on the new project – Avilita .

– What will it be?

– This is a niche service villa rental and other private property around the world. This project is at the zero stage, ie at the design stage, a syndicate of investors was estimated at $ 1 000 000. This allowed me to draw the appropriate investments. Now the service is already running, go to the first orders, mainly from the West. We conclude direct contracts with management companies and owners of these villas are now beginning to connect consolidators.

– Sasha, what do you dream?

– I still do not have a dream.

Dream – it’s something unrealizable. I have a problem that I can achieve.
In particular, now all the forces thrown at Avilita. The project is necessary to withdraw from the “valley of death” in the “zone of profitability.”

– What is life without justification from the point of view of Alexander Crowe?

– Everyone should treat themselves without any excuse, otherwise it will not reach. What justification can be to yourself?

In this case, I think that laziness – absolutely normal. Question in its quantity. Here, as a poison, – in small doses, it can be a medicine.Finally covet anything Layfhakera readers?

Do not look and do not find myself no excuses! 🙂
– Thank you for the interview, Sasha! :

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