oin Zynga as chief executive, the former head Don Mattrick Xbox big lightning leave Microsoft




oin Zynga as chief executive, the former head Don Mattrick Xbox big lightning leave Microsoft
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Zynga’s new chairman is …. yesterday or Xbox Interactive Entertainment Business president Don Mattrick.

Recently laid off or leave a message almost lists Zynga, today announced the new CEO news reporting for duty, friends!

According to founder Mark Pincus for publication draft statement confirmed that former Microsoft Xbox Interactive Entertainment Division CEO Don Mattrick has been left in the July 1, and on July 8 began to turn any Zynga CEO and board of directors. In addition to the two sides issued a statement confirmed that their message, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is the letter certainly Don Mattrick leadership over the past six years of service and giving blessings.

Mark Pincus emphasized that this is the result of a considered him, he also promised that once seen repeatedly stressed the need for the Zynga got the right leadership, he was confident that Don Mattrick is the destiny of the people. He also appreciated Don Mattrick past the EA with Microsoft’s development achievements. Including torsion Division PnL, the Xbox 360 in the past two years, the North American market, first raised to the status of breath, Kinect smoothly after the sale of 24 million units of sales success, Xbox Live members use more since the original 600 million expansion to its present size of 4,800 million passengers.


Despite the official statement issued by Zynga not named Don Mattrick artwork main cause of job-hopping, but generally outside with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer believes that considering the relevant internal transformation, of course, there are more people that Don Mattrick’s departure with the recent Xbox One storm quite relevant .

The EA transferred from Microsoft’s Don Mattrick most famous and was originally supposed to be his Xbox 360 and Games for Windows business cum entertainment device Division vice president Peter Moore in 2007, almost a “swap” approach, both to each other The original company when executives. So, Don Mattrick end on the earlier EA Worldwide Studios president, he worked as a Microsoft game department about six months after taking over the vacancy after leaving Peter Moore, Peter Moore is from Microsoft after leaving, immediately transferred to sports games EA Sports president.

Similarly, when Peter Moore showed that since then, although Microsoft is leaving family factors, and the company has nothing to do, but people outside of his resignation or Xbox 360 listed with a “three red lights” issue related, in 2007 to quell the “three red” event, Peter Moore catch the E3 game show announced before the global Xbox 360 offers a three-year extended warranty, the decision to make Microsoft platform adds $ 1 billion of additional expenditure.

As regards, Don Mattrick Microsoft called calm life, was published recently in the Xbox One policy blamed because of the host, including the Xbox One connection credentials every 24 hours, the game second-hand leasing strategies; Don Mattrick in statements made during the E3 game show (such as “Do not automatically connect to the machine? have A, we have a Xbox 360”), also by public opinion and the media wantonly comment. Although Don Mattrick has announced withdrawal of emergency in many outsiders criticized the new requirements, but now seems to bury Don Mattrick became one of the key flash people.

Market opinion observation, Don Mattrick lightning resignation is actively preparing for listing in the Microsoft Xbox One, the first task is to quickly find a replacement staff, secure market confidence.



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