Pick up the special moments this holiday with new smartphone fully LG G4




Received phone LG G4 since it was launched in the region in May / May last wide acclaim and received very positive feedback from consumers, due to the exceptional performance and innovative camera.

Comes the machine distinctive G4 camera in time to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, where open device camera G4 with a precision 16-megapixel new horizons make it the perfect camera to commemorate those precious moments and allows the consumer to capture the joys of Eid and enjoy the distinctive memories and share them with family and friends.

On this occasion DY Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf, he said: “LG’s vision is concentrated on the development of pioneering innovations set standards that shape future trends. LG has focused over the device LG G4 on innovation best camera available in the smartphone sector today. And it provides superior performance for the camera to take pictures with the best quality possible, making it the ideal camera for special occasions throughout the year, especially during the meetings and holiday celebrations. ”

Pick up the outstanding 16 megapixel camera accurately beautiful images even in unfavorable lighting conditions. The unit is characterized by the camera lens aperture of F1.8 allow the arrival of light to the image sensor by more than 80 percent, to allow you to take great pictures of the family on this holiday! With the second version of Sticky’s new and improved optical OIS 2.0, G4 has been improved device performance more in poor lighting conditions. And it doubles that of the improved performance of the system OIS + by expanding the extent of image stabilization from one degree to two degrees on the horizontal and vertical axes, as it adds a third hub for the first time.

The fabulous new item for lovers of photography this feast, is a manual mode in the device G4, which gives experienced photographers the ability to take pictures of artistic experience.

LG device has a camera G4 ability to directly control much focus and shutter speed and sensitivity lighting (ISO) and exposure compensation and white balance for each shot. Photographers can also applicants also save their pictures Authority RAW addition to JPEG body to be able to edit images accurately without losing any of its details.

And completed the advanced camera performance in LG G4 machine with a color spectrum sensor (CSS), which is the first feature of its kind in smartphones. The sensor works CSS to capture all hues in the scene, and improves color accuracy by reading the RGB color values ​​for ambient light, as well as infrared radiation reflected from objects. CSS uses this information to adjust the balance of sensor white flash and color in the camera to get the pictures are as close as possible to what he sees with the naked human-specific, so the user gets the great pictures of the meetings and the joys of Eid.

For self-portraits (Sylvie) a high degree of quality, LG phone has a front camera sophisticated accurately 8 megapixel allows access to personal and collective images sharp and accurate. It was improved imaging feature with gestures to become a “frequent imaging gestures” and it captures two seconds ahead of four pictures, which increases the chance of getting the perfect shot, even in the most difficult circumstances.

In a quantum leap for the technology screens, the phone LG G4 is the first smart phone uses the new LG screen type IPS Quantum Display measuring 5.5 inches, more than color reproduction by 20 percent and improves the brightness by 25 percent and raise the contrast by 50 percent. It is also the first Quad HD screen is used with a touch of advanced cell technology (AIT), which brings the LCD screen LCD and touch sensors in a single layer to improve color reproduction and touch sensitivity.

In addition to that the device G4 camera will be your companion during the holiday favorite to capture special moments, the sophisticated design will be an integral part of your style. In fact, the smart phones did not appear in this elegant form did not give this suggestion before. LG G4 device is available in the cover of the original skin is made manually by six attractive colors. It is also the options available color pure white ceramic planning three-dimensional, metallic gray color and made technical professionalism, as well as golden color glossy and lustrous.

Finally, it has been improved battery device LG G4 to give a perfect balance between performance and durability of the speed is sufficient for a full day and helps you stay connected at full productivity without worrying about running out of energy. It was provided with the machine LG G4 battery removable high-capacity of 3000 mAh courier, processor Snapdragon ™ 808 with fourth-generation X10 LTE connection.

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