“Normal people do not buy it»: Apple initially did not believe in the success of Google Glass




Google on the first day of testing Glass sought to make smart glasses fashion accessory. Since the presentation of the product has been two and a half years, and it is she did not succeed. This week, the company officially announced to stop the sales of Google Glass. As found in the publication Businessinsider, at Apple initially did not believe in the success of the smart glasses and did not see a market for this device.


Among those who are skeptical about the prospects for Google Glass – senior vice president of Apple’s worldwide marketing Phil Schiller. In one of the correspondences of 2012, promulgated by the source, a top manager said he could not imagine how a normal person would wear such a device. “It’s funny. I can not believe that they think that someone (normal) will be wearing this thing, “- says Schiller. He compared the Google Glass with video glasses with AV-connector iTVGoggles, which came a few years before and did not gain popularity. Vice president made it clear that Apple has no plans to develop something similar to Google Glass in the near future.

Presented in 2012, the smart glasses were completely unique product, even futuristic – that is, to a certain extent unknown, as one of the characteristics of human fear is all confusing. Deep sigh enthusiastic quickly gave way to gloomy planet attempts to understand who and why you need a smart glasses with a camera, and opinions are divided.


One camp argued that this is the future, and he does not need to fight, besides Glass serve as a new tool for the public and, moreover, personal control of law and order, as DVRs in Russia (in other countries such mass use of these devices is not observed). The second camp took a diametrically opposite position that Glass strengthen the position of corporations in the control data through the data acquisition advertising offices make a person much more dependent on marketing games will be another useless device in the service of man.

Of the collision described viewpoints naturally born general curiosity, restrained caution, largely thanks to which the human species in the XX century has not had time to become a victim of his own imprudence. Worth a look, even as a purely philosophical debate has given rise to Glass. So what is surprising in the fact that they could not become a mass product?


By the way, sources familiar with Google’s decision to stop issuing Google Glass, saying that this is not a complete rejection of the project, the company is only going to develop and launch a new version of the glasses. According to reports, the business of the second generation of Google Glass will be headed by Tony Fadell, who is considered the creator of the cult your iPod.

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