One on One: Galaxy S4 vs HTC One




One on One: Galaxy S4 vs HTC One


There are times when the search for a new smartphone choice becomes obvious. There are times when the market offers so much that you do not even know where to start. In most such cases, as a result of your focus stays on just two models. If an eye on the current situation in the market, the choice is clear, without further ado – people choose between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Which one to choose? Let us work together with you now and will decide the comparison between the two, perhaps the most extraordinary devices that are currently on the market.

Look and feel


If your choice in any case will be based on the latest trends, then perhaps this review is not for you – your choice (most likely) Galaxy S4. But if we consider the current phones from all aspects, including the design and appearance, the feel of how the device is in your hands, the HTC One in this case is one of the most beautiful phones ever created in their entire history. A Galaxy S4 … it’s essentially the same phone, which was the Galaxy S3.

Of course, here, as elsewhere, it all depends on your taste. If you like device with a “rich” look, then of course HTC One win in your choice without a doubt. Personally, I also like to look at more HTC One, but I’m not against plastic phones in general. Yes, S4 looks a lot cheaper than the One, but he and lighter than its competitor. And moreover, it has such a nice bonus, as the removable battery and a slot for microSD cards. In the case of this HTC One can only dream.

No matter who you eventually give preference to, but doubt that the HTC One looks looks much more attractive than the S4 will be only those who have completely no sense of beauty. HTC One good reason is compared with the iPhone – both devices look very stylish. But the iPhone 5, which also uses the aluminum casing looks even, as I say, is more classic and already recognizable. In fact, he looks just like the look of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. So HTC One is perceived as something new that we have never seen before.


Perhaps one of the most memorable things about the new HTC One is the appearance of the back of his hand. Rounded, soft to the touch surface, beautiful eye of the camera and one for the flash, logo and HTC Beats Audio, as well as two horizontal strips of polymer. All very stylish and seems to be in place. By the way, most of these strips. It turned out that they are a quite useful feature: close communication antenna modules that are handed down in special grooves for better conductivity signal. After all, as we know aluminum shields the radio. The front side of the device looks even better: over and under a fairly large 4.7-inch display with a black frame are lining speakers. At the top of the lattice is one of the best eye at the moment of front cameras, as well as a variety of sensors and transducers.

Speaking of the thickness and weight of devices, it is decided Galaxy S4 – it is 15 percent thinner and around 10 percent lighter than HTC One, despite the fact that in general S4 is more than competitive. Matter of course in plastic. In the hands of One feels a little heavier, but also more compact. You can not say that the machine is straight too heavy, but took it in hand, you will realize that HTC is made of metal and is more solid in the hand.

On the other hand One body could be (or may not be) a problem for you. Despite its more respectable in comparison with Galaxy S4, look, you have to worry about how it would not inadvertently dropped. After all, if it’s not going to happen, God forbid, you will most likely have to either change the whole body as a whole, or to buy a new device. Galaxy S4 from this side looks more practical: the body is not likely to form chips, and if you suffer from falling back cover, you will be able to without any problems it is easy to replace by simply buying a new one.


Personally, I do not particularly care about the location of the power key on smart phones, but many will celebrate the convenient location thereof at S4 – it is on the right side and it will not have a long stretch. As for the One, the button is located on the upper left side that for some it may seem not so easy. Moreover, it is arranged so that not beyond the machine, so to find it from the first blind someone may fail.

More important is the layout of the navigation keys, which are somewhat easier on One (again, for me). The device has no physical buttons. Instead, it has only two touch buttons. On the right side of the screen is a button under the “home”, and on the left – the “back”. Between them, logo emblazoned HTC, which no function other than aesthetic, does not. In S4 has one physical button in the middle, and a little higher – on the right and left side – are touch buttons “back” and “menu”.

In the end, everyone is able to decide for themselves that it is more convenient, but to me personally, again, more like the layout HTC One.
Comparing screens


Both display devices have just marvelous. So sharpen the focus on what one has more pixel density will not – your eyes still can not see the difference in resolution 1080p. Screen Galaxy S4 has more vibrant colors. On the one hand, it is certainly good, but the colors look very natural. Therefore, if you prefer a more natural color representation, the choice most likely will fall in favor of the One, but if you want a brighter, more saturated colors, the choice of S4.


The screen size is another matter. Both devices offer a fairly impressive displays. At HTC One it is 4.7 inches, and S4 – 4,99 inches. It seems to be not such a big difference, but the difference in the larger size of the screen you will see exactly S4. On the other hand, the size of the screen should influence the final weight of the device, but since this figure S4 is built entirely on other factors, the Samsung device with a large screen, but less weight may be the key to choosing the right device. But to draw conclusions too early, so let’s continue to compare.
Performance Comparison


On paper, as in the synthetic benchmarks, Galaxy S4 is faster than HTC One. For example, the machine dials the 3224 Geekbench score against 2973, which gives One. In tests Quadrant Standard S4 shows the result in the 12,066 points, HTC One here, too, a little behind and shows 11,774 points.

But this is just one example of the fact that only rely on the testimony of benchmarks – it’s a stupid idea. Indeed, despite the fact that S4 shows better results in the tests, One practice there faster and more smoothly. Most likely it is a merit of their own skins manufacturers: Sense 5, which is used in the One and some “poorer” in execution and runs noticeably faster interface TouchWiz, which crammed all there is to it.

From a technical point of view, both devices work on virtually the same Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 600. Just S4 at its frequency of 1.9 GHz while it has a refractive One 1.7 GHz (which may in fact explain and tests). Of course, no one does not exclude the fact that there is still at S4 and the version based on the eight-chip Exynos 5, but the trouble is that, even in that case One felt in the work of the smoother its rival.

Of course, the benefits of high performance in benchmarks can give Ruth rights and third-party firmware (such as Cyanogenmod, which builds on the stock Android), but the fact is that most of us buy the phone in order to use them simply, and not for to sit and suffer with the installation of third-party software. Therefore, in this case, the advantage HTC One more noticeable.
Software: Sense vs TouchWiz


Both devices are, of course, running the operating system Android. This means that, along with it, you get access to thousands and thousands of different applications that are in the online store Google Play. Galaxy S4 offers the latest version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) right out of the box, and the HTC One version is based on Android 4.1 (4.2 update to be exact). But you should first do not worry about it. Your attention should be paid to the corporate shell interface that set HTC and Samsung.

As already noted above, Sense 5 is much easier than TouchWiz from Samsung. It looks more simple, elegant and harmonious. And it just so far fall under the famous slogan of «quietly brilliant». Expect lots of white and gray colors that create a harmonious undertones. Menu bars in the case of Sense less, and they are shorter than the TouchWiz. Everything you need is always at hand and does not need to look for.

Talking about the interface S4, once there is a feeling that Samsung has decided to push in all the interface that is possible … and maybe not even thinking about whether it is useful or another function or not. No one said it was bad. Just a new version of the interface TouchWiz, as well, and all the previous ones, looks bright, colorful, playful and overly crowded. Black is more than One. However, this was to be expected, since it uses the screen AMOLED. He is known to offer a better display of black.


To list all the parts and functions of the new S4 is not strong enough, so let’s look at just the most obvious:

S Health, for example, there is the function of a pedometer (a device calculates your distance). It can also be useful for those who want to create your own diet plan or required to perform physical exercises. For people involved in sports, it may be very helpful.

There are Air View, which allows you to select and view messages without touching the screen with your fingers, just holding them over a desired item. The idea is very cool, but it does not work everywhere and not always accurate as we would like.

And Air Gesture allows you to Jedi-style sweep of palm and flip through the pages of the screen even answer incoming calls. During this charge motion sensor located on the front upper right of the device. It should be pretty handy if your hands are dirty, and sully the unit will not want to.

But the trouble is that, as in the case of most other functions S4 is fun and the first couple of minutes or hours. The bottom line is that most of us these features will not use every day.


Against millions of new features, which are at the Galaxy S4, HTC has focused on only one. And she called BlinkFeed. This kind of news, the sources to which you can assign yourself. In addition, it allows you to synchronize your accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Flipper or Linkedin. If you want everything you need related to your social activity, were all on the same screen, it’s just what you need.


But when viewed from an objective point of view, and BlinkFeed has its drawbacks. First, it can not be completely removed from the desktop. Only allowed to transfer to one of the others. Secondly, the addition of news sources is limited. The function is synchronized with servers HTC and divided into categories. And, for example, in the category of «IT» currently allowed to add only sites as sources and And as will be the case with the completion of the available sources remains unclear.


HTC BlinkFeed positions in their advertising campaigns as one of the major new features of your phone, which will sell it. But the trouble is that the function itself raises some doubts. It is essentially like a stripped-down version of Flipboard, but on the screen of your mobile device. Interestingly enough, do not argue. But if we already have Flipboard, then why do we need another one?

Another drawback is the lack of a shell call the quick settings. If you want, for example, enable or disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, change the brightness of the screen, then you can simply move the S4 line of finger notifications and press the desired item. In the case of HTC, you’ll have to climb into the wilds of the best menu. Of course, it does not take much time, but why could not it all be done by a single swipe?
Comparison of image quality


What’s the best way to verify the quality of the camera? Of course, by comparing the images from these cameras!

First pictures of the street, with a direct light source



In truth, the two images look just fine. Clarity and natural colors in place.

But if you bring the same picture taken, in the case of the Galaxy S4 parts seem to be more clear:



All thanks to a 13-megapixel camera. The camera One also has its advantages, but they clearly are not the number of pixels in the frame. 4-megapixel sensor HTC One can only at this.

Another shot in the street, but it made in the shade:



Again, good clarity in both cases. Statue of a dog looks well on every shot.

But let’s approximate the picture:



It turns out that a decrease in the amount of light, the main advantage of S4 in the resolution immediately begins to slowly lose value.

Move into a room with controlled lighting:



Picture with S4 turned a bit brighter, but his colors became dimmer. Colors in the case of One still great.

Now we approximate the picture:



Without good lighting both images are noisy. However, personally I would have given in this case, the victory One: the contrast here is still better than the S4.
Now with the lights off completely (disable the flash on the camera):



I think the winner here is obvious. It seems that the darkness that captures the Galaxy S4 looks you straight in the heart. In turn, makes it quite bearable One shot (again, no flash), where you can see the object of your interest.

Another shot in the dark, but with a flash:



Flash from Galaxy S4 is noticeably brighter than the One. One flash is hardly a failure, but it could be a bit brighter.

In general, the camera One is better suited for shooting in dimly lit areas. Pictures at an average coverage of it will be darker and contrasting. And certainly much better in poorly lit areas. Camera Galaxy S4 in turn offers better accuracy when shooting in bright places. Her outburst somewhat brighter. But as in the case with the screen chamber S4 provides less natural colors. And it becomes more obvious in low light.
The program functions cameras

s4 camera soft

Optics, sensors, resolution – it’s just half the story. What can be said about the second half – the software?

It’s should not be a secret that the Galaxy S4 offers a whole bunch of different settings for the camera device. Again, some useful, some … to just had. One of the most useful features you can without a doubt be considered “best shot.” It allows you to instantly shoot consecutive images and then have to choose the one loved (the other is automatically deleted). By the way, One has something similar.

“The best person.” Another potentially useful feature which allows you to make a series of pictures and have them choose the best image of the face, are the people in the photos.

“Proof”, in turn, allows the correct image of a human face in a portrait shot. At its core function allows you to soften skin tones, remove from the face of minor flaws, such as wrinkles, pimples and moles. A sort of a mobile, compact “photoshop”.

“Series”. Allows a series of images moving object and combine them into one image. The function may like to lovers of various events.

In addition to the standard features HDR (to lighten the image), and all sorts of “Panorama”, and where there is more than useless pieces. It seems the same function “Image and Sound”, which allows to take a picture, and then add to it a short musical accompaniment. Or, for example, the function of “Dual Camera” that allows you to capture video directly on the two cameras – front and rear.

There are “Retouch”, which allows you to handle images of various filters a la Instagram. In general, list all the features really can be tiring, especially if you keep in mind the fact that Samsung has tried to push back everything that is possible.

List of software features HTC One camera is not as refined. There’s more standard features like HDR, panorama, night mode, and so on.

However, besides the fact that HTC is trying to focus on BlinkFeed, as the biggest piece of the new shell Sense, and Zoe, is the most important function of the camera’s new device.
A simple press of the shutter button, the camera allows you to make up to 20 pictures at once and record three-second video, including the last second until you press this same gate.

And if BlinkFeed you might not be impressed, that Zoe has on it a real chance. Short video can be useful in itself, but the fact that you can also choose the best among them an image you like and save it (or all at once), or instantly share it with your friends. It turns almost “live” photos.

Gallery HTC also made wonderful. It is convenient to sort the images filmed by day. Allows you to create a unique presentation. In general, to better understand what is at stake, you just need to get yourself a device in his hands. Captured photos and Zoe-videos can be downloaded from the HTC Share – a cloud service that allows you to share your recorded material, to create for them a presentation, as well as using the application in the device, and so on.

I’m not sure which device should be given to the “victory” in the issue of the best software for the camera, if you are the kind of person who wants more, more, more, then, most likely, you will approach Galaxy S4. But if you want a cool feature Zoe, and a great and convenient gallery, then I advise you choose One.

When you enable Wi-Fi, GPS and location services, Bluetooth is turned off and service traffic control, battery Galaxy S4 for streaming video had almost 5 hours. With the same settings, HTC One lasted 4 hours 20 minutes.

But the bottom line is that this is essentially “extreme” testing does not reflect the real picture. After all, you will not be the same all day staring at the screen of mobile phone, watching movies, both on your home TV or computer? As usual the day passed in the average smartphone user? A little web surfing, and a couple of calls, a couple of times to use navigation services, listen to music a little bit, but otherwise the phone is in your pocket. So you can be sure that the batteries of each of the two devices will be enough for a full day. Maybe a little less, but it will be depend on the applications that you run on them.

However, if the long duration of the stands at the first place, it is likely that you will prefer Galaxy S4. After all, it has a removable battery, which if desired can be replaced by a new, and thus extend the time. C HTC One is do not be: here or buy a battery case or carry a charge.
Compare speakers


Usually, all comparisons sound speakers on mobile devices look very funny. Well, you must admit, as much as possible to seriously evaluate the sound quality of the speaker smaller than a centimeter? Nevertheless, at the moment of dynamics Galaxy S4 and HTC One is perhaps the best among all the mobile devices.

Speakers from BoomSound BeatsAudio turned louder and bass than any other modern smartphone, including the Galaxy S4. Moreover, they both are located on the front panel of the top and bottom. Due to this, when watching music videos or other video, there is a stereo and sound is not muted. Why other manufacturers still did not think about and still set the speakers either behind or on the ends of the device absolutely incomprehensible.

About the speakers Galaxy S4 – precisely those tiny holes that are located on the rear side of the device – and really have nothing to say. Yes, with its responsibility they manage, but they are on several levels lower than the dynamics HTC One.
Memory for


With the Galaxy S4 in question available to the user only memory was an amusing case. The fact is that Android, installed shell TouchWiz, and new applications and functions, which number goes to infinity, “eaten up” almost half of the available free memory. So it’s really available memory, for example, the 16 GB model there are only 8-9 GB. However, there is a slot for memory cards microSD, which can quickly make up for this deficiency. In addition, sales are also available versions of the permanent memory of 32 GB and 64 GB, and besides that, she Samsung thinks about the possibility to fix the problem of memory in a future update.

The basic model of HTC One, which, by the way, is sold cheaper (but not us), offers 32 GB of available space. Of this figure, the user is prompted 25GB. But to expand the memory by microSD cards will not work – there are no slots. If you need more space, and have to buy the version with 64 GB of memory.

Here again, a matter of taste. Someone can not worry about dealing with the lack of additional slots for memory cards, other contrary this aspect may deter purchases – you choose.


My personal opinion: in front of us are two of the best smartphones, which are currently on the market. Not just the two best of Android-smartphone, but just two of the best smart phone. Not one of them is not perfect – each has its advantages and weaknesses and disadvantages and weaknesses.

Do you want a larger screen, more lightweight body and many applications, “how much you can carry?” Then your choice – Galaxy S4.

Want more premium design, more attractive in low-light shots, and perhaps the best speakers and the sound that has ever been in this kind of mobile devices – your choice HTC One.

Of course, in addition to what was described today, there are a million other factors and causes that will help tip the balance in the choice of a particular model , or vice versa alienate their purchases at all. For example, I could write something that is not-LTE-version of the Galaxy S4 sometimes reboots (treated update), and the first batch of HTC One have a lot of marriage (treated with new parties), in which the gaps between components (seen in some customers) are more like gaps in domestic production cars and the black version climbed, climbed as the first batch of black iPhone 5 (both in principle and should be expected from any painted aluminum). But then this article would not have contained 20,000 characters, and three times more. I hope that even such a small, but a detailed comparison will help you make the right choice.

For everyone is also referred to (who have not yet) with small video review of both devices, which are prepared with our friends

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