Nuclear reactor in a living cell




That says Vladimir Vysotsky, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, head of the KNU. Taras Shevchenko, does not fit into the usual scientific framework. His experiments have documented that biological systems are, relatively speaking, to arrange themselves inside a small nuclear reactors. Inside the cells are transformed one element into another. With this effect can be achieved, for example, accelerated disposal of radioactive cesium-137, is still poisoning the Chernobyl zone.

– Vladimir Ivanovich, we are familiar with for many years. You told me about his experiments with the Chernobyl radioactive water and biological cultures that this water is deactivated. Frankly, such things are perceived today as an example parascience, and for many years I refused to write about them, however, your new results show that there is something there …

– Me completed large series of works that began in 1990. These studies have shown that in certain biological systems can be fairly effective conversion isotopes. Emphasize that no chemical reactions and nuclear, no matter how it sounded fantastic. We are not talking about chemical elements as such, namely their isotopes. What’s the fundamental difference? Difficult to identify the chemical elements, they can appear as an impurity, they can bring in a sample randomly. And when changing the ratio of isotopes – is a more reliable marker.

– Please explain your idea.

– The simplest option: take a cell, planted in her biological culture. Close tightly. There are so-called nuclear physics. Mossbauer effect, which makes it very accurately determine the resonance in nuclei of certain elements. We are particularly interested in iron isotope Fe57. It is a rare isotope, its terrestrial rocks about 2%, it is difficult to separate from ordinary iron Fe56, and because it is quite expensive. So: in our experiments we took manganese Mn55. If the proton is added thereto, then the nuclear fusion reactions can be conventional iron Fe56. This is a tremendous achievement. But how to prove this process with even greater reliability? But as we grow crops on heavy water, where instead of proton deuteron! As a result, we have received Fe57, said the Mossbauer effect is clearly confirmed. In the absence of iron in the initial solution, after the biological activity of the culture it came from somewhere in it, and this isotope, which in terrestrial rocks, very little! And here – about 50%. That there is no choice but to admit that there has been a nuclear reaction.

Then we started to make models of the processes, determined more efficient and environment components. We managed to find a theoretical explanation for this phenomenon. During the growth of the biological culture, this growth is patchy in some areas formed potential “hole” in which a short time removed the Coulomb barrier to merge atomic nucleus and proton. It is the same nuclear effect used Andrea Rossi in his office E-CAT. Rossi only merge nucleus of an atom of nickel and hydrogen, and here – the nucleus of deuterium and manganese.

Skeleton growing biological structure forms such states in which nuclear reactions are possible. It’s not mystical, not the alchemical process, but quite real, as recorded in our experiments.

– How noticeable this process? For what it can be used?

– The idea that emerged from the very beginning: let us produce rare isotopes! Same Fe57, the cost of 1 gram in 90 years was 10 thousand dollars, now twice. Then there were arguments: if so, you can convert the stable isotopes, what would happen if we try to work with radioactive isotopes? Set up an experiment. Took the water from the reactor primary circuit, it richest spectrum of radioisotopes. Prepared complex biocultures resistant to radiation. And was measured as the radioactivity in the chamber varies. There is a standard rate of decay. And we found that in our “soup” activity falls three times faster. This refers to the short-lived isotopes, such as sodium. Radioactive isotope of turning into an inactive, stable.

Then put the same experiment with cesium-137 – the most dangerous of those that “awarded” We Chernobyl. Experience is very simple: put the camera with a solution where there was a cesium plus our biological culture, and activity was measured. Under normal conditions, the half-life of cesium-137 is 30.17 years. In our cell half-lives is fixed at 250 days. Thus, the utilization rate of the isotope increased tenfold!

These results have been repeatedly published by our group in scientific journals, and a few days ago due out another article on this subject in the European Physical Journal – with new data. And the old published in two books – one was published by “World” in 2003, it has long since become a rarity, and the other recently published in India in English under the title “The transmutation of stable and radioactive waste decontamination in growing biological systems.”

In short, the essence of these books is this: we have proved that the cesium-137 can be rapidly deactivated in biological environments. Specially selected culture allow run nuclear transmutation of cesium-137 in a barium-138. It is a stable isotope. And this spectrometer showed barium perfectly! For 100 days of the experiment we have activity fell by 25%. While in theory the (half-life 30 years) had to change to a percent.

We spent hundreds of experiments since 1992, on pure cultures, their associations and identified a mixture in which the effect on transmutation is most pronounced.

These experiments, incidentally, confirmed “field” observations. My friends physics from Belarus, many years studying in detail the Chernobyl zone, found that in some isolated locations (eg, a sort of a clay bowl, where radioactivity can not go into the soil, but only ideal exponentially decay), and so, in such areas sometimes they discover a strange reduction of cesium-137. Activity falls much faster than it should be “according to science.” For them it is a big mystery. And my experiences clarify this puzzle.

Last year I was at a conference in Italy, I found especially organizers invited, all expenses paid, I gave a talk about his experiments. Organization consulted with me from Japan, after Fukushima them a huge problem with contaminated water, and biological purification of cesium-137 is extremely interested in them. Equipment needed here the most primitive, basic – biological culture, adapted to the cesium-137.

– You gave a sample of their Japanese bioculture?

– Well, the law is forbidden to import samples of cultures through customs. Categorically. I, of course, take a nothing. It is necessary to agree on a serious level, how to do this kind of delivery. Yes, and you need to produce biomaterial in place. It will take a lot.

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