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Company Xuelin – is no stranger to the personal audio market, their players iHiFi series were among the first to sound serious solutions available on the market. Progress that the company has gone from 812 to 770 model, which has become the hero of this review – just incredible. iHiFi 770 apart from the competition is not only sound, but also the appearance, do not be afraid to say that this model – the most beautiful of all HiFi-players made in China.

Before the advent of 770 Xuelin did everything by the principle of “sound quality and maximum reliability.” Players they have a powerful and impenetrable, I think, if the domestic military industry has decided to make a music player, they would have turned out something like iHiFi 960 (at least superficially). Then in Xuelin decided to fight for a mass market, and presented iHiFi 760. It was smaller in size than the older brother, but more than the competitors’ products. Me he was not particularly impressed, and I did not do it on the charts, although fans have had a lot of 760. And here in my hands got 770, and I can say that I won it, despite the shortcomings of usability. Player refers to the budget line and is available on eBay for as low as 150 to 200 dollars. In Ukraine, they can be purchased at the store Era-in-ear , in Russia – to take advantage of one of the proposals of Yandex.Market .


DAC: Wolfson WM8740
Amplifier: Analog Devices AD8656
Output Power: 2 x 120 mW @ 32Ω
Output level: 3.6
Signal / noise ratio: ≥105 dB
Imbalance channels: ≤0.5 dB @ 1 kHz
Channel separation: ≥93 dB @ 1 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: ≤0.004% @ 1 kHz
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Memory: 8 GB
Support memory card: Micro SD up to 128 GB
Supported audio formats: WAV (up to 192 kHz), APE (up to 48 kHz), FLAC (up to 48 kHz), AAC, OGG, MP3, WMA
Yield: 2 x 3.5 mm TRS
Operating time per charge: about 13 hours
Dimensions: 117 mm x 64 mm x 8,8 mm
Weight: 103 gr

Packaging and delivery

To this point was really serious. Thin glossy box in the best traditions of modern packaging immediately after the opening show you only the player lying on white tool tray, and already under it you will find all the accessories.

В коробке

In addition to the player, you will get a MicroUSB-cable, user manual in several languages, VIP-card (the most useful) – excellent leather case, made in the form of booklets. Player literally glued to it and got a bunch of obviously will serve you faithfully for a long time.
Design and Management

Appearance of the player immediately adjusts to a serious mood. Design compared to other Chinese players looks like a breath of fresh air: a thin bar of silver aluminum with black insert made of tempered glass on the front panel. The portfolio of products there is another option of black anodized aluminum, which looks also great. In the first versions of the player have been complaints that this glass comes unstuck, but my copy is not affected by this problem. I think that this defect was corrected in the production stage. I can say that not all phones / smartphones can boast so elegant appearance.

On top of the left side is a slot for MicroSD-card and reset hole, on top of two headphone jacks, MicroUSB-jack and power button, the back side bears the logo of the manufacturer, and technical information.


The front panel has a screen and six touch buttons for control. The screen is not amazing, it is read in the sun is not very much, but for a budget player – it is more than enough. Beautiful buttons after pressing them for a short time illuminated bright white, but they need to be accustomed. Player periodically “falls asleep”, and in this case, the first pressing need to “wake up” the device. Because of this, the habit seems that the player does not always respond to the button. To “life did not seem raspberry”, the developers as much complicated key assignment. Button, which is usually responsible for the reproduction is on the menu to enter the sub, and the playback screen for some reason, does not put the music on pause, and opens a menu to adjust the equalizer and repeat mode. It is necessary to pause briefly press the power button on top, and if the player has already paid off the screen, it is necessary to press twice, with a long press – just turn off the player. In general, the management of confusion in iHiFi 770 preizryadno, although used to it, you can use.

Menu – strictly ascetic, there are three points: the first allows you to view your library in one list (as I understand it, there is only supported with the music on the internal memory), the second shows the music from your device and memory card folders, and the third allows you to change the settings of the player. Last a little – the backlight time, auto-off timer, language, reset, and system information.

Various playback options are set at the screen with the music, to do this, press the button with the sign «Play». The options available here: repeat mode, equalizer settings (there is a very interesting option type 3D and leveling up), as well as the screen background playback.

Передняя панель

In general, the design of the player gets 5 with a huge plus for the management – the top three, with the result that on this point it is possible to estimate a good four, that given its price – very good.

To listen to the player, the following earphones:

Ambient Acoustics AM6 HiRez
HiFiMan Re600
VSonic Gr01
Philips Fidelio X1
Dunu DN-2000

Задняя сторона

The player has two headphone outputs, which, according to the manufacturer, provides a different sound. Judging by the results of measurements, the frequency response of the output is identical, with the only difference being that the output, which is closer to the edge, has an impedance of 10Ω, and the second – about 0Ω. This affects the way the game headphones, especially reinforcement, providing two options for sound: neutral and taste. I’ve chosen the “zero” output, as it has a smooth sound, while “desyatiomny” emphasize the mids (which on some headphones is very nice, but not universal). So that all further review it is built on “zero” output.

АЧХ iHiFi 770 в звуковом диапазоне AFC iHiFi 770 in the audio range

Импеданс выходов iHiFi 770 Impedance outputs iHiFi 770

The player supports files with sample rates up to 192 kHz, but for some reason only in WAV, judging by the frequency response graph – native support, without oversampling.

АЧХ iHiFi 770 AFC iHiFi 770 – the full range of

As usual, it is necessary to understand that evaluating the sound player, it is necessary to take into account its price. In absolute terms – in sound iHiFi 770 you can find a lot of shortcomings, which do not have much more expensive models, relatively the same price, to my ears the 770 th best of all players of a similar price range (not counting Aune M1, because of the limitations of its firmware) .

В чехле

LF at 770 th collected, fed carefully, without slackness inherent Fiio X3 in stock, without fault, as in DX50, without dark color HiFiMan 601. bass lovers can remain unhappy amount of NP in the 770 m, but then I’d rather be picked pobasovitey headphones as the hero of our review of the bass is well controlled (for the price) and takes with the right nuances. Even whimsical hybrids, which revealed not every top-end player, with 770-m did not cause rejection.

Mids – traditionally good. Usually MF succeed virtually any player, is no exception, and 770 minutes. Mids in the creation Xuelin detailed, emotion transmitted nice tools have character and are well separated. Conventional stereo sound – the average width and depth, as expected for the price tag.

С наушниками

Treble enough to create the effect of a pleasant lightness, but they do not cut the ear, almost no sibilance. On difficult tracks, however, can be seen simplicity HF, but, again, this is normal for this price range.

Since the player is not a standard power, with the tight headphones to use it is clearly not worth it, but most of the available headphone he reveals good. Express genre preferences it does not, but better to select the recording costs.

В чехле

Despite a number of existing shortcomings, the player had to be very interesting Xuelin. He looks great and looks good for its price plays. Thus, the solution for those who want to make a qualitative leap in the portable sound, but is not ready to carry a typical Chinese brick and punched a huge hole in its budget.

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