Nokia Lumia 1520: big step for Nokia and Microsoft




Nokia Lumia 1520: big step for Nokia and Microsoft

One of the biggest differences between Android and Microsoft Windows Phone is that all development of the operating system itself does and allows very few modifications. In practice this means that manufacturers can not determine the speed of many new developments themselves but before completely dependent on Microsoft.

Want to use a new type of soc or a screen with a higher resolution, then you should wait until Microsoft adds support. Manufacturers like Nokia are therefore strongly focused on adding value in the form of additional apps. The Finnish manufacturer delivers his latest Lumia’s own apps with more than ten. Despite the close cooperation is also Nokia is not able to implement. Huge technical changes

The company will also have been when Microsoft in late 2013 announced a major update for Windows Phone 8, called GDR3, or general distribution release 3, which include support entails the aforementioned socs faster and higher resolutions happy. That update introduced Windows Phone manufacturers, currently only Nokia, able to turn a new step. Hardware-level

Nokia takes that step now with the Lumia 1520:. A 6 “Windows Phone with a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a quad-core Snapdragon 800 soc is the biggest Windows Phone ever, with the highest screen resolution and fastest soc addition makes. Nokia re-use of its PureView camera technology, which we saw with the Lumia 1020. sensor and its resolution was halved, making the whole has become. more compact

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is literally a big step for both Microsoft and Nokia. In this review we take great Windows Phone extensively examined, and we look at the innovations in software and hardware level.

Housing and appearance: typically Lumia

If you’ve seen a Lumia phone before the appearance of 1520 will not surprise you. Nokia keeps faithful attached to the existing Lumia characteristics: a simple, sleek design that includes a robust polycarbonate housing with rounded sides and a glass plate on the screen where the corners are rounded. At the bottom of the screen are the familiar three Windows Phone buttons: back, home and search, and the simplistic rear is only interrupted by the camera lens and flash.

As befits a true Lumia, is the 1520 available in different colors: red, yellow, white and matt black. The latter variant we received as a test specimen for this review.

The first thing you notice when you pick up the 1520, is that he is very big, maybe too big for many people. With a width of more than eight and a half inches, it is difficult to reach the entire surface of the screen with your thumb making you a little hand acrobatics sometimes run to tap. Features top and bottom of the screen In practice, we actually used the 1520 thereby constantly with two hands: one to hold the phone and the other to operate it.

Lumia 1520

From left to right: iPhone 5s (4 “), Lumia 1020 (4.5”), Galaxy S4 (5 “), Galaxy Note 3 (5.7”) and Lumia 1520 (6 “)

Nokia itself is well aware that phones of this size is not for everyone and every millimeter counts. Therefore, the bezels around the screen a lot smaller than previous Lumia’s. If we compare the edge beneath the screen, for example, with that of the Lumia 1020, It is clearly noted that those of 1520 is much smaller and that there are simply less void space is present to the front. By comparison, the Lumia 1020, about 60 percent of the front occupied by the screen, at 1520 to 71 percent. It may be even higher, at LG’s G2 smartphone takes the screen as much as 75 percent of the front.

Because of its large size, the Lumia 1520 not great “pocket phone. People who do not wear too tight pants, get still tucked him, but from a seated position, pull out your phone is not there. If you often wear a jacket, it’s a lot more practical in any pocket. 1520

Nokia Lumia 150 – productfoto's
Nokia Lumia 150 – Product Photos Nokia Lumia 150 – Product Photos Nokia Lumia 150 – Product Photos

The buttons are accessible. Account for such a large phone The power button is, depending on the hand that is holding the device, below the middle finger or thumb, and volume buttons that just sit there above, are also within easy reach. In the corner is a physical camera button that pictures can be created that can be used to launch the camera. From standby

On the left are two slots concealed in the edge, one at a nanosim and a micro SD card. Especially with the latter, we are happy because the 1520 with its 20-megapixel camera delivers great pictures, especially if you shoot in raw, and the built-in 32GB of storage memory thus voolloopt quickly.
First full-HD screen on a Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 150 – live tiles As I said, this is the first time that a Windows Phone is equipped with a full-HD screen. Although the combination of an HD-ready screen phones smaller than 5 “, as in previous Windows Phones, still knight was excluded fine upcoming Windows Phones should be easier to compete if the specification lists are placed next to each other against the competition thanks to the increase in screen resolution .

Since 1520, the Lumia has a large 6 “screen, the step in effective resolution is not so great. Example, the screen of the Lumia 331 in 1020 indicates pixels per inch, and the screen again in 1520 amounted to 367 pixels per inch. The real earnings of support for higher resolutions will therefore come as we also smaller Windows Phones will see this screen. Nevertheless, that does not alter the fact that text and images look sharp enough over the Nokia 1520.

As with previous Lumia’s screen the 1520 can be operated with gloves, which of course is useful in the winter. However, that only works if you wear thin woolen gloves. Are they thicker or synthetic materials used, the screen does not respond. The extra-sensitive touchscreen also recognize as Nokia touches of normal pens, so a stylus is not necessary, but with the pens that we tried, it was found in the practice of knocking little.
How will Windows Phone to the resolution?

Extra resolution is fine for the image quality, but it’s totally fine if you do functionally also find them useful. Traditionally, operating systems have more on the screen when there are more effective resolution is available and Windows Phone comes with it partially. Instead of two big live tiles next to each other or six children are now three columns. Plus you get in most apps such as your calendar, e-mail app or browser, which is more to see than smaller Windows Phones at a glance. Net

“It has something of a phone for the elderly or impaired”

However, the difference is not great and the interface of Windows Phone on the Lumia 1520 looks particularly inflated, with large icons, a lot of empty space and big fonts. It has something of a phone for elderly or visually impaired. We can not help ourselves to the idea that Microsoft and Lumia could achieve if they had adjusted the scaling and empty spaces were minimized. More from the big screen

The best example is perhaps the browser. In the picture below we have the new responsive website Tweakers depicted on three different phones: Lumia 1520, Lumia 1020 and Galaxy Note 3. With respect to the 1020 to 1520 is approximately an additional headline line. If we look at the Note 3, a phone that is roughly the same size and the same screen resolution, is that there are a half more headline shows. And that image is also further distorted by the Android always stand, which is also a part of the space opsnoept. One bar at the top

Nokia Lumia 1520 – browservergelijking
Image quality: brightness and contrast
Phone / Tablet in nits, higher is better
Nokia Lumia 1520 (max. Brightness …
Nokia Lumia 1020 (automatic)
Apple iPhone 5s
Nexus 5
Sony Xperia Z1
HTC One max
Nokia Lumia 1520
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Sony Xperia S Ultra
Nokia Lumia 1020
LG Optimus G Pro
Phone / Tablet in ratio, higher is better
Apple iPhone 5s
HTC One max
1082: 1
Nokia Lumia 1520
LG Optimus G Pro
Nexus 5
Sony Xperia S Ultra
Sony Xperia Z1

Where in 1020 a AMOLED screen used, Nokia has opted in 1520 for an LCD panel, probably because AMOLED screens 6 “are not currently for sale at attractive prices. With the brightness and contrast of the screen is certainly good. During normal use, the backlight up to 404cd / m², which is more than enough for most circumstances to be able to see the display clearly. Also, the contrast is called. ratio of 1076:1 with a fine

Nokia has also built a kind of overdrive, which is activated only when there is an extremely bright light source such as the sun, is present. In order to reproduce, we have measured the brightness while a bright light shone on the light sensor, brightness then walked up to a whopping 750cd / m². Thus, the 1520 should also fine to use outside on a sunny day.
Colour rendering

Nokia Lumia 150 – grijswaarden

Nokia Lumia 150 – gamut

In terms of color reproduction Lumia 1520 far do bad, though he does not belong to the top. The primary and secondary colors are quite accurately represented with an average deviation of 2.94 ΔE2000. The gray-scale display is slightly less, there is too much blue and some little red in the color mix. If you compare the 1520 with a device that has a perfect color temperature, we notice that the screen is blue. In practice, you’ll notice there are not a lot of, at most you can see the screen, and especially white, which looks coldly.
New Camera: 20-megapixel PureView

Lumia 1520 Nokia Lumia 1520 allows for re-use of its PureView camera design. In our Lumia 1020 review we have already explained how this system is put together, so if you want to know all the details, save that review is still on after a moment. In short, it means that Nokia uses a relatively large sensor, high-resolution, and then thus produces a much smaller photo. The 20-megapixel sensor Lumia 1520 is a 5 megapixel photo of rolled, though the original is Also available. Because the big picture is reduced, cases should be less noticeable as noise and blur, a method that is called oversampling. The Lumia 1020 we already know that yields good results in practice.

With respect to the Lumia 1020, Nokia has used a considerably smaller sensor, but also halved the resolution with which the individual pixels of the sensor with a size of 1.12 uM remained the same. The angle of the stabilized lens with 26mm unchanged and again five plastic lens elements and a glass lens element used. The only difference to the optics, the maximum aperture. Where it was f/2.2 at 1020, is that in the 1520 f/2.4, so therefore less light falls on the sensor.

There are still more things differently compared to the Lumia 1020. An advantage of the Pure View technique is that you can zoom without loss of quality, there is indeed enough source information in the raw sensor data, and the pictures are eventually reduced. Because the sensor with 20 megapixels has a lower resolution than the Lumia 1020, Nokia has reduced the magnification of 3x to 2x. Also, there are no powerful xenon flash, but an LED flash present.
Lumia 1520 – Zoom equation

Three times zoom (Lumia 1020)
Lumia 1520 – Zoom equation

Zoom twice (Lumia 1520)

The above pictures show the difference between three times zoom the Lumia 1020 and zooming twice Lumia 1520. Afterwards we saw that the exposure to the 1020 was a little upset, but that makes for the purpose of this comparison little off. From the camera app you business on the Lumia 1020 just get a little closer, but if you want to get on with the 1520 then you can always crop afterwards. You lose or resolution.
Difference with the Lumia 1020

Conceptually the cameras are virtually identical, the big difference is in the resolution. This means that the Lumia 1020 can capture more detail, that is indisputable. So if you want to use your smartphone for serious photography, where you want to zoom or photos can print, large format than the Lumia 1020 provides many advantages over the Lumia 1520. However, you usually use the 5-megapixel version of the photo, then the differences are already a lot smaller. Both cameras do but after all of oversampling, but not necessarily to the same degree.
Lumia Lumia 1520 and 1020 – compared

Lumia 1020 (left) and Lumia 1520 (right). Click to enlarge.
Lumia Lumia 1520 and 1020 – compared

Lumia 1020 (left) and Lumia 1520 (right). Click to enlarge.

If we made photos with the Lumia Lumia 1020 and 1520 side by side, two things. The 1520 always chooses a slightly warmer color temperature and in addition, the picture looks more contrast. Probably the choices of Nokia, hot photos are often found more beautiful than pictures with a cool tone and contrast enhancement shows a picture stand out more than usual.
The LED flash

Almost all smartphone cameras are equipped with an LED flash, a bright LED light that momentarily bijschijnt when a picture is taken. For this purpose LEDs used because they are economical and small. Professorial Nele flash always use xenon lamps, which are charged first and then issue a brief but bright flash. The Lumia 1020 had such a flash and could therefore not only illuminate large spaces, but also freeze the moving image.
Nokia Lumia 150

Lumia 1520 (left) and Lumia 1020 (right). Click to enlarge.

For the Nokia 1520 is returned to an LED flash, and that’s a shame, because the quality is less clear. The above picture was taken is almost completely obscured our video studio. The Lumia 1020 knew there yet to do with it, but the 1520 makes a pretty dark photo.
Raw Edit

If your image processing algorithms from Nokia can not appreciate, you can, thanks to the new Help and How-to-dng raw pictures images intensive rework on your computer. We have tested it with version 4 of Adobe’s Lightroom software, which is a bit older, and who had no problems with the files that produces the Lumia 1520.

What I immediately noticed is that the DNG file, as we are raw, used to look a lot paler than the photos that are stored in jpeg. This enables the user to have to play. Contrast with the curve itself Furthermore, it can be seen that in 1520 quite apply some noise reduction, because in the beginning we had to really get used to the amount of noise in the raw image. Using the raw file properly With good noise-reduction algorithms, however, this work neatly away.

Raw file in Lightroom Lumia 1520 A dng file from the Lumia 1520 in Lightroom. On the left is the raw photo and the right jpeg file that generates the camera software. Click to enlarge.

Somehow it feels a little crazy to edit. Smartphone photo in raw If the photo is so important and deserves attention, he could have been. Perhaps better shot with a real camera Still, it’s nice that Nokia offers the option and especially in pictures that are not exposed properly or whose balance is different, can you post much ‘save’ over raw editing. You will then be almost forced to stop in your 1520, a micro sd card for the raw files are a whopping 40MB and 50MB between large, about ten times the jpeg images produced by the 1520.
Photo Samples
Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples Nokia Lumia 1520 – photo samples

Samples of photos taken with the Lumia 1520. In the gallery you can zoom in by clicking on the picture. Software Features and camera software

The Lumia runs the GDR3 1520 update of Windows Phone 8, supplemented with Nokia’s newest additions, which are bundled in an update called Black. Bring some long-awaited and welcome improvements with it together. So you can now have a rotation lock on and off, there is support for Bluetooth 4.0, you can from the multitasking list of apps with a button, you can get a contact to set a ringtone, there is a special autorijmodus, you can select a Wi-Fi network Before you go through the set-up process of the phone and is it possible to tether via bluetooth you. 3g connection

These improvements are not otherwise reserved to 1520; older devices get the update as well and also the Black Lumia update will be distributed to previously released devices. The changes relate to the higher screen resolution and the new hardware are preliminary course reserved for 1520.

In addition, Nokia has expanded its app offerings. For example, Nokia’s new projector, which you can view the content. Screen to another screen This is not right, like for example Mira Cast, but over the internet. First you must establish a connection through a link to another device to send or scan a QR code and then the display content from one device to another forwarded. It works well, for example, to show a presentation or a picture, but the frame rate is not high and not constant, so it is not really suitable for moving images.
Nokia Lumia 150 – Software Nokia Lumia 150 – Software Nokia Lumia 150 – Software Nokia Lumia 150 – Software Nokia Lumia 150 – Software Nokia Lumia 150 – Software Nokia Lumia 150 – Software

Furthermore, Nokia Storyteller added an app that information from all your photos collects and organizes it in different ways and displays. The best option here is to request a card, so you can see where and when several pictures are taken, where it is also possible to fill it with a piece of text. Photographs to For a more detailed look at the Nokia Black update we refer to a previously published article .

“A notification center is to be rolled out as part of Windows Phone 8.1″

The features that add Microsoft Lumia and with the combination of 3 GDR and Black, making Windows Phone 8 a bit more mature and complete. In addition, it is also getting better with the ecosystem. In the review of the Lumia 1020 we noticed yet that popular imaging apps like Instagram and Vine not exist for Windows Phone, but now also have two apps found their way to Microsoft’s platform.

However, there are still some features that we would see, which like added Notified center distance on a state. The philosophy of Windows Phone is natural that notifications appear on Live Tiles and working in the base as well, but has a central view in our eyes still many advantages. Microsoft is there himself apparently agree, because that should feature later this year as part of Windows Phone 8.1 will be rolled out.
The camera app: two to one

One of the things that we did not find very useful when the Lumia 1020, was the profusion of camera apps, which all had a different function. Nokia has a new camera app rolled out as part of the Black-update. The app is called Nokia Camera combines Smart Camera and Pro camera. This is a step in the right direction, though Nokia’s Panorama app may be. Ours also integrated

The real photo enthusiasts will be pleased that it is now possible to save, so it can be things like exposure and white balance. Played later the raw sensor data in DNG format Another nice change is that it is now possible to open when the device is locked with a PIN code, something for the Black-update was not possible and all times is commonplace in other platforms the camera.

Of all camera interfaces that we have so far used on smartphones, that the Lumia’s our preference. The most common settings are to be found at the top and with a swipe to the left from the shutter button brings up an easy to use menu that offers many setting possibilities.

Nokia Lumia 150 – camera-app

Nokia Lumia 150 – camera-app

Next page (Hardware and Performance – 6/10) Hardware and Performance

Snapdragon The GDR3 update finally brings support for new socs to the Windows Phone platform, especially for the Snapdragon MSM8974, also known as Snapdragon 800. This chip from Qualcomm, we found the last few months in virtually every high-end Android smartphone and is about the most powerful soc that you can buy at this time. Smartphone manufacturer as

Until the GDR3 update the fastest soc that Windows Phone could handle, the Snapdragon MSM8960, which we know under the name Snapdragon S4 Plus. It consists of two Krait processor cores at 1.5 GHz and an Adreno 225 GPU. The MSM8974 is four Krait cores 400 2.2 GHz and Adreno 330 GPU a lot more powerful. In addition, the new chip from Qualcomm supports WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 ac. In addition, Nokia supports wireless charging built using the Qi standard.

Snapdragon 800

Before we discuss the effects of the new chip, we clarify the distinction between the terms quickly and smoothly. Windows Phone has a smooth interface with beautiful animations also appear on less powerful devices with high frame rates. This contributes greatly to a fine user experience and gives the impression that the device is fast. However fluently is not the same as fast. Animations can be displayed smoothly, but that does not mean that a website loads fast or app starts quickly. The previous generation of Windows Phones we would call it fluently, but not fast compared to the competition. Sometimes you even got to see when you open a submenu in the settings menu, a loading bar and the start time of apps like WhatsApp, was far from smooth.

That is certainly improved in the Lumia 1520. He is not at the same level as an iPhone 5s but opening apps, loading web pages and simply navigate through the operating system are significantly faster than previous Lumia’s. In the camera app, the extra computing noticeable. Compared to the Lumia 1020 he started faster and in addition a lot sooner finished writing a picture.

Windows Phone is not a great range of benchmark apps available, but we have enough on hand to illustrate how big the step between the old and the new hardware platform.
WP Bench – CPU
Phone / Tablet SoC In milliseconds, lower is better
Nokia Lumia 1520 Snapdragon 800
Nokia Lumia 920 Qualcomm S4 Plus
Nokia Lumia 1020 (Black) Qualcomm S4 Plus
Nokia Lumia 520 Qualcomm 400
Nokia Lumia 710 Qualcomm MSM8255
Nokia Lumia 900 Qualcomm MSM8255

The CPU component in WP Bench looks at how many milliseconds it takes to perform. Fixed set of calculations The Lumia 1520 scores here twice as good as the previous generation Lumia’s. Play the two extra cores obviously a big roll, but per processor, there is more power available.
WP Bench – fps
Phone / Tablet SoC Resolution framerate in fps, higher is better
Nokia Lumia 520 Qualcomm 400 800×480
Nokia Lumia 1520 Snapdragon 800 1920×1080
Nokia Lumia 710 Qualcomm MSM8255 800×480
Nokia Lumia 900 Qualcomm MSM8255 800×480
Nokia Lumia 920 Qualcomm S4 Plus 1280×768
Nokia Lumia 1020 (Black) Qualcomm S4 Plus 1280×768

If we measure the graphics power with WP Bench, 1520, the good, too, but he did not finish in first place. That is easy to explain, much of the extra computing power is spent on calculating the additional pixels of the high resolution screen. A Lumia 520 has a lesser processor, but also a much lower screen resolution. Would the older Lumia also have a full HD screen, then they would be much worse score in this test.
Kraken 1.1
Phone / Tablet SoC In milliseconds, lower is better
Apple iPhone 5s Apple A7
Sony Xperia Z1 Snapdragon 800
Nexus 5 Snapdragon 800
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Snapdragon 800
LG G2 Snapdragon 800
Apple iPhone 5c Apple A6
HTC One max Snapdragon 600
Nokia Lumia 1520 Snapdragon 800
Nokia Lumia 920 Qualcomm S4 Plus
Nokia Lumia 1020 (Black) Qualcomm S4 Plus
Nokia Lumia 520 Qualcomm 400
Phone / Tablet SoC in points, higher is better
Apple iPhone 5s Apple A7
Apple iPhone 5c Apple A6
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Snapdragon 800
Sony Xperia Z1 Snapdragon 800
LG G2 Snapdragon 800
Nexus 5 Snapdragon 800
HTC One max Snapdragon 600
Nokia Lumia 1520 Snapdragon 800
Nokia Lumia 920 Qualcomm S4 Plus
Nokia Lumia 1020 (Black) Qualcomm S4 Plus
Nokia Lumia 520 Qualcomm 400

The web-based Kraken and Peacekeeper tests, which are performed in the browser and therefore say something about the power of both the hardware and the quality of the browser engine, also show that the Lumia 1520 is a lot faster than its predecessors. Website on raw processing power Nokia’s latest phone should still take on the latest iPhones and Android phones. Battery life

Windows Phones have never really been high-flyers in the area of ​​battery life. Where that is not entirely clear, on the one hand, there are never released models with really big batteries and on the other hand, it could be that the power is not as good as in other platforms. From practice we know that Windows Phones often deflate a bit harder when they are not used for example Android phones.

With the Lumia 1520 all these points seem to be addressed. First, the large housing area at a hefty battery whopping 3400mAh. In addition, the Snapdragon 800 soc improvement when it comes to power saving, and we can imagine that the GDR3 update from Microsoft also includes some optimizations in this area.

Although our battery benchmarks indicate that the battery life certainly is not bad, we noticed in practice is that the device empties slower than other Lumia’s when it’s in standby. Them reap the fruits in daily use. Even if you phone constantly charged, for example, by watching continuous video he goes fairly long time, especially for a Windows Phone device. However, if the top three discs and HTC’s One Max do it one big step better.
Battery life – Film (250 nits)
Phone / Tablet Battery Capacity In minutes, higher is better
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 3200 mAh
HTC One max 3300 mAh
Nokia Lumia 1520 3400 mAh
Nokia Lumia 925 2000 mAh
Nokia Lumia 1020 (Amber) 2000 mAh
Sony Xperia S Ultra 3000 mAh

Next page (Specifications and photo gallery – 8/10) Specifications and photo gallery
Brand and model
Category Mobile Phones
Brand Nokia
Series Lumia
Product Nokia Lumia 1520
Execution 1520
Rate and Review
Phone Model Bar
Mobile Operating System Windows Mobile / Windows Phone
Operating system version Windows Phone 8
Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Weight (grams) 209g
Length 162.8 mm
Width 85.4 mm
Height / Depth 8.7 mm
Diagonal 6 ”
Screen 1920×1080 (Full HD 1080p)
Input Method Touchscreen
Screen Type LCD
Multitouch Yes
Touchscreen Technology Capacitive
Secondary display No
Camera Resolution 20MP
Camera Resolution (for) 1.2 Mp
Camera autofocus Yes
Optical zoom 4x
Mobile flash type Dual LED
Resolution video recording 1920×1080 (Full HD 1080p)
Stabilization Optical stabilization
Posts Email, MMS, SMS
Playback options Audio, Video
Mobile phone functions A2DP (Bluetooth stereo), Motion sensor, FM radio (headset), Handsfree, compass, T9 Text Input, Vibrating, Voice recorder, WiFi Direct
Mobile networks lte
Frequency (mobile) 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz
WiFi available Yes
Connection (wlan) 802.11a, 802.11ac, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
Bluetooth is present Yes
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.0
Other wireless connections Near Field Communication (NFC)
GSM connector 3.5mm headset, Micro USB
Technical features
GSM Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974)
Processor Speed 2.3GHz
CPU core Quadcore
Memory 2,024 GB
Storage memory 32GB
Memory (Mobile) micro-SD
Talk time 27.4 You
Standby time 768u
Battery Capacity (mAh) 3.400mAh
Battery Type Li-Ion
Nokia Lumia 150 – Product Photos Nokia Lumia 150 – Product Photos Nokia Lumia 150 – Product Photos Nokia Lumia 150 – Product Photos Nokia Lumia 150 – Product Photos Nokia Lumia 150 – Product Photos Nokia Lumia 150 – Product Photos Alternatives
Rating: 4.5 € 429, – Mobile phones Sony Xperia S Ultra Black
Sony Xperia S Ultra Black

For who by 1520 will be small, the Xperia S Ultra, with its screen diagonal of 6.44 “, might be an option. Terms of hardware, it is largely similar to the 1520, with a Snapdragon 800 soc and a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. However, the battery life of the Ultra Z is not great.
Rating: 5 € 413, – Mobile Phones LG Optimus G Pro Black
LG Optimus G Pro Black

LG’s Optimus Pro earlier this year and, like the Lumia 1520, a large screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The processor and camera are no match for those of Nokia’s latest handset, but the price is then also he will cost a hefty penny less than the 1520.
Rating: 4.5 € 541, – Mobile Phones Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Black
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Black

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is perhaps the biggest competitor for Nokia. With its 5.7 “screen, it is a hefty phone, and he also has a full-HD resolution and a Snapdragon 800 soc., The quality of the 13-megapixel camera does not compare with that of the Pure-View Camera 1520, but does it not bad.
Rating: 3.5 € 627.43 Mobile Phones HTC One Max Silver
HTC One Max Silver

HTC also has a great phone in its range,. HTC One max, with a full-HD screen of 5.9 “The device is characterized by its beautiful casing and impressive speakers at the front, the hardware inside is slightly less. than that of the Lumia 1520, but the battery life is impressive. Like the camera is important, then you can leave the One max, better left for it does not compare with that of 1520. Conclusion

The Lumia 1520 is literally a big step for both Microsoft and Nokia as the Windows Phone platform. Never before had such a great Windows Phone in hands and no sooner had WP8 device such advanced hardware. The improvements in software field by themselves are not large, but all in all they do have the effect that it is working just as delicious with the Lumia 1520. Compared to other mobile operating system Windows Phone still has to make a little catching up to our eyes, but it slowly comes closer and Windows Phone 8.1 should further help in there later this year.

“Microsoft and Nokia could still tweaking the software side, which”

Because of its large size, the 1520 will be not appeal to everyone. A 6 “phone you do not use easily with one hand and do not survive the pocket test at all. Aside from the size is, however, little to say on the outside of the phone. Polycarbonate casing feels sturdy, well finished and the addition of a micro-SD slot, especially with the option to shoot raw photos, very welcome.

The move to one of the fastest socs Qualcomm means that Windows Phone is not only smooth, but also works relatively quickly and thanks to the large battery you do too little to worry that you can not get through the day. Also the 6 “screen is of excellent quality, though we have the idea that Microsoft and Nokia may still tweaking, so that the higher resolution is efficiently utilized. The software side, which

Although PureView camera has a lower resolution than the Lumia 1020, we may find this implementation better. The pictures that you eventually put online, do not use high resolution and you get a faster camera back. In addition, it is easier to build up, causing the back of the bulge is less present. The small sensor However, people who really want the best picture quality and many want to crop or print large are still better off with the 1020.

The Lumia 1520 is in our opinion the best Windows Phone device of the moment, and something that is a shame, because it will be difficult to run for its large dimensions. Many people warm The 1520 does leave well see what steps have put Microsoft and Nokia. Fans of great phones will at least be happy with it and we hope soon in a smaller device to be found. Similar hardware


Noticeably faster than previous WP8 phones
Micro SD slot
Good camera


Relatively expensive
Screen space is not utilized properly

Tweakers says: good!

Lowest prices for Nokia Lumia 1520 Black :
+ / – Shop lev.tijd Price Total Place
Rating: 5 Trendy Computers € 623.95 € 630.94 Lock
Rating: 4.5 € 624, – € 630.95 Groningen
Rating: 4.5 Phone Shop € 625, – € 631.95 Hague
Rating: 5 2Call € 632, – € 638.95 Hague
Rating: 4.5 € 633, – € 639, – Leidschendam


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