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Oculus Rift и Omni

Not so long ago we wrote at length about devices such as Oculus Rift and Omni . Both of these devices have a way to bring immersive virtual reality to a new level. Yes, the device still raw, but it is actively developing. Let’s see what we can do with them now.

Oculus Rift + Omni = walk on Mars

It is known that Oculus Rift is still in development mode, and the date of the official launch on the horizon is not visible. Technically Rift demo looks very good, but they are very simple and do not offer anything special to the user. NASA has decided to take up the Rift and Omni – multidirectional treadmill – and a demonstration in which you can walk on Mars.

Since the presentation of Rift press was very fond of the device. We live in an age where the world of technology is constantly visited by devices that promise to make something like a revolution. Out of all of these devices – Ouya, Nvidia Shield, Leap Motion, Razer Edge – only Oculus Rift looks good. There are a number of drawbacks. We have to use the mouse and the keyboard to move, which is not very much and convenient.

In conjunction with the Oculus Rift device such as Omni, removes the question of the motion of the device in your hands, as you can walk to any place in the direction of the virtual space: the treadmill is multidirectional. The most difficult and costly – to unite Rift and Omni. Play a game of Team Fortress 2 in combination devices that pair would be great, but for now the question hanging in the air. Operating options provide only a small area of ​​movement in the virtual world.

JPL NASA has found more interesting use of Rift. In conjunction with the Omni and a 360-degree panorama of Mars, engineers have created a simulation of walking on Mars.

The team managed to give depth to the image (about 25 centimeters per pixel), so users may well roam the expanses of Mars. This is probably the most real walk on an alien planet.

Together with the Martian soil at JPL created a version of a walk on the ISS. Remarkably, scientists have learned something useful for themselves. Using simulation Rift and Omni (well, or similar proprietary), scientists will be easier to plan on moving foreign soil, and hence the plan missions and experiments.

Who knows, maybe the strength to NASA to create such a thing, that in a few years we will be able to literally roam on other planets of the solar system, not flying out to them.
Oculus Rift + motion control = realistic shooters

What is virtual reality in actual fact?

We can already play the game, wearing a headset Oculus, sitting with a keyboard and mouse, well, or with a joystick. But if your display makes it possible to look up, down and around, do not you want to take advantage of it?

Teddy Lipovitsa, a developer from Australia, made a compilation of things, that we will be able to play in the near future. 32-year-old developer particularly singled shooters based motion controllers with Oculus Rift.

A simple single player demo shows up arms against the enemies of the battalion. Physically, you can dive, hide behind the boxes and dodging explosions and setting Lipovitsa will make accurate sighting weapons.

The demo is so realistic that some players are too deeply immersed in it.

“Please be careful when trying this demo” – wrote Lipovitsa on the forum. – “A lot of people try to lean on the box or lean against a column, but there’s nothing there!”.

The motion controller is suitable not only for the weapon: a demo Lipovitsa it is used to track the movements of the trunk player. Oculus Rift tracks the head but not the body.

In a demonstration attended motion controllers Razer Hydra, two sticks in the style of Wii. With a single stick to the chest, and the other using as weapons Lipovitsa tracks the movement of his head, torso and arms. He can look around, walking in a straight line, and the headset Rift and Hydra are reported with a continuous clock.

“It is only necessary to understand the rest is easy. 3D-games are really designed for such things. ”

Lipovitsa noted that the optimized software at the highest possible level, and that the new equipment should fix the remaining issues, such as gun control twitch.

“At the moment, the big problem is the cable,” – he said. – “You are limited to a small enough space game, and if you turn I often confusing. I built the levels so that you are constantly in the face to the desktop, making the layout is quite linear. ”

Despite the fact that the consumer version of the Oculus Rift is not yet available, a set of development tools offered at a price of 300 dollars. New orders will ship in September.
The legendary John Carmack joined the team Oculus Rift

Mogul in the world of video games, John Carmack, known as one of the creators of Doom, Quake and other games joined the team Oculus Rift as a senior technical director. Earlier Carmack has actively supported the Oculus Rift still in the embryonic stage of ideas and helped optimize the Doom 3 for the first prototype. Here is his statement:

“I keep fond memories of the work which led to the creation of brilliant things in the world of modern games – first-person view, LAN and the Internet, game modes and so on. Spike’s first contacts and writing code for the first prototype Rift – this is what is happening now. We live in a special time. I believe that virtual reality will manifest a huge impact in the coming years, but everyone who works today – the pioneers. We are changing the paradigm, we work for the future. Perhaps it is those who are reading this text. Obviously, there is still nothing. A lot of work ahead and the issues that we do not know yet. They need to be addressed. And it will be wonderful. ”

Carmack was a founder of Id Software, but soon after the announcement, it became known that he had left the company. However, it later became clear that he was not resigned:

“John has long interested in working with Oculus and wants to waste their time on this project. It has nothing to do with what he was doing in Id Software, and does not affect this. ”

Although Rift has produced several new games and even their own accessories, developers resemble wandering groping in the dark. Oculus Rift – it’s a huge promise of virtual reality and is probably the most powerful platform for its inception. But when? And what will be the next step?
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