Office worker. IBM Portable PC 5110




Office worker. IBM Portable PC 5110

IBM Portable PC 5110

IBM Portable PC 5110 appeared in February 1978. In those days, were very peculiar notion of portability, as this “baby” weighed “only” ~ 19.5 kilograms. More precisely 43 pounds. But he already had all the necessary user and was a development of the idea IBM Portable PC 5100 , the first self-contained computer of the planet.

IBM Portable PC 5110

First things first look at its specifications. The processor was designed by IBM and worked with a clock frequency of 1.9 megahertz. Memory (RAM, RAM) with minimal configuration was 16 kilobytes, but could be expanded to an incredible 64 kilobytes.

His monochrome monitor has a resolution of 64 x 16. We are talking about text symbols. He could have built-in storage in the form of magnetic tape on which you can store as much as 200 kilobytes of data. Additionally you can purchase an external floppy disk drive (floppy disk drive). In this case, the amount of stored information increased to 1.2 megabytes.

Software platform (something like operating system) were programming languages: APL or BASIC. One of the two or both.

IBM 5110 was not a toy for enthusiasts, which is the most microcomputers of the time (a typical example of a “designer” IMSAI 8080 ). It was intended for the needs of small businesses, although its price was quite a lot. But to the question, what could not do this or that configuration of the IBM Portable PC 5110 we’ll be back a little later.

With it, you can perform the following tasks (and therefore exist and software)

General ledger
Invoices for payment
Wage bill
Accounts payable
Financial planning
Management of material resources
Analysis of sales
Analysis of the cost of works
Linear programming
Word processing (Word)

This was truly a giant list of its main objectives. IBM 5110 was the business version of the IBM 5100, presented three years earlier and intended for engineers and mathematicians. If IBM 5100 could be used to store information and programs only tape, then IBM 5110 can be used to drive an external IBM 5114 8-inch double disk. They were not only much faster than magnetic media, but also allows you to save considerably more data.

IBM Portable PC 5110

Produced three different models of computer IBM Portable PC 5110:

model 1 – supports internal and external tape drives
model 2 – Built-in tape drive is missing, only supported the external diskette drive
model 3 – desktop version, had two built-in 8-inch floppy disks

Each of the three models to be compatible with the external floppy drive for IBM 5114 and IBM 5103 dot matrix printer. It is interesting to see how the cost of the computer depended on the amount of memory and language.

The basic version has a programming language BASIC:

16K: 8000 475 USD
32k: 10 000 225 U.S. $
48 KBytes: 11000 975 USD
64K: 13 000 725 USD

Version of the programming language APL has cost a thousand dollars more expensive. Two programming languages ​​- another thousand (two thousand dollars more than the corresponding base version).

The most common are the following configurations:

16 kilobytes of RAM, 1 magnetic drive, a printer with a printing speed of 80 characters per second; 13000 075 USD
16 kilobytes of RAM, 2 floppy disk printer with a printing speed of 80 characters per second, 17,000 U.S. $ 725
32 kilobytes of RAM 2 floppy disk printer with a printing speed 120 cps; 19 000 975 U.S. dollars
48 kilobytes of RAM, 4 floppy disk printer with print speeds of 120 characters per second; 27000 775 USD

IBM Portable PC 5110

For the extra money you could buy compatible devices:

Built-in magnetic drive: 1000 $ 400
The external tape drive for IBM 5106: 1000 $ 850
5103 printer with a printing speed of 80 characters per second: 3000 $ 200
5103 printer with a printing speed of 120 characters per second: 3000 $ 700
Drive Floppy Disk 5114 (on 1 disc): 4000 $ 150
Drive Floppy Disk 5114 (2 disc): 6000 050 USD
Bisync-modem: 2000 USD
Async-in modem: U.S. $ 900

IBM Portable PC 5110

A few years later there were already real laptop computers, an era which opened in 1984, the famous NEC PC-8300 . But in 1978, personal computers were making their first tentative steps and a few of them can boast of features such as IBM Portable PC 5110. In the late seventies of the last century, IBM has been at the forefront of high technology. With her name was associated almost every important event in the computer industry.

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