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What I have the PlayStation Neo, ups, I mean PlayStation 4 Pro, now an eagerly anticipated. In my heart I am indeed still PC gamers, but since I am computer work a lot, exclusive titles like “Uncharted” and “inFamous” love and me like a little kid on the JRPG ‘Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom “delighted want I do not miss my PS4. The whole with more power for more modern graphics? Since I’m going – I thought. But Sony’s entirely unspectacular presentation last night makes me doubt.

The PS4 Pro screwed especially the GPU performance up – all on the technical data and details you read in my post from yesterday . How developers use the power is up to them. So we can look all of us, depending on the game to higher frame rates, more effects and higher resolutions. 4K and HDR were the keywords of the evening yesterday. Nativ be rendered in 4K but probably very few titles. Although Instead likely quite often a higher resolution than the regular rest PS4, but then upscaled. then exploited but of course, primarily those among you something which have also an ultra-high-definition TV.

ps4-pro Well, that’s not the case, but I did here on the blog often enough with me have expatiated . Nevertheless, I would certainly rather of increased texture resolution, more effects and increased frame rates. But I have to consider whether it’s worth it now again to pay 400 euros – especially if the end of 2017 with the Xbox already a console appears One Scorpio, which increases the performance compared to the PS4 drastically Pro again.

And let’s be honest: Who now except it seriously 4K gaming, operated much better with a potent gaming PC. The costs more, no question. But I see 4K gaming currently still as enthusiasts region to, in which the target group for the relevant quality (ie native UHD resolution) also pays more. The list of previously announced games that are optimized subsequently on updates for the PS4 Pro or use to launch the extra power, reads unimpressive:


for Honor

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Days Gone

Watchdogs 2


Horizon Zero Dawn

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty: Black Ops III


Battlefield 1

Mass Effect Andromeda

Dishonored 2

Final Fantasy XV

Clear as beautiful titles are, but it lacks important also classics like “GTA V” or “The Last of Us: Remastered”. How wide the PS4 Pro is so exploited subsequently by ancient Games, remains to be seen. Also, for me especially a decision difficult to understand: Why the hell waived Sony on a drive for Ultra HD Blu-rays? I am much in film communities go and know that there would have been great willingness to buy. This would especially be applied when the audio support would have been better than the Xbox One S . Well, the PS4 Pro has long been in development. Presumably Sony was surprised that Microsoft has integrated a drive for the new optical disc in the Xbox One S. At that time it was probably a little too late to change the hardware. Maybe Sony manufacturing costs were simply too high.


So be it, that Netflix 4K and HDR support on the PS4 Pro, is for me now no reason to cheer. Because that can mean Nvidia Shield also. Summa Summarum I am unsure if the 1o I. November is Over. Most likely it would be worth well when I would stand on VR gaming. Because especially the PlayStation VR should properly benefit from the increased output. However, I am now even virtual reality is not so extremely fond: Nice to play around, but the effect wears off quickly.

However, If I had no PS4, it would be clear for me that I would be the new PS4 version with the added imaginary Slim Additional probably be left to resort to PS4 Pro. I would definitely put the 100 euro surcharge on the table. Even to internally have the feeling that I have the high-end variant. However, should large parts of the audience, which again recalculate their pocket money, which look different.

What is it here on the blog with you from? Do you think about buying the PS4 Pro? Did you also counted on a drive for Ultra HD Blu-rays and are now resigned?


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