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Happiness: Incorrect Beliefs And The Truth (Part 1)

A significant number of people are suffering from depression in the world today. This is a hint for us to pause and ask if we are doing enough for our mental wellness, which is directly connected to emotional wellness. If we experience stress, anger, fear, hurt, jealousy, our emotional health suffers. Basically, we are caught in these negative emotions in pursuit of happiness. Most of us begin chasing dreams since childhood and do not pause thereafter for decades, because of the biggest incorrect belief that our happiness is what we acquire — that happiness is a byproduct of our belongings. So, we seek happiness in accomplishments, possessions and relationships. Let us scrutinize these three popular but misleading beliefs.

Belief 1: Accomplishments make me happy.
Suppose I am an employee who knows that it takes two years to be promoted as a manager, I sincerely work for it. But my own conditioned thought often reminds me – I will be happy when promoted as a manager. So I do not permit myself to be happy today, I will not permit for two more years. Some day if I sense that my promotion may not happen due to my inefficiency, issue with team members or a management decision, I create stress, anger and anxiety – as I believe these are not only affecting my career but snatching my happiness. I may resort to unfair means to get the promotion. So I create and transmit negativity, going into pain for two long years. If in this state I become a manager, can I be happy? Also such happiness does not last as I will focus on the next promotion, then the next…
Truth: Happiness is not in our accomplishments. It is not to be postponed until our goal is reached. Happiness is in our way of thinking along the way, while working towards the goal.

Tomorrow we shall evaluate two other belief systems.

Message for the day 28-08-2017

The one who has self-respect is the one who is free from aggression.

Expression:When the situation seems out of control, there is naturally a feeling of helplessness. This helplessness further creates tension, which gets expressed in the form of aggression. Such a kind of aggression cannot be suppressed or controlled. To be in the state of one’s own self-respect is to be confident and the one who is confident will be assertive but can never be aggressive.

Experience: I am able to keep my mind cool, when I am in my state of self-respect. So I never react to situations negatively but I am able to understand the situation and respond in the right way. I take decisions in a calm and composed state of mind, so I find myself relaxed and easy even in the most difficult situations.

In Spiritual Service,
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