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Incredible colors, simply incalculable amount of energy and the collision of two massive bodies whose density is a million molecules per square centimeter, and weight – 100 thousand or even ten million times the mass of our Sun. We are witnessing one of the most stunning in the universe of events – the birth of a new star.

The picture of this truly fantastic in its magnificence phenomenon – the birth of a star Herbig-Haro object HH ​​46/47 – was made Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Grid (ALMA), the largest of the new astronomical observatory in Chile, which brings together a network of at least 66 radio telescopes of various sizes . To synchronize the operation of such a gigantic complex of telescopes and antennas stations require considerable power, so there is installed a supercomputer capable of performing 17 quadrillion operations per second.

ALMA captured in the photograph as a newborn star releases a huge amount of energy (shown in orange and green), which moves it away from us in the fog. Pink and purple on the left shows the visible part of the energy released in part in our direction.
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