Physicist “sentenced” Schrödinger’s cat




Art Hobson offered a solution within the framework of standard quantum physics, which should put an end to a long debate about the nature of quantum measurement. In his article of August 8 in Physical Review A physicist claims that the key to understanding the problems of measurement, illustrated as ” Schrödinger’s cat “is such a thing as” non-locality “.

In 1935, Nobel laureate Erwin Schrödinger used the example of a cat trapped in a box, to illustrate the central paradox of quantum physics: microscopic particles, such as electrons, photons or atoms can exist in two quantum states at the same time. It is a state of superposition.

“The measurement in quantum physics is the use of a large-scale macroscopic devices, like a Geiger counter, in order to learn something about the quantum state of microscopic systems, such as atoms or photons,” – says Hobson. – “Quantum theory seems to be saying that, when connected to a microscopic system of large-scale measuring device, capable to distinguish between two different states of a microscopic system, Geiger also” entangled “in the superposition. But we have never seen and do not accept. ”

Using the illustration of the Schrödinger Hobson said that the cat was playing the role of a Geiger counter connected to the radioactive core to determine what condition it is in, broken up or not. “Live Cat” should be macroscopic signal that the core was split, the “dead cat” would mean that the situation is reversed. Of quantum theory implies that the cat has to be embroiled in a superposition of alive and dead states. This is the real world a woman can not be a little pregnant, in the world of quantum physics, it will be a unit equal to all possible states.

In his article, Hobson writes that the quantum state of a cat “confused” with the atomic state, meaning that the fact that there is an important “non-local relationship,” or instantaneous action at a distance between two objects. According nonlocalness if two entangled object diluted in different directions and change the state of one of them, the second instantaneously change its state in response regardless of how far they are located from each other. Hobson gives the example of experiments confirming his analysis, entangled photon pairs in 1990 ( and even more ).

“The strange thing is that the effect is instantaneous, with no time for it to direct light, electromagnetic or radio signal,” – says Hobson. – “This is one object that behaves as a single object, but in two different places. And no matter what the distance between them. ”

This phenomenon must be taken into account to solve the measurement problem, says the scientist. From this it appears that in the case of mental experiment Schrödinger cat no longer living and dead time. He will be dead if the core to fall apart, and is alive, if not disintegrate, as expected.

According to Hobson, since 1978, there are three published analysis, which offered a similar solution to the measurement problem, but no one noticed, and the debate continued, leading to confusion and “pseudo-scientific claims about the implications of quantum physics.”

According to Hobson, it is important to understand the foundations of quantum physics. Theory for over a hundred years old, and all sorts of ideas came out of it, but they either did not notice or did not take seriously. He hopes that this will solve the problem of measurement will be accepted by the community of quantum physicists.
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