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Difference between C and C++ and fine c compiler ? about also


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C is a structure oriented language where the code is organized in the form of blocks of code that are executed to achieve the resulting output. Code blocks can be functions, structure, etc. It follows procedural paradigm.

Whereas in C + + is an object-oriented language where coding is performed by using the user-defined objects. The objects in turn are instances of the class. Classes are based on the concept of data abstraction where all data and functions are grouped together and during the execution of instances of these classes called objects are used to refer to data within their respective class.

This is the main difference between C and C + +. Besides these differences common are:
1. C files are stored with the extension ‘. C ‘, while in C + + files are stored with’. Cpp ‘.
2. C is a low level language and is less easy to use where as C + + is a middle-level language and is easily interpretable by machine and is easier to use too.
3. The implementation in C is from above downwards, where as in C + + is from below upwards.
4. We can not overload with C where as C + + supports both function and operator overloading.

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1) C follow the procedural programming paradigm while the object-oriented C + + programming language.
2) C C + + bottom-up approach, while using the top-down (top-down) approach using
3) C is a function that is driven while C + + is an object-based
C but overloaded 4) C + + support for
5) in the two languages ​​of different input and output functions
6) C, whereas, C + +, allow the use of reference variables
7) C C + +, but not support for exception handling.

Is one of the best C compiler GCC.

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Reffered is, although C + + C is a subset of the language C, C + + class called.
More about C + + programming using the object-oriented approach.

Borland C + + compiler is good.

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Easy learning C and C + + or C, but I think both are very similar. CNET compiled code block two languages​​, you can download it from. Google Codeblocks, CNET will be displayed in the results.

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The major differences between them, but not C + C + In other words, I’m sorry, object-oriented programming approach follows From C + +, classes and objects, you can create a program.
You can go to a good C compiler Devcpp, Turbo C are

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Difference between C and C + +

1 C is a procedural programming language, but C + + is an object-oriented language.
2 C + +, languages, and data security during data security is not.
3 C is the language of the low-level and mid-level C + + language
4 C access to the top-down approach while C + + to approach the floor follow.
5 C driving capability during the C + + object-driven language.
6 Overload + support functions for the C + C does not support
7 In the structure functions in C + + rather than C, we can use the
8 C + +, C is acceptable, but does not allow the use of exception handling.
9 C, does not allow the use of the C + + reference variable
10 C’s namespace functions + + C in the case of absences

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Answer #7 to download a C compiler, Turbo C are good for

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