Nokia SmartWatch: another concept




Nokia SmartWatch: another concept

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was the show of wearables. Sensors, trackers and more or less smart watches. Things that will be with us in 2014. Everything will do it, a few successful, so we will see many manufacturers do not even version 2 of their gadgets.


By setting the that offer real value and do not throw any stuff on the market, just to have to be back on the ball. Topic SmartWatch: the other manufacturers have done something with the Samsung Galaxy Gear? Nope, it was the via Kickstarter-funded Pebble, which is now in a Steel Edition is launched – including the partner nest and Mercedes-Benz .


But now, but look at the concept – first the other day we had a colorful Nokia SmartWatch in the 90s look with a slight resemblance to a Casio G-Shock. The current idea introduces a Nokia Smart Watch more elegant and slender. No, there are no ideas how to use the clock – that’s up to your imagination. You can see only notifications for email, WhatsApp, Skype, missed calls, SMS and audio.

The biggest challenge will be the manufacturer, the user real value to offer – any wannabee-nonsense, can not impress with its features, will no longer be bought today – and that’s a good thing.

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