“Nokia” raises an important update to the system “Windows Phone 8” on the series phones “Lumia”




“Nokia” raises an important update to the system “Windows Phone 8” on the series phones “Lumia”

Started the company “Nokia” Thursday launched a new update special series phones “Lumia” working operating system “Windows Phone 8” of the company “Microsoft”, to bring with him, according to the company, many of the new features and applications, in addition to the improvements worked by the two companies together.

The company said Finnish that “Lumia Black,” a name that launched a new update will reach all users of phones “Lumia” around the world, will arrive first to my phone, “Lumia 925” and “Lumia 1020”, to be followed by the rest of the models series “Lumia.”

As published “Nokia” on her blog official, brings renovation “Lumia Black” with feature “Applications folder” (App Folder) that allows the user to annex similar applications together in a single folder on the splash screen, what gives him easy to customize and organize applications.

It will be the user can save time, through the feature “Nokia Gelins Screen 2.0” (Nokia Glance Screen 2.0), which allows to maintain the critical notifications under his eyes, especially those related to calls and text messages, and e-mail messages, calendar, in addition to the notices of social applications, such as “Twitter” and “Facebook”.

The update brings “Lumia Black” feature also allows users to link their smart hours of the race, a subsidiary of “Adidas” (Adidas) and similar companies, as well as compatible devices with a technique known as “Bluetooth Low Energy” (Bluetooth LE).

The application “Nokia Camera” (Nokia Camera) and “punishment Nokia” (Nokia Storyteller) Among the things required by the users of phones “Lumia” The new update retrieved them, as the first application that combines practical “Pro Camera” (Pro Camera) and “Smart Camera” (Smart Camera) at once, and is available already in their phones, “Nokia” which is used imaging technique “Lumia Biorfe” (Lumia PureView), while the second application, is strongly enriched originally to the latest hardware chain “Lumia” and two “Lumia 1520 “and” Lumia 2520 “, which is based on the order of images by date and place, and then put them on an interactive map.

Finally, mention that mobile users will have access to tell them update them, as they can be sure of arriving manually by going to the phone settings and then to the “Update Phone”.
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