Norwegian School teaches children ethics using video games




Norwegian School teaches children ethics using video games
Norwegian school teacher named Nordahl Grieg found a very original way to teach his disciples such an educational thing as ethics. As a visual aid, it was decided to use the game console Xbox 360 video game and The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead game created by studio Telltale Games based on the very popular comic book, which is about a group of people who try to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Comic book also remove no less popular television series, the first season of which had a hand in a very talented director Frank Darabont, best known for his adaptations of works by Stephen King, “The Green Mile” and “Shawshank Redemption.”

Game favorably with the series so that the player is able to independently influence the development of a nonlinear plot. In certain moments of this interactive drama you are given a difficult moral choices that will necessarily entail certain consequences. And in this case there is no single correct solution, since any choice in this game – it’s a kind of personal sacrifice, which provides many very difficult. For example, while you attack a few zombies in your group needs to decide which of the two friends save. If you choose one of them – the second inevitably dies. And the people who were sympathetic victim, will treat you with undisguised contempt. It is in a very challenging decision to build a large part of this game.

Master Tobias Staab believes that The Walking Dead game is best suited for teenage students to experience for yourself all the responsibility for their actions. The idea of ​​using video games in the learning process has pleased everyone. Students came in and did a complete delight from the ideas of his teacher, because it is no secret that the information that is presented to us in a fascinating way, absorbed much more efficiently. Students choose certain phrases in the dialogue between the characters, and take difficult decisions faced with unexpected plot twists – it’s much nicer than listening to the monotonous lecture without any motivation.

Hopefully, the brave Norwegian teachers experience one gets up and Russian schools, as to convey knowledge to modern children every year it becomes more difficult.

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