Patent Trolls or Apple lost its thermonuclear war against Android




Thermonuclear War was the late Apple founder Steve Jobs to Android lead, because in the end he held the most successful mobile OS for a stolen product. Meanwhile, this supposedly epic battle has degenerated into a Chinese Firecrackers with the explosive force of an inflated butter bread bag and revealed one of the biggest patent trolls of IT history.
Patent Trolls or Apple lost its thermonuclear war against Android

You can blame Apple founder Steve Jobs a certain fanaticism or simply to say that the guy was just extremely passionate, both combined is now for a CEO is not necessarily always the best way. So that we do not understand us wrong here, Jobs was a giant of course the one or the other Macke had and I would wish me honestly that the current Accountant Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, a little more steam from About’s father would have taken over .

What is, however, pushed open me more frequently sour for jobs in his last years (and then what ultimately resulted that I mutated after the iPhone presentation 2007 from trailer on Apple’s critics), as was extremely grumpy he was and the incredible blunders he made. I try to explain that today that Jobs just knew exactly how long he had to live and that made him, at least in his professional life to a classic barker.
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In 2011 shared Private Biography (which I can only put each to the heart, because that is really, really exciting reading material), Walter Isaacson Steve quoted the following words:

I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $ 40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, Because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.

Steve was obviously really hard angesickt whether the increased competition by Android and let this by looking with analysts even in the “Financial Calls”:

Well, we all know by now where this led us thermonuclear war, namely in a courtroom in San Jose, California, where the mother of all patent battles between Apple and Samsung was passed.

We also know all the output (yes, Samsung is appealed and ultimately nothing yet is thus clear) and have more or less more than 2 years busy with all this patent madness … but what made it eventually?

Apple as a big loser

Even though Samsung has been sentenced by U.S. jury in a record fine, so is the real loser of the manufacturer from Cupertino. Apple has shown the world community not only how much they have together stolen patents for generic methods and processes in recent decades, they now have to watch with how this patent portfolio is more or less declared globally for invalid.

Rubber band effect? Invalid!
Slide to Unlock? Invalid!
Pinch to zoom? Invalid!

All of these prior patents were kind and should never have been accepted! Apple knew that and has over years of secretly laughed in his sleeve.

Meanwhile, courts in various countries confirm that Apple’s patents were not worth the paper on which they were printed!

What makes patent expert Florian Mueller?

Anecdote … where does that the former star defender and from Oracle and Microsoft paid “bloggers” Florian Mueller? 2 years ago you could hardly open a IT medium (or better say we click) without a jack of all trades welcomed the patents.

Worth reading: Florian Mueller is also paid by Oracle – Insights the bizarre world of lobbyists

Patent Trolle oder wie Apple den Thermonuklearen Krieg gegen Android verlor

Mueller is also by how the above Apple patents and that might well be due to its sensational statements from the “then” time. Examples kindly?

Today’s ruling is significant bad news for Android at large, and Google, “” Today’s ruling … show did the noose keeps tightening around Android’s neck in many ways. “(Mueller after Motorola lost the” Slide to Unlock “trial against Apple)
“Almost all smartphone -related patent litigation Involves Android, and Android is on the losing track by objective standards “(Mueller on Google+)
Courts around the world are banning Android devices and dismissing counter claims – I let the judges speak for me. They validate what I say
“I am surethat we will have to pay at least a $ 100 license fee for every Android device in the near future” (Mueller star in the magazine)

In this sense, I stand by my statement that I released at the final keynote of Droidcon 2012

Not a single Android device got banned Because of Android!

What remains?

Apple’s software patent willy is smaller than expected and will change in future, legal disputes with manufacturers of Android platforms are being curtailed.
Android’s dominance in the smartphone and tablet market (unfortunately) is overwhelming, just so that jobs successor should resign last. The ready money hoarded abroad for Apple should make this all a little more bearable!

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