Overview headphones Brainwavz R3 – the most unusual headphone of all time




Overview headphones Brainwavz R3 – the most unusual headphone of all time

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Today I will discuss the most unusual headphones I’ve ever seen, I think, and you also have not met with such. Bold experiment of Brainwavz showed us a very unusual in all respects a model R3. Despite the amazing appearance, headphones were very interesting. Why? Read in this review.

Create compact emitter equally well reproducing sound throughout the range of human hearing – is not an easy task. In most cases, developers have to go headphones to some compromises. Attempts to overcome them have led to the fact that all the much more popular mnogodrayvernye headphones with more than one number of radiators. Since the core technology for co-channel transmitters headphones, there are two, it gave three possible combinations: mnogodrayvernnye headphones on reinforcing radiators, hybrid, using and reinforcing and dynamic transducers and mnogodrayvernye dynamic. It is to last and are Brainwavz R3. If you’re wondering what reinforcing emitters differ from dynamic – I refer you to my article with a detailed description of these technologies . As is clear from the index, R3 is not the first company in the field experiment mnogodrayvernyh headphones. I already wrote a review on their previous model R1 , in which they noted a very unusual sound pitch, which just can not be considered suitable to all unconditionally. Taking into account this fact, in Brainwavz put a lot of effort to create a truly original modified solutions.


The new model uses two emitter R3, the one responsible for the low frequencies, the second for the medium and high. They are housed in the cylindrical body at opposite ends so therebetween has a sufficiently large air chamber, in which sound waves interact with these two sources. Almost from the center of the camera out long tubular sound guides, which “deliver” sound to the listener. This unusual construction leads to the fact that the sounds from the two emitters mix almost naturally, as it happens and “large” speakers. The main disadvantage of this solution is a considerable size of the structure. Although, of course, the primary goal is still sound, which we’ll talk.

Technical characteristics

Radiators: two dynamic 10 mm emitter per channel
Crossover: passive
Impedance: 32 Ω
Sensitivity: 95 dB @ 1 mW
Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Maximum input power: 2 mW
Cable: 1.4 m, symmetrical, OFC
Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated, 45 ˚

Packaging and delivery

Brainwavz R3 sold in a beautiful box of dark cardboard, located at the top of the plastic box in which it is possible to observe the headphones themselves in all their glory. In the spirit of the traditions of the past on the box is printed a lot of useful information: Specifications Headphone, their scheme is a cross-sectional description of innovation – it’s interesting to read, immediately sets up a serious mood.

Вид ближе

At the bottom of the box is all that the producers decided to put in the package, but it’s a lot. Besides headphones you get:

large case of ballistic nylon
adapter for airplane (stubbornly do not understand why they put in the package)
adapter from 3.5 to 6.3 mm
one pair of foam tips Comply T-Series
six pairs of single flange silicone tips
one pair of double-flange tips
one pair of nozzles trehflantsevyh

As you can see, and the packaging and delivery does not cause the slightest criticism: all performed at the highest level, despite the quite democratic price.

Вид сбоку
Design and wearability

As I wrote above, the design of headphones at first glance much surprised. Large silver “barrels” with the exhaust sound guide perpendicular not similar to any other model on the market. Complements the picture of a very thick cable with long stretches of memory, facilitating Earhook wearing. No less impressive and splitter with connector.

In fact, Brainwavz R3 very comfortable to wear. Bending adjacent to the headphone cable itself can be formed earhook, any suitable shape you, so that the headphones hanging on the sides of your ears and sound guides included in the ear canal. In general, after the proper selection of the position is that R3 – very comfortable headset that can be worn quite a long time (though others will look at you strangely.)

Оба наушника

Otherwise, in the creation of R3 Brainwavz took aim at achieving maximum strength: a thick cable, splitter and reliable plug, metal housing earphones themselves – hardly with them going to happen at all.

С Fiio X3

Soundproofing – very good, especially if you use mnogoflantsevymi nozzles or foams,

С кабелем

To listen to the following equipment:

MacBook Pro Early 2011
Yulong DA8 in HogMode as DAC / amplifier
Fidelia as a player
Ambient Acoustics AM6 hirez, VSonic GR01 and VSonic GR07 Bass Edition for comparison
Recording in lossless-formats

Unlike the previous model, R1, R3 new very neutral in sound pitch. Brainwavz managed to achieve a good mix of drivers and remove the characteristic of dynamic headphones with two radiators dip in the midrange. Because of the construction in R3 achieved good study almost the entire range, but unlike mnogodrayvernyh reinforcing headphone sound is softer, it is less analytical and more flavor.

С VSonic GR01

Bass played a separate emitter, and it shows. LF good quantity and the level of development. They do not dry concentration and sharpness of low frequencies characteristic of reinforcing the headphones, but it produces enough rumble and shock where you need it.

С Fiio E18

Mids vengeance with little relaxed, adding most of the songs pleasant warmth. Vocals seem a bit advanced for the remaining forward midrange instruments and voices it gives vitality and naturalness. On oriented mid-range music sometimes seems that even listening to full-size headphones. You may be able to find fault with the dynamics, but given the price of the headphones – it will be over-claim.

Вид сзади

Treble worked well, too, but without excessive “enthusiasm.” They please detail and dynamics, but they are not quantified in excess. Due to this, no sibilance and fatigue from the sound.

Very good R3 manages to create the effect of the volume of the sound are excellent tools, and can be at the hearing to determine its position on an imaginary stage.

Вид спереди

Headphones good enough play from virtually any source. I have tried them with iPhone, iPod Nano 6G, SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip and Rio Karma – with all of them R3 disclosed on a good level, although I still would advise them to use with good desktop DAC and amplifier, with a bunch they are capable of greater.

Вид под углом

Interesting and unusual headphones. I highly recommend them to fans of classical, jazz, vocal music and classic rock. Perfectly transmitted mid and HF data genres make listening very pleasant and reasonable price of 130 dollars readily admits buying them as a second headphone jack is for a minor genres.


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