Pentax Q micro monocular grow up! The new Q7 is equipped with 1/1.7 inch Sensor




Pentax Q micro monocular grow up! The new Q7 is equipped with 1/1.7 inch Sensor
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The world’s smallest micro monocular system Pentax Q, from 1/2.3 inch sensor into a 1/1.7 inch, and simultaneously launched biscuits mirror.


Micro monocular competitive market this year, the different systems adopted from the full-size sensor, APS, M4 / 3,1 inch, so that the Pentax Q series models 1/2.3 inch, called contending, which Q system used by digital cameras and portable same sensor, lens size to body size and significantly reduced outside, but also makes the equivalent focal length can be multiplied 5.5 times, if the adapter generally monocular lens system, and even ultra-telephoto standard lens will become system, but also brought a small sensor high sensitivity and delicate enough quality problem.


Today Pentax Q series released in Japan a new body Q7, body size unchanged, but changes to 1/1.7 inch sensor inside illuminated CMOS, sensitive area immediately increased, but remained 12.4 million pixels, but the sensitivity of the previous generation models of ISO 100-6400, increased to ISO 100-12800, of course, but also because of the photosensitive element becomes large, so there is a slight decline equivalent focal length magnification, becomes 4.6 times from 5.5 times to Q lens 8.5mm theory, old Q The body is the equivalent 46.75 mm, in the Q7 is equivalent to 39.1 mm.


As for the rest, including the built-in camera special effects filters, HDR mode (shooting three consecutive synthesis), there are up to nine times repeated exposure, etc., in the previous generation models, like Q, and Q10. But shortened to one second boot speed, often on the road for the photographer to capture the moment the screen very attractive.


Q7 also features built-in shock sensor, the maximum compensation for three shutter, together with their sensor area increases brought about by the sensitivity with improved image quality, shooting at night with dim light environment will be more favorable.


Q7 Support Full HD 1920 x 1080/30fps dynamic video recording, video can also use special effects filters in effect, the camera also supports Eye-Fi memory card for WiFi transmission.



Also accept customized personalized colors, 20 color selectable body, grip, there are six colors, with total there are 120 kinds of ways, I believe that to be on the road “collision” the possibility of significantly reduced.



With the Q7 published, also launched the same time Pentax body cap lens nickname “MOUNT SHIELD LENS” adopt a fixed focal length with a fixed aperture design, when used in Q, Q10 body, the equivalent focal length of 63.5mm, if used for Q7 is equivalent focal lengths of 53mm, the lens body slim, it is unable to focus, depth of field can cover the range of the estimated 0.3 – 2m or so.

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