Headphones, which I want to tell you today, have no analogues in the world, and in this case it is not just a beautiful figure of speech. Intracanal monitors BD4.2 from the company Lear performed using 6 radiators in each earpiece, 2 of them – dynamic and 4 – with balanced armature (rebar). In addition, the headphones are made in an unusual open IEM embodiment, as well as possess the function of adjusting the bass.

I have already talked about the company Lear in the review of their gorgeous headphones LUF-4 , so I will not repeat too much, you can read the previous review. In short, the experience in manufacturing IEM company has, therefore, with the ambitious idea of ​​BD4.2 was implemented very successfully. The fact that in this flagship model uses an unexpected dynamic scheme with two radiators and a special acoustic low-pass filter. Traditionally, the “reinforcement” provide mid and high frequencies with the necessary detail and clarity, and dynamic emitters – energetic percussive bass. But innovation is not limited to Lear unusual choice of radiators.

Снова с X5

BD4.2 use four separate the sound: two for bass, one for medium and one for high frequencies, while the last two are inside the metal tubes that remove unwanted resonance of the sound with acrylic housing. Radiators for bass made without it, because the LF is not affected by this issue. Such a construction, firstly avoids unpredictable interference of sound waves, and secondly, if desired, allows users to customize sound using acoustic filters.


Also BD4.2 will please the buyer the ability to change the amount of bass with a special controller in their rear. A simple turn of a screwdriver to complete, you can turn BD4.2, as in the neutral-monitor solution, and in the incredible bassist headphones that will satisfy the most avid “baskhedov.” Of course, there are plenty of intermediate options.

Order BD4.2 as possible in the universal body, and in the form of “custom bikes”, ie headphones, molded from a cast of your ear. The last option for $ 140 more expensive than the already very expensive generic version (the price is very tangible in 1260 dollars), but it is clearly preferable as an ideal soundproofing and landing for these headphones is very important to maximize the quality of sound.

Внутренний чехол

Of course, with a price tag of BD4.2 attributable to the segment absolutely top solutions, few other headphones can compete with them on price. This is – the choice of those who want to get an uncompromising solution and is willing to give him any money. What does a Lear instead?

Impedance: 8Ω – 33Ω @ 1 KHz
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Radiators: 2 dynamic, 4 rebar in each earpiece
Crossover: Passive
Cable: Removable, symmetrical, 1.3 m
Packaging and delivery
BD4.2 immediately give the impression of a very expensive device (otherwise they can not be). Stylish black box of cardboard with silver embossed hides the inner case. His role is played by high-impact plastic PelicanCase, reliably protects the headphones from damage. Also included was a place for a velvety cover on puffs, a microfiber cloth to clean the headphone jack, a small screwdriver to adjust the bass, brush with a loop for cleaning and a large assortment of accessories. Last complete put a lot because in the universal headphone housing is harder to pick up, and a variety of attachments for different effects on the sound. Complete with BD4.2 you get the following tips:

Trehflantsevye silicone. Are the reference option, recommended by the Lear, if your ears allow them deep landing.
Double-flange silicone. Neutral-balanced sound.
Single flange silicone in several sizes. Bright sound, rich HF.
Tapered foam. Neutral warm sound
Foam rounded. Warm and dark sound with an emphasis on bass.

Separate kind words deserves the supplied cable. This is a proprietary development of Lear, cable, made of silver-plated copper. In English it is called «tinsel wire», and the literal translation of “tinsel” it is quite suitable. The cord is very light and soft, but durable and not prone to tangling and microphone effect. A special coating protects it from oxidation and discoloration, ensuring that your cable will always be silver-shiny. Part, directly adjacent to the terminals provided with a memory effect that allows you to create a comfortable “zaushiny.”

Design and comfortable to wear
Since BD4.2 exist in the universal and of Custom versions, they are made of transparent acrylic. Workmanship – at the highest level, there is no trace of poor casting or errors. developers offer a wide choice of colors, as well as the extra money can make the outside of the headphones (so-called feyspleyty) of carbon fiber, denim, wood and many other materials. This option is called True Texture and looks just fine. BD4.2, the former in my review, made in the option “default” of a transparent dark gray acrylic on the outside – the golden logo of the manufacturer.

Оба рядом

In these headphones transparent body – the same design element, such as special windows in Swiss watches. A very complex internal structure BD4.2 interesting to consider – in a lot of radiators, sound guides and crossover elements, obtained here is decoration for avid gadzhetomana.

Headphones are large enough, in fact taken in a lot of things, so make them smaller volume – hard physically. In Lear rightly decided that there should be a good fit, and the headphones did a relatively small area. The entire volume has been achieved due to the increase of thickness monitors, they are quite noticeably protrude from the ears, but it is the case that would not otherwise happen.

Крупно с насадкой

With proper selection of nozzles headphones worn very comfortably even extended listening does not cause problems. Despite the presence of a vent in the back of BD4.2, next to the low-frequency sound insulation on a very good level.

To listen to the following equipment:

Resonessense Labs Concero HP as a DAC and headphone amplifier;
Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2013 as a source;
Audirvana Plus 2.0.1 as a player;
HiFiMan 901 and Fiio X5 as portable players;
VSonic Gr01 and HiFiMan Re600 as headphones for comparison;
Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others).
Без насадки

It should be borne in mind that the description of the sound of these headphones, I “found fault” to them more than usual, because the high price simply requires them to be better than the model in 2 or more times cheaper. All that I have said below – it is rather a feature of their sound, rather than disadvantages. In developing BD4.2 (incidentally, this is not the first revision), as well as in many foods such level, the master tried to achieve not only the incredible quality, but also to show their vision. I can say that they did it: headphones sound very high quality, but they have a unique sound signature.

Регулятор баса

Home Terms produce absolute returns from BD4.2 – is to ensure their proper fit with complete isolation. Desired landing you can easily “recognize” the vacuum that will be obtained when trying to get the headphones. Simply put, the headphones should accrue to the smacking sound. Do not be afraid to experiment with nozzles incompleteness, I’ve heard good reviews about the sound of the headphones with hybrid nozzles (silicone foam under it), but the real field for experimentation – a lot more. The second option – just order a custom version of BD4.2, once devoid of these problems.

I for myself have found the optimal sound using trehflantsevye nozzle.


Bass control, used in BD4.2, surprises with its efficiency. Setting is performed in the LF range up to 1 kHz (generally, of course, is much lower), and allows to adjust the level of the low frequency range up to 24 dB. At the minimum position you get the MF and HF with a minimal amount of bass, achieving almost the monitor sound. This option is not for me, but sometimes it sounds very interesting, for example, on vocal compositions or recordings of small string ensembles. In maximum position you get a bass lover’s dream: two dynamic transducer with a proprietary acoustic filter can give as much bass, that will not find anyone.

After experimenting with the bass control I left it in the position for 8 hours, and it gave me the following sound.

Снова рядом

LF is very shock, it is felt that the two dynamic drivers shake a considerable volume of air, giving him as articulate and collected bass. Some entries, such as Japanese drummers of Ondekoza, sound completely vovlekayusche, no other headphone insert have not been able to create a clear picture of the different sound of the drums. Of course, clean reinforcing headphones little benefit in terms of resolution of LF, but they very much lack the power and musicality of the bass, so I think that hybrid headphones still benefit from the perception of bass and BD4.2 bypass all that I have heard.

Mids – also on the level. Every nuance of the music and the harmonic voices – passed very well. The main thing in the MF at BD4.2 find position bass control, which will suit you, and they will reveal all the details: rustles lecterns with notes, creaking chairs, fingers on the strings, and much more. Instruments are well separated, perfectly positioned in the space, their character is transmitted with the required accuracy.

С кабелем

Treble – detailed, clearly defined, to complain about their lack of just do not have, in a poorly recorded tracks they might be even a lot, which can cause sibilance. But if your audio material is of decent quality, then be unhappy RF you do not have: the headphones act out the slightest reverberation, damping and light airy notes on the abolition of the level. Composition just filled with air. If you like a darker supply – acoustic filter or resistor will allow you to mute the RF to the desired amount.

С Fiio X5

Very good BD4.2 cope with the transmission volume: spatial positioning of objects clear, and the group whose music is filled with special effects (for example, Yello and Enigma), – sound great.

С Concero PH

Naturally, headphones are universal genre, no problem they will give any music from energetic metal and easy to chamber ensemble. In some cases, you can use the adjustment of bass, but for me personally comfortable position at 8:00 is versatile and suitable for all.

Headphones are absolutely not designed for use with low-quality sources and records of poor quality. All material deficiencies will be served to you with maximum sincerity and directness. But, in general, buying headphones for the money – obviously need to be concerned about acquiring a good player or DAC to the amplifier. Headphones shows extremely sources with low output impedance (less than 1Ω), otherwise the amount of HF will decrease (although it can if desired be used to produce softer sound).

С Concero PH 2

At an altitude showed himself Concero HP from Resonessense Labs, proving once again that it is ideal for a variety of IEM.

As befits a flagship present, Lear BD4.2 are expensive, well made, play very well and pleasing user innovativeness. This headphones, which are unlikely to get bored you with their sound even if the usual sound pall, you can use the bass control, other nozzles, acoustic filters of the sound, and even connect them through a resistor to provide a different character of the sound.


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