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LEGO building blocks long been a strong bridge between the generations. It is not even about “adult” line Architect, which recreated the famous buildings of the “Empire State Building” to the Sydney Opera House: toys like the next model of “Death Star” with the kids shamelessly delight middle-aged men. Same story with the games under this brand: children they can be called only at first glance.


LEGO games work on the same formula studio TT Games. This adventure with lots of characters, you can switch between on the fly; location – the worlds constructed from clear what. In ten years, TT Games have recreated on this platform its options “Lord of the Rings,” “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter,” the heroes of Marvel and DC – and in all cases the games were good in themselves, apart from the loud posters. Heroes – a wide range of characters of these universes us in the guise of figurines Lego – build starships and locks, solve simple puzzles created on the basis of them the same mechanisms operate plot tasks as required and shoot mutuzyat each other. The visual style of the game specific, but first, the situation with games on film is that it’s better this way than in another, and secondly “specific” does not mean “bad”. In these games your special touch; try one of them, in the next you feel like home. In The LEGO Movie: Video Game – a game based on the movie “Lego” – things are exactly the same.


As in the movie, is immediately struck by the variety of characters. If before their composition depend on the selected universe, now this is no limit. The protagonist – an ordinary builder Emmett Brikovski. In the prologue of the game with Cleopatra, William Shakespeare and Vitruvius blind old man turns out that Emmett – Elect, and can save the world from a treacherous Lord of Business (as is known, the film raised quite adult themes). Next story more or less closely follows the events in the film; some things quietly flown in the movie, here are developed to full-length missions.

The team of heroes experiencing adventures in full growth: moving away from the chase in his hometown of Emmett – Briksburge, fighting in a saloon in the Wild West, and saved from the fire in the city in the clouds. Along the way, meet new characters: from Betmena and Bad Cop to Michelangelo and Abraham Lincoln.

Passage of the story is the minimum complexity – suffice it to say that there can not be permanently die or lose all. In the world of “Lego” is a place adult context – it is noticeable in games, and in the film – but to die attitude is simple: plastic figurine easily shatters into pieces and also easy going back. Business plans Porush Lord can for 6-7 hours, after which you can enjoy traditional series exploring the local worlds.


Best game series LEGO Movie: Video Game in this aspect slightly inferior at least in the amount of content, but the cast of characters – one of the most fascinating, so I want to continue playing at least for new meetings. Plus, created from the “Lego” worlds captivate its flexibility: many decorations can be turned into a bunch of detalek and build them from something else, and even though the game for every construction need special instruction, the process is fascinating.

If you are just starting acquaintance with games LEGO, LEGO Movie: Video Game is perfect for the beginning; battered every last game of the series, again, feel the party of old friends. And a bunch of new zavedut.

Download The LEGO Movie Video Game for the iPhone and iPad (279 rubles).

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