Pac-Man celebrates thirty-fifth birthday




Pac-Man celebrates his thirty-fifth birthday Friday. On 22 May 1980, the first game with the famous yellow happertje came out as arcade game in Japan. Meanwhile, Pac-Man is one of the most recognizable game characters of all time.

Pac-Man – screenshot The game was developed by Toru Iwatani, who is employed by Namco on the idea of ​​a play entitled “Pakku-Man.” The game was at its release two years later an instant hit and soon to the rest of the world in October 1980, less than six months after its release in Japan, the game was already out in the United States.

Research among Americans shows that Pac-Man has now become the most recognizable game character. That is partly thanks to dozens of spin-offs, including the also hugely popular Ms. Pac-Man. This summer, Pac-Man will even be featured in a feature film.

Pac-Man was the first game in which a player must navigate a maze and was now on the basis of a new genre. The game was designed to attract new audiences: Iwatani wanted to Pac-Man to lure female players the arcade. The idea behind it was profound little Pac-Man is reportedly inspired by the supposed appetite for women. This Pac-Man itself looks like a pizza, is no coincidence. Also, the non-violent nature of the game was there to help.

Iwatani said in 2007 during an interview with VH1 that he was given a free hand in developing Namco Pac-Man. The development was done before Namco went public, and when the publisher was still primarily concerned with mechanical games. “We received very little instruction about what to do,” Iwatani said that the game ended with several others developed.

Although Iwatani was responsible for the idea of ​​Pac-Man and publisher Namco has earned billions with the game, the developer is not become rich. “I was just an employee, I received no additional salary or bonus,” said Iwatani. The publisher after Pac-Man have developed a number of other games, but that did not come close to the success of his famous arcade game.

The world Pac-Man, which was put under the rules on an original Pac-Man arcade cabinet, is 3 hours, 33 minutes and 12.7 seconds. At that time an American knew named Dave race to achieve a score of 3.33336 million and to achieve the 255th level, and the game crashes.


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