Overview of smart balance Polaris PWS 1830DGFI




Overview of smart balance Polaris PWS 1830DGFI



Hardly anyone now surprised that a huge amount of various home appliances can be used in tandem with a smartphone. It might seem like you can use a pair of scales + smartphone? It is even possible, it turns out. Today we will tell you about smart balance Polaris 1830DGFI PWS , which do not just tell you how many extra pounds you had to dial, but also help keep track of your weight dynamics.

Externally, the scales do not differ from their more ‘stupid’ cousins. The upper part, which will need to get up for measurement, consists of high-strength glass, 6 mm thick. Also, the top is a display with large digits to display additional weight and balance status indicators.


Below are four legs with rubber coating, which does not allow weights to crawl on the floor and reduces the likelihood of injury during use. Also at the bottom of the balance there is a compartment for 4 x AAA batteries for power balance. Pleasant find in the box with the weights themselves became batteries lying separately. The only button – is to activate Bluetooth -connection for pairing with your smartphone for syncing.


Maximum weight: 180 kg
Minimum weight: 5 kg
Graduation: 100 g
Automatic synchronization floor scales with iPhone / iPad
Free app Polaris Bodyfit
ITO sensor system for the most accurate diagnosis of body weight
Large display with blue backlight
Platform of high-strength glass 6 mm thick
Automatic on / off
Indication of exceeding the maximum weight
Indication of battery
Food: 4hAAA (batteries included)

The weighing process is quite standard: we stand on the scale, wait about 3-5 seconds and get results. No further action is necessary, unless it is possible to take the smartphone with an open application Polaris Bodyfit and synchronize data. Prior to this, you need to create your account in the application. Also supports the creation of multiple accounts to balance available to all family members.



An interesting feature is the ability to balance to determine the proportion of body fat. Weighing need to stand on the platform barefoot. Integrated sensors passed through small electrical pulse stops. By its passage speed device calculates the proportion of fat in the body. Signal travels faster through muscle tissue containing 70-75 percent water than body fat, where the fluids are virtually none. Libra Polaris PWS 1830DGFI fix it and the weight of the body’s tissues.


If you have a specific goal, for example, gain or lose weight, then you can set it in the application. Thus the graph of your weight changes at top or bottom bar will display your desired weight. By the way, if you weighed in with other weights and want to enter the data manually, such a possibility in the application is also available.


In general, the application is quite comfortable and has sufficient functionality. Also the data transfer from the balance, Polaris Bodyfit application uses this data to good use. Not only can you monitor your condition, but also to bring to your family this occupation. You do not even have scales themselves Polaris, you can use any brand scales and enter data manually. This, of course, less convenient, besides it is worth noting that in this way will not be involved full application functionality – features such as plotting of body fat, will be absent, but still this is an option. However, in conjunction with weights Polaris PWS 1830DGFI application can be great and very useful companion on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

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