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Take the iPhone 6 Plus as a major smartphone New Zealand journalist Owen Williams decided almost a month after the start of sales of new products. He decided to independently assess new iOS and 8, and the new approach of the company, but rather, an attempt to create a device to try a new segment, surprising everyone, not only the quality but also the size. Use your device as a primary phone, he almost four months – a rather big term for a person who has to work on my phone almost weekly. And it is on the basis of the experience gained during the four months he spoke about his experience operating iPhone 6 Plus.


According to AIN , the first dating Owen called iPhone 6 Plus is the perfect smartphone. Have you changed his mind after four months of daily use?

“I use the iPhone 6 Plus since it was released in autumn 2014. Three weeks I used a model that I have provided for review, and it struck me as very steep. So I bought this phone on their own money and has since parted with him.

The perfect size

In November, I realized how much he really incomparable. I went for a week in San Francisco and actually ran it through fire, water and copper pipes. It turned out that the iPhone 6 Plus – a godsend for the traveler.

With my old iPhone 5s I would have to drag behind a removable battery, and by noon I would have slammed into a swoon from exhaustion. But with the iPhone 6 Plus I could use Uber, Google Maps and call up / debited with friends all day without any problems. This is a huge plus in karma iPhone 6 Plus, even if you do not particularly like large smartphones. He is literally the entire day running from one battery that you would not get up with him.

By itself, the size, as for me, the ideal, if you give him a chance. Once people start using iPhone only 6 Plus, cope with the habit, the smartphone becomes a tool that can be used in general for all. Now, instead of working with my iPad mini, I automatically use the iPhone 6 Plus for various tasks ranging from reading articles from Pocket and ending with sending e-mails. He’s great and gives the impression of the phone of the future.


Yes, I have a big

But what I really was not ready, so this is a mockery of friends, relatives and even strangers because I have 6 Plus. I increasingly hear remarks towards me, like, “hey, check it out, this guy’s a giant iPhone». At present, jokes subsided, but first I had my iPhone almost the main subject of discussion in my environment.

But that’s not the worst. Comprehensive meme about flexible iPhone has led to the fact that each counter strove to tell me that my smartphone inevitably will pursue. Day after day, people were joking about it, pretended to bend it, or tried to convince me that he left to live a few weeks.

After four months, during which I always carried in the back pocket of jeans close two different iPhone 6 Plus, I can safely say that this smartphone does not bend, no matter how hard you try. But there is another problem, perhaps even a burning more than mythical flexibility.

Scratches on the screen

This thing is like a magnet attracts scratches. On my iPhone 6 Plus across the screen there is a uniform deposit of scratches that appeared on it almost on the first day. And I’ll never know how it happened.

For years I used an iPhone without the film to the screen, but the iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus impression particularly susceptible to abrasion compared to previous models. Previously scratches never been a problem for me, but now my iPhone collects the slightest damage that can only be found. These microscopic scratches are hardly visible until until the screen goes off. Then they appear before you in all its glory.

Some people have complained about this problem on the internet, but only now dawned on me its essence: if today screen is covered with scratches, what will happen to him in six months? Our editor in chief Brian Martin has not yet noticed any scratches on your phone, but for people like me who do not like screen protectors, all seriously. It is extremely difficult to capture the scratches on the photo, but if you look closely, you can see them a little:

Apple is very praised his new reinforced glass, but as for me, they made a big step back after the iPhone 5, which is hardly scratched. Maybe the fact that the new model more screen surface, and therefore scratches on it placed more? Not sure. But on the Apple Support website has 81 page discussion of the same problem, which proves that – I’m not the only one.

Scratches, of course, do not affect the operation of the device, but how easily they arise, upsets me. I very carefully using a telephone (because regularly write reviews on borrowed time, equipment), so for me this is very important.


iPhone 6 Plus is still perfect

Despite the problem with scratches, which rather superficially, I still believe that the iPhone 6 Plus is by far the best smartphone on the market. And anything less, I would move not. I have already enjoyed more smartphones to Android, such as OnePlus One, but they pale in comparison to the way a pleasure to hold in your hand iPhone 6 Plus, despite the diagonal (but keep in mind, before I had an experience with the Galaxy Note 4, so with you our experience may vary).

Apple spent so many years, convincing people that the size of the iPhone 5 – ideal that people still can not accept more smartphones. I understand that for someone iPhone 6 Plus seems too cumbersome, but I would suggest to still give it a chance. Media trumpeted that their innovations Apple has shaken the pillars on which rests the market of Android-devices, and it is clear why: they can do things much better. Apple has made a significant breakthrough by releasing iPhone 6 Plus, the company just needs a little time to convince people – the more, the better. ”

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