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Zombies are already so tired of all that, seeing another media product of living dead, I want to cry out: Yes How can something already ?! However, once these projects are located, then someone buys them; so that’s that, and work at a less advanced system of entertainment will not be exact. With games such situation – like projects with zombies is complete, and they continue to consistently delight (I do not know, in quotes or without) us with his presence. That SAS: Zombie Assault 4 for the fourth time appeared on the virtual shelves of App Store – hurry to see.


As the story in such projects has never been a strong component of (and sometimes component), we restrict ourselves to the description of light: there was some sort of apocalypse, zombies povylazili from all the cracks, here are a weapon in the hands of what Russell.

The structure is simple: first you explain that so yes, then go to war – and so on missions. However, previously you choose a specialty – depends on it and playing style. Take Medic: can be treated quickly, but shove ahead, probably will not work – it is best to quietly shoot villains. Heavy soldiers, clad in armor, easily dealt before the hordes of enemies, but is unlikely to escape. And so with all, has its pluses and minuses.


Who has never played in the SAS, one should be, and does not know what kind of top here – well, like in Diablo (only there is also the side). The solution is very good and right – comfortably shoot, navigate and, if anything, to hide. There is also room for maneuver, and a no, but strategic thought. Well purely marketing considerations: games with a little camera, so here SAS: Zombie Assault 4 keeps aloof.

The controls are simple: stick two – one to move, shoot the other; incidentally has additional buttons that allow you to, say, throw a grenade. Yes, without heavy equipment here means: a lot of enemies, they twig with terrible force. Stupidly shoot from them can only be chosen if a heavy attack aircraft, and in other cases will have to think a head. Let’s say there are elements of interactivity, can be fenced off boxes, erecting Handstitched bunker, you can accurately let the bullets in the car – those fun explode, dragging a couple dozen zombies.


Unlike, say, Crimsonland, ammunition and, in general, ammunition here ends depressingly quickly – can not be said about the enemy. So if you do not want to go to the dead with his bare hands, then look into the shop in a timely manner. Those who remember that SAS: Zombie Assault 4 shareware, now, of course raised their hands – oh, Donut! Donat – provides embedded pile purchases, which, believe me, there is something to spend it alone options for outfitting your fighter here countless.

However, there is no elegant way to pay anything – to resort to multiplayer. Four characters are fighting side by side with the upcoming carrion – gameplay, in principle, the same, but the play is much simpler; a good way to save on resources.


Looks SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is very good – as compared with the same Crimsonland, just fine. Said physicist working on the picture, shot in a car gas tank (well, mentally), she broke into flame; floated the grenade – all in lumps and chips. The screen is constantly filled with blood, severed limbs and other physiology.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 – good, nice action. Its main problem – the focus on the extremely trite topic – dissolves into virtues: powerful drive, wide and powerful customization specifications.

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