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Pebble Steel

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One of the greatest successes of crow funding website Kickstarter is without a doubt the Pebble, a smart watch that features an e-paper screen and can work with both Android and iOS phones. In 2012, the young start-up behind the watch was able to get through the crowdfunding website more than $ 10 million since January 2013, and the watches are for sale.

There are now more than 300,000 units sold since its launch, the company is busy developing the ecosystem. There has been tinkered a few months to a sdk version and the end of last year, the Pebble better support for iOS 7 integration. It was also announced that the watch gets its own app store.

At CES, the company came back with an announcement, the Pebble family is extended with a new model. The hardware of this new variant is almost identical, but the case has been completely overhauled. Where the original Pebble completely made of plastic, the new Pebble Steel, as the name suggests, made of metal. Editor Wout Funnekotter took the watch on his wrist and says in this video about his findings

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