Owner electric arrested for “stealing” of electricity amounting to 5 cents




The beauty of electric cars is that they need to recharge the nearest outlet, and not a gas station, where every time you have to spend an insane amount of money on fuel. This saves not only your time and money, but also the resources of the environment.

However, all the advantages immediately evaporate like petrol fumes when you are arrested for illegal charging and charged in a waste of resources, which are public property. That’s what happened with Kaveh Kamoun from Atlanta who was arrested for illegally charging his car near the school where his son is studying.

Kamoun brought his son to tennis training in the school and not to lose time, decided to recharge the battery of your car Nissan Leaf from a public outlet, located on the campus. After just a few minutes, the man noticed that his car is a police officer, who later said Kamoun that car charging from public outlet without the express permission is theft. The policeman drew up a report and went about his business. 11 days after this incident, a knock on the door Kamoun two representatives of the law and he was arrested. At the same time the police did not even asked the school officials about whether they want to make regarding Kamoun charge. Custody order just took and planted in the human city jail for 15 hours.

The absurdity of the situation becomes even more obvious when you learn what “damage” inflicted Kamoun state. From the words of owner, Nissan Leaf battery was connected to the outlet 110 volt power. An hour battery consumes about one kilowatt of energy that comes at a cost slightly less than 10 cents. But as Leaf was connected to the school outlet for about 20 minutes, the man was arrested for stealing electricity cost of 5 cents. Police say that the “theft – is theft,” but the situation looks more like an ordinary waste of time and nerves on both sides.

Nevertheless, after this case the owners of electric cars is to think, and that if they put in a plug socket for charging the battery of his car.
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