Oracle closed dozens of serious vulnerabilities in Java




Oracle closed dozens of serious vulnerabilities in Java

Oracle closed in a patch that comes out Tuesday 36 vulnerabilities in Java, including 34 remote vulnerabilities to abuse and therefore be classified as serious are. A total of 147 vulnerabilities Tuesday poem in Oracle products.

Java The 34 Java vulnerabilities are remotely exploited to the most serious: they allow an attacker may be able for example to install on the user’s PC from a web browser malware. It is not clear how many of the vulnerabilities that can actually. In one of the cases involves a vulnerability which inherits the severity on a scale of 1 to 10 a ’10 ‘.

Oracle provides a quarterly large security patch. A total of 147 bugs are squashed in the emerging patch round, making it one of Oracle’s largest patch rounds so far. Besides vulnerabilities in Java vulnerabilities in Solaris, Oracle database software and Oracle Fusion also be closed.

Vulnerabilities in Java are often used in order to install malware. For this, ready-to-use tools are used, so-called exploit kits. Through rogue banners or by hacking a website, the exploit kit served to victims. In the past, offered several major Dutch websites mistakenly exploit kits, including, and Recently spread the Surinamese Ministry of Finance malware through bugs in Java

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