PlayStation 4: the next generation starts now




PlayStation 4: the next generation starts now

Introduction: the fourth PlayStation console

When Sony PlayStation 4 on February 20, 2013 officially announced the arrival of a fourth console in the PlayStation series long was no surprise. With the announcement Sony Computer Entertainment made only one end of a long period of rumors about the console. However, the outside world would have to wait for the actual unveiling of the device, even months, because in February showed only Sony’s new controller, not the console.

The device was unveiled in early June. PS4 was logically at the heart of Sony’s traditional E3 press conference and during the presentation of the console itself was shown for the first time. The device was surprisingly small in size and aesthetically pleasing thanks to its parallelepiped shape. Only during the gamescom last August in Cologne, Sony answered the question that had remained open for many, that is, when the new PlayStation would reach.’s Living rooms

“Sony has stated that there will be ongoing work on the PS 4”

Sony grabbed the E3 press conference called to make clear. Positioning its new console Where Microsoft failed to adequately explain all the next-gen features of Xbox One, Sony kept his message simple: PS 4 is a game console and everything is dominated by games. Claims about DRM and other potentially nasty things waved the Japanese manufacturer resolutely away, no discomfort gamers this fall would be in the way.

This Sony chooses a popular message that does not quite follow the same line as in previous PlayStation consoles. The PS2 and 3 were indeed both steps in the media field. The PS2 could also be used as a DVD player, while the PS3 for many consumers a great option proved to be the first affordable Blu-ray player. First console By focusing on games and less on other media apparently more Sony breaks through that line.

At least, that’s the situation this week, with the release of the console. Sony, however, has already indicated that there will be continuously worked on. PS4 Owners of the console can download updates regularly in the months and years that add new features to the device. Nevertheless there is now discussing, especially since various elements will be, as the new controller of the console and the hardware in the device. Not changed enough

Housing, appearance and more

Sony has opted for the housing of the PlayStation 4 for a plastic cabinet, neatly completely black in line with the predecessors. As with the various models of Sony PS3 plays with large matte surfaces and a small shiny part. Sony has honored the tradition, the shiny part of the casing is easy to remove, leaving only one screw holding the hard drive of the console in place. Which is easy to replace with one of greater capacity. That’s okay, because the 500GB Sony delivers seem like much, but a PS4 game will soon 40GB space and then it goes hard. Moreover, Sony claims that the warranty does not expire when the disc is replaced.

“Who wants to turn on the console for the first time see the button quickly overlooked”

The cabinet is 275mm by 53mm by 305mm and hence of modest size, especially since the PS4 power supply is built. He is thus slightly larger than an Xbox 360, but that, like the new Xbox One, no built-in power supply. What is striking about the case is that he is shaky. If he is put down, it rests horizontally on three tiny legs. These are small rubber protrusions, which are not placed oddly in a logical spot under the console. A foot half way through the short side and the other two each nearly half a long side. A fourth foot, halfway between the opposite short side is missing, so the console easily overturned. It’s not insurmountable, and the feet on the long side of the box are placed slightly off center, so that the cabinet tilts only when you press the shiny part. It’s just a bit sloppy, as it had been. Fourth with a foot so easily remedied

Review PlayStation 4

Furthermore, Sony has been remarkably efficient with connections. On the back, we only find the connection for the power cord, an HDMI connector, Ethernet and a Toslink for sound. Finally, Sony has its own port located on the back, probably a USB 3 port with its own plug, still most resembles a mini-display port. The port is used for connecting peripheral devices like the PlayStation Camera.

The sloping front of the PS4 is kept even easier. Only two USB 3.0 ports are barely visible, incorporated into a slit that runs the entire width of the front. It is not visible, the Blu-ray player. The opening of the player is placed on the right side of the console, as well as the, also not visible activation key. Like the PS3 Sony has chosen to use not recognize as such and can be. Not pressed a button What are symbols were used in the PS3, the button on the PS4 not recognizable. Who let the manual in the box and the console would turn on for the first time see the button quickly overlooked, although that is obviously a temporary inconvenience. The button is a multi-color LED processed, indicating the status of the console.

On accounting for taste, but it is clear that the rounded shape of the PS3 was more playful than the parallelepiped that Sony has chosen. The new design, however, may be more appropriate in the usually tight audiovisual equipment in the average living room. What is striking is that the PS4 much more than its predecessor, a console that would be. Placed horizontally He therefore has no feet on the narrow side, where the pastor does.

Review PlayStation 4 The Controller: DualShock 4

When Sony Computer Entertainment in February this year, the worldwide gaming press flew to New York for the event “the future of PlayStation ‘, everyone went blind from the manufacturer’s new console would announce and show. Assumption that only half knocked. The PlayStation 4 was indeed announced, but in New York, only the controller of the device was shown.

On which controller is also plenty to say. The DualShock 4 shows by far the biggest change in the design of the PlayStation controller since the launch of the first PlayStation. Where the DualShock controllers of the first three consoles almost identical in shape, the DualShock 4 a distinctly different form, in addition to some features that did not have the previous DualShock controllers.

“This is one of the best controllers that we have ever played”

The shape and with the comfort with which the controller is in hand, will be crucial for the success of the Dual Shock controller 4 can barely escaped. We called this preview after several sessions already one of the best controllers that we have ever played, and are even now after that judgment. That the controller is comfortable and natural in the hand, not only has to do with the shape, but also with the button layout.

Review PlayStation 4
More space

What is immediately striking is that the two halves of the controller are slightly further apart than before, to create the new touchpad. Room as Who can not perceive only two fingers, there is also a hidden button below. Yet it is precisely the touchpad is the least successful of the controller. To really be of added value is too small plane. It’s so small that you only wipe in one direction over can give some Killzone: Shadowfall is used to make certain choices. This serves as the touchpad is actually a glorified button, but less accurate.

That the two halves of the controller further apart, does have an important advantage, because with the two thumbsticks are even further apart. That is good, because with the Dual Shock 3 would both thumbs sometimes clash. The thumbsticks are shaped significantly different than their predecessors, which Sony has listened to the criticism from developers. This has led to thumbsticks you thumbs have more grip. Moreover, the sticks have a smaller neutral zone. The combination of these is that it is much more pleasant and most precise maneuvering. On this basis, for example, Guerrilla Games dares to show off Killzone usual aim assist off: Shadow Fall, but also in a game like Need for Speed: Rivals is to note that with the DualShock 4 nicer controls than with a good the current controllers.

The response of the shoulder buttons and triggers is better, though the form to place a side note, depending on the way you play. In games like FIFA 14, which both shoulder buttons and triggers are widely used, it is less pleasant to be with just one finger both shoulder button as a trigger to operate. That was when the Dual Shock 3 easier. If, however, both index and middle finger used is not troublesome.

Really less pleasant are the new Options and Share button, the deputies of the Select and Start button. The touchpad are both hidden away on the top of the controller, where they are quite difficult to reach. Now both are not normally used for essential gameplay elements, so it’s not too big a problem, but it is more difficult than before to quickly consult. The map or plan

Review PlayStation 4

We were pleasantly surprised by the weather or small mono speaker in the controller is built. That extra speaker is used in Knack, Resogun and Killzone: Shadow Fall. If you do a power-up wins, the corresponding sound used on ordinary speakers, in order to walk in the same sound coming from the speaker of the controller. It gives a surprising effect, which makes it much more personal sound suddenly, although the sound quality of the small speaker is not good.

“You can always pick up the sound of the game from the controller”

What is perhaps even more enjoyable is that the controller has a headphone jack. So you can pick up at any time, the sound of the game from the controller, without a cord to the TV. All this means that the battery does not last as long as the DualShock 3. Though it is still long enough to make. A big session It is also nice that you can charge when the console is in sleep mode the controller.

However, we are not yet able, for the DualShock 4 also has a Light Bar, which is placed between the two triggers. Yet Which consists of three multi-colored LEDs. The bar is mainly used to indicate if you are sitting together on a bench with other players. Every player a different color Light Bar, can also be used in co-operation with the PlayStation camera, in order to replace it. Move Furthermore, the DualShock 4, like the DualShock 3 motion detection using a gyroscope and accelerometer. They are just as accurate as those in the PS Vita and therefore better than those in the DualShock 3. This gives developers more options, though it is questionable whether there is much use will be made. More interesting is that the rumble fuctie the DualShock 4 is better than that of the DualShock 3.

The list of criticisms it may seem that we can not speak about the DualShock 4, but this is not true. That and Share Options are to awkward corners of the controller repressed, is annoying, but not insurmountable. The shoulder and trigger buttons less useful if you play a certain way, it is rarely difficult. Furthermore, we have basically nothing but praise. The wider design makes the controller much better in the hand and the DualShock 4 has better thumbsticks, better triggers, a small speaker and a headphone jack. All profit points compared to its predecessor. Where the controller for some gamers might be reason not to opt for PlayStation could that not be a reason anymore. The only point of criticism that we have picked up left and right is that the battery would hit soon. Empty Although the DualShock 4 here does not provide great performance and battery life do not come to our attention in a negative way during testing.

Review PlayStation 4 The PS4 hardware in brief

The fourth version of Sony’s console has a radically different structure than the previous PlayStation. Where the PS3 had a unique Cell processor on board, making the PS4 use more generic hardware. The processor and GPU, united in one chip, not only look like that of the Xbox One, but also on the hardware found in PCs.

“Compared with the previous console, the PS4 almost five times as much computing power”

That makes programming games for the PS4, Xbox One and PC easier, the architectures are aligned and no longer strongly segregated. Of course the hardware has become more powerful, so that more graphics power can be produced. Compared with the previous console, now released seven years ago, the PS4 almost five times as much power. It is mainly addressed the GPU and features a tenfold power.
Integrated CPU and GPU

The heart of the PS4 is produced by AMD, called APU: an application processing unit or CPU and GPU processor which are integrated. The processor is combined with 8GB of GDDR5 memory and operating system and games are stored on a hard drive of 500GB. The AMD APU has eight CPU cores that have a clock speed of 1.6 GHz. These cores AMD’s latest Jaguar architecture on board, which makes them not only economical, but also what makes communication between memory, GPU and CPU as possible.

The GPU cores are made up of eighteen called compute units, each of which has 64 stream processors available. The total of 1152 stream processors clocked at 800MHz and have AMD’s graphics core next architecture on board. This architecture also is in AMD’s latest graphics cards, from the 7000 series, and should increase performance, thanks in part to a better distribution of computational tasks.

All those extra CPU and GPU power should lead to better images on the TV. For example, techniques can be used to prevent jagged edges as anti-aliasing and the exposure is more realistic. The CPU cores also lead to more intelligent opponents and especially realism thanks to better physics engines must be improved.

Communication with the Internet is via a gigabit network connection, but a wireless connection via wifi n is also possible. Furthermore, the PS4 over USB 3.0 ports and Bluetooth 2.1.

For a detailed comparison between the hardware of the PS4 and Xbox One, and the older PS3 and Xbox 360, we refer to this background article . Heat, power and sound

PS4 motherboard The PlayStation 4 is generally not overly hot, though you do not already playing through, because the main heat generation at the bottom of the device takes place, where, among others, the AMD-soc and memory. The result of this can be clearly seen from the ventilation to the back of the unit, where the peak of 62.5 ° C is reached.

The motherboard of the PlayStation 4 hangs upside down, the top of the housing. In the thermal that the top of the console is created, so you look right at the bottom of the board. The connector for the hard drive is just like laptops soldered to the motherboard and the shape of the hard drive is recognized by thermal Sp1. In clear
Thermal PS4 top Thermal PS4 bottom

Thermal top (left) and bottom (right). Overlay Image: iFixit
Upside Underside
Max. 47.5 º C 62.5 º C
Sp1 27.1 º C 34.7 º C
Sp2 25.8 º C 23.8 º C
Sp3 34.9 º C 45.4 º C
Sp4 31.8 º C 31.8 º C
Sp5 43.3 º C 37.0 º C

So AMD soc sits at the bottom of the board and pointing down. For clarification, we have an overlay image on the thermal image of the bottom placed. The visible components are in reality so deeply into the case than it seems on the pictures.

When carrying out the measurements, the PS4 was on its side and the ambient temperature was 21 º C. We have found the temperature of the exterior of the housing is measured. In addition, the temperatures of the bottom and the top to each other in the neighborhood. The maximum temperature at the bottom is higher, but which is also measured at the outlet of the ventilation, which is indeed a great current of hot air is generated during gaming.

At the top of the unit, where it so no warmer than 47.5 ° C, the heat generation is concentrated around the area where the SOC and memory are located, if you actually look at the top of the PS4 against the underside of the motherboard of. It is therefore clear that the heat at the top of the motherboard is pretty simple guided in the direction of the air, while it remains warmer under the motherboard. However, the PS4 generates no heat which the gamer will have to worry. For that matter, does the PS4 so a step forward, especially compared to the first models of the PS3.

We have been using a Voltcraft energy meter power consumption of the PS4 measured at different scenarios. Where possible, we compare this with the equivalent power of the original PS3.
Power consumption during PS4 PS3
Off 0.2 W 1.8 W
Standby 70.1 W n / a
Menu Display 77.4 W 179W
Netflix playback 84.7 W 170W
Browser Video 76.5 W 166W
Ingame menu 89.7 W 190W
Gaming 125-135W 190-205W
Peak gaming 150W 205W

The PS4 during gaming or thirty to fifty percent more efficient than the PS3. Also the video playback in the browser, such as YouTube streams, is considerably more economical, as media consumption through Netflix. Off and on the main menu also attracts the PS4 much less power. The only downside is the stand-by consumption, which is slightly lower than when the console is just turned on. Incidentally attracts an average gaming PC while gaming significantly more power from the outlet than the PS3 and PS4.

In a quiet area, we have the noise of the PS4 measured. We do this with a sound pressure meter 20 centimeters away from the front of the console. Obviously must be noted that the distance in a living room will be much greater. Also the development of the PS4, for example, a TV stand, will affect the noise.
Sound pressure PS4 PS3
Idle, menu display 34.3 dBA 39.3 dBA
Gaming 38.7 dBA 43.4 dBA

If the PS4 has little to do, the console is already 20 centimeters away almost inaudible. At a distance of two meters or more, you will not hear the PS4. If we play for a while, the console slightly warmer and so the fan has to work harder, but then the noise is not dramatically higher. The PS3 is both idle and while gaming considerably more noise.

Next page (Software and Interface – 6/10) Software and Interface

As applied to software is the custom interface of the PlayStation 4 directly, although the design of the new interface also not differ very much from the cross media bar of the PlayStation 3. Sony remains committed to a horizontal format, though there are now several horizontal lines above each other. Remained is the setting where the components expand vertically on the horizontal line. It all boils down to is that under the old XMB a new bar has come, with larger icons that provide access to frequently used functions such as gaming and internet.

“With the PlayStation 4 can currently almost nothing but gaming”

What is striking to the interface is that there are so many features missing. Functionality provided by Sony or was promised, but has not yet been built into the software. At the appearance of PS4 on the market So could be viewed movies via the built-in Blu-ray player, a glaring omission for a console of the company with the introduction of the pastor placed such value on just that part, the ability to blu-ray movies play.

Interface PlayStation 4
No resume yet

Yet that is not such a problem for a game console. In that respect, it is annoying that the sleep function has not yet been built. Sony announced in the introduction of the bracket to the PS4 would receive that is similar to that of the 3DS. One sleep function This means that it is possible at any time to exit the game and put the console. In sleep If the console is pulled out of his sleep, you can immediately continue to the point where you left off, not from the last saved savegame. One option that the 3DS is very pleasant and it certainly would be. The PS4 also If the option in the firmware of the console is included, is not yet known.

Missing even more functionality. So the PS4 can not yet handle streaming media from the home network of the owner. The PS4 will not play MP3 files and the console also can not yet handle standard as DLNA. Sony is still planning to add support, but it does not yet know when it’s ready. The interface of the PS4 is an improvement with respect to the PS3, because there is better use of the space offered by the TV screen. However, the functionality of the firmware leaves much to be desired. With the PlayStation 4 can currently almost nothing but gaming.

Fortunately, the console can be handle the streaming offerings from a number of suppliers. Thus, the PlayStation 4 apps for NOS Sport, IGN and Netflix competitor Ximon. The NIS offers through its app recent results of popular sports such as football and ice skating, and interviews can look back to the NOS previously aired. They are usually the interviews that the NOS before, between or after games and recording broadcasts. The app provides the IGN video reports that the American game site and which are offered here without subtitles. Ximon often offers European series and films, including Dutch offerings. A series like Keyzer & De Boer Lawyers can look back through Ximon, as the Swedish and English versions of Wallander. There are also many European films and a few American film from the arthouse range. Older movies can be streamed to 3.50 euros, newer movies cost 5 euros. The menu is also an icon of Netflix to find. However, the app does not work yet, and it is not clear when Netflix can be. Using the PS4 views

Update, 10:45: Netflix worked in the days before the release of PlayStation 4 yet, but since the console on the market, does the service properly.

Next page (Gameplay streaming and Remote Play – 7/10)
Streaming gameplay and Remote Play

Although the menus of the PlayStation 4 remains relatively undiscovered options and opportunities, there is a part where Sony’s new console simply excels. Sony wants the social aspect of gaming more centrally set with the PlayStation 4 and the result is not hard to see. For example, central to the user interface is a summary screen to find ways for gamers to see. Activities of their friends Whether they are playing a game, a movie, or just watched one of your high scores have improved on this page, you see everything back.

“De Vita can be used as a second screen, but also for Remote Play”

A nice detail is that the PS4 will learn from what you are viewing. If you often watch movies that have also viewed your friends, then some more suggestions on this page in that direction. This is an element that we have not tested, because few people were simply only online with a PS4, extensive but it certainly sounds nice.
Screenshots and videos on Facebook

Some of the content on this page is related to the new share button on the PS4 controller. The simplest application of this is the making of a screenshot or video. The PS4 continuously saves the last fifteen minutes. That clip of fifteen minutes, you can post an integral, but it is easy to shift, so that you can upload. Behapbaardere some videos the beginning and end of the video Only the down side here is still, however, that you can post on Facebook. These screenshots and videos only So it is obligatory to link your Facebook account to your console. We would have loved some more choices in that area.
Streaming: Twitch and Ustream

You need something more choices if you choose the third option from the Share button: stream. Live streaming gameplay is not a new phenomenon. Various media did all regular and pro-gamers is already common. However, the PS4 makes it very easy for any gamer to live streaming via Twitch or Ustream. Gameplay are Do not you already have an account on one of these streaming services, you can do that account via menus on the PS4 itself simple and quick to create. We were within a few minutes of “We have never streamed” to “Our channel is off, we are in the stream, and we have quite a few viewers.

PS4 Twitch

The only thing you could fault the streaming capabilities of the PS4 is that the image quality, as eventually Twitch and Ustream is no longer representative of the actual performance level of the game. The games look okay enough to watch, but the compression and the maximum of 720p which the service can stream, absolutely go at the expense of quality.
Remote Play with PS Vita

Funny enough quality precisely the strong point of another feature of the PS4, which incidentally no longer has to do with the title ‘social’. Who is namely a PlayStation Vita in possession can easily connect his handheld console. The Vita can be used as a second screen, but also for Remote Play, and that is interesting. If you opt for Remote Play, the gameplay switches effortlessly to the small screen of the Vita.

Remote Play At that time, there are three main questions: how stable is the signal, the low input lag and what about the control if the L2/R2 and L3/R3 loss? The latter is simple buttons that are picked up by the touch screen on the back of the Vita or onscreen buttons on the screen itself and that works well enough. Also about the input lag nothing but praise. The signal is so fast that you can just keep watching while you control the game with your Vita. On your television However, its success is also dependent on the stability of your network. You begin to hiccup, wifi then play it on the Vita virtually impossible. Nevertheless, a nice extra.

Next page (The games: exclusive titles – 8/10) The games: exclusive titles

When introducing a new console is a lot of focus on the bells and whistles of the console itself, but the range of game plays for many consumers, of course, a part in the consideration to retrieve. A new console or not at home Sony scored on the PlayStation 3, always with his own games. The console was known to have the Xbox 360. More great first-party games

“Killzone: Shadow Fall is the biggest exclusive title for the PlayStation 4”

Not all the major studios who have been responsible for these titles directly present at the launch of the PS4 with a game. Thus, working studios like Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream, responsible for Uncharted and Beyond: Two Souls, new games that will not see the light of day for the time being. Fortunately there from the studios of Sony have a great game for the PS4 launch and be one of Dutch origin.
Killzone: Shadow Fall

It’s no secret that Killzone: Shadow Fall, created by the Amsterdam development studio Guerrilla Games, the largest exclusive title that Sony has ready for the PS4. The Helghast and Vektans life thirty years after the events of Killzone 3 together on the planet Vekta, and there is a fragile peace. That peace is disturbed by the Helghast and the player gets as Shadow Marshal task to fight back. That was the prelude to the single player adventure that Killzone: provides Shadowfall.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Killzone: Shadow Fall Killzone Shadowfall

Of course the shooter from Guerrilla Games also includes a multiplayer mode. In this variation is particularly striking that the developer completing the game modes largely leaves it to the players of the game. Players can put a Warzone together yourself. Here are the choices for a playground and a game system completely open, as well as any other rules come look at the game. Guerrilla is the most popular Warzones on a prominent place in the main menus of Killzone: Shadow Fall Show, though there are also more traditional forms of play and Guerrilla self designed Warzones ready put.

For many gamers will Killzone: Shadowfall the most interesting currently available title for the PS4. The game is the greatest of the few exclusive titles to offer the console at launch. Partly thanks to some wonderful outdoor areas and strong light effects Killzone know occasionally give the game the first really big next-gen game ‘, but at least as often knows the game, the player just does not convince. Weather Soon we will elaborate on Killzone: Shadow Fall, in a separate review of that game.
Knack and Resogun

Except Killzone: Shadowfall there are two exclusive games for the PS4 that many will try. One is Knack. The game that Sony nota bene showed first at the first presentation in February in New York comes perhaps the worst from the entire lineup. Although the game showcases some pretty nice PS4 can, all independently moving particles from which the main character exists, but the gameplay remains on a superficial level to really captivate.

PS4 Knack and Resogun PS4 Knack and Resogun PS4 Knack and Resogun

In that respect Resogun an interesting title, though that game will not be put down. Soon as a system seller The game was created by the makers of the popular downloadable game Super Stardust HD and excels in color and the spectacle thus samengangt. Actually Resogun a simple side-scrolling shooter, but the Finnish studio Housemarque has succeeded in giving. Resogun own identity That identity is associated with good performance in the audiovisual level makes it extra tasty. Nice detail, you can download Resogun free if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscription and since it is a requirement to be able to play on the PS4, online that will apply to many people.

Next page (The multiplatform games – 9/10) The multiplatform games

Except the games that appear exclusively for the PlayStation 4, there is a greater number of games that have been released on other platforms that are not the least titles. In the offering, we find four of the biggest games of this fall back: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, FIFA 14, Battlefield and Call of Duty 4: Ghosts. Although there are other games, the titles will be where most gamers to go.
Nextgenversie or not?

Of those titles jump out mainly Battlefield 4. Namely, that game does something that the other three big games do not and that is a distinctly different game on the PS4 than on the PS3. The PS3 has because, logically, on the current-gen version, while the PS4 EA provides a version that is similar to the PC version. This means that the maps are bigger, there are more vehicles in the playing fields are to be found, and that the maximum number of players in a game even higher. Audiovisual is the difference between the PS4 version and the other versions of course great. Soon we will go into more detail in a separate video on Battlefield 4, which we will explain to see how the console shooter brings it into that equation from the game. Alongside the PC version

Reportage previously recorded, wherein some of the third-party games for the PlayStation 4 will be discussed

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Call of Duty:. Ghosts contain no such substantive differences The pirate-assassin game from Ubisoft is distinguished primarily to graphics from the previously released console versions, especially in the details. Remarkably, the cutscenes hardly seem to have improved in quality but the gameplay is a noticeable difference for sure. Shows how water flows over the deck of Edward Kenways Jackdaw clearly see the environments some nicer. So there is improvement, but at no time you experience a world of difference.

That is a common theme in the third-party games that are now available for the PS4. Because the games still need to run on the older consoles, the developers have certainly not the bottom of the PS4 is achieved with the PS4 versions. That surely promises something for years, but it also means that the currently available lineup is not impressive at will, especially if you’ve played the games. Concerned already have a PS3, Xbox 360, or other platform
Honorable Mentions

Although there are two games that are of interest to a smaller group of gamers. Firstly, there is NBA 2K14, which shows how a next-gen sports game might look like. FIFA 14 on the PS4 is definitely nicer than the older consoles, but ultimately it’s the same game with, admittedly, some better animations, courtesy of EA Sports Ignite engine. 2K Sports has, however, a separate next-gen version of NBA 2K14 and especially developed thus knows that game to better distinguish audiovisual.

There is also the free2play game War Thunder. That game is ready for download. Available and of course free The racing game has already been available for the PC and make the PS4 its console debut. An interesting detail is that the game is cross platform. Do you play on a PS4, then you will not find empty servers, because you end up in the same servers as PC gamers.
Not backwards compatible

The PS4 is known as not backwards compatible with PS3 games. That takes the console a considerable range of previously published games, all of which are probably in a different way to get to the console. So Sony is working with Gaikai to stream to the PS4. Ancient games In this way will eventually various PS3 games available for the PS4, but that is now, as are several other features of the device, still under the heading ‘future music’.

Next page (Finally – 10/10)

America ruled two weeks ago that the PlayStation 4 is a beautiful device, which is currently still much untapped potential offers. After a little over a week quite playing and testing with Sony’s new console, we draw the same conclusion. Sony offers consumers a stylish, well-designed device, which is accompanied by a controller that tremendously well in the taste has fallen to us. The hardware is high-end gaming PCs do not fade, but do not be too big hole attack, especially if you put the package in light of the modest introduction price of 399 euros.

“You get the PS4 now mainly at home in view of what is to come”

The PS4 has been introduced in a nice row games, but how relevant that line up, depends strongly on whether you’ve played the major third-party games already on another platform or not. Including Resogun and Killzone: Shadowfall the good console exclusive titles, but the PS4 offers in this area do not have a real winner. Keeping in mind that the studios were responsible for PS3 toppers The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, long and wide are working on PS4 games, the PS4 console you now especially in view of what is still to come into your home. Once companies like Ubisoft and Activision join EA and also to develop the next-gen platforms, specific versions also those games still make a nice giant, though it is of course to their studios to prove it.

In the paragraph above shows again the clear focus on games. Sony is positioning its new console primarily as a game console, as confirmed by the still low number of apps and the virtually complete lack of media support. Therefore, the PS4 especially now, much less the “center of the living room ‘than the PS3 and Xbox 360 were in recent years. For apps, media features and other features is that there is still much to be added through updates, but who assesses the console based on the current snapshot, it can not but conclude that the offer in this area is still limited.


Design and dimensions
4 Dual Shock Controller
Gameplay streaming very simple
Remote Play
Good hardware for reasonable price


Yet few really new games
Many features not yet available
PlayStation Plus required to play online

Tweakers says: good!

Price Rating: 4.5
Peripherals Rating: 4.5
Game Variety Rating: 3
Multiplayer Rating: 3.5
Multimedia Rating: 2.5
Building Quality Rating: 4.5

Lowest prices for Sony PlayStation 4 :
+ / – Shop lev.tijd Price Total Place
Rating: 4.5 Delivery expected within 3 days € 399, – € 405.95 Naarden

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