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Rather strange and it is this rather interesting niche for us – special devices for certain categories of our citizens. When specificity is not due to the working environment, and other factors, developers have to create not shock-vibration-isolated, non-flammable electronic gadgets, and gadgets that are suitable for specific people with specific needs. In this case, the company Plextor (yes, the same iconic manufacturer of optical “cutters”) was able to create something that, according to user reviews, suitable for the application, if not perfect, it is very, very accurate.

PlexTalk 01

Our approach to the study of PlexTalk Pocket, of course, different from the traditional to communicate with similar devices in the environment to which the data is sent and players. Nevertheless, we feel that it is a third-party opinion can somehow add the “right notes of” the perception of such devices. So that the review we traditionally start with the complete set.

PlexTalk 02

Grade, even by modern standards, quite rich – as seven or eight years ago, completed with the usual players: here there is also a cover, and a proprietary power supply, and the sync cable, and even USB-host-string for connecting external speakers. It seems that even at the lower end contacts a dock provided, but it is not complete.

PlexTalk 04

The review will look like, perhaps, as a collection of personal experiences, operating experience and little notes, for which I apologize too much. Unpacking PlexTalk, I got turned out to be a ready-to-use device. On the memory card, which the developers put in the set of PlexTalk, appeared for several audio books that you can just listen.

PlexTalk 08

Picking up the device, I realized that it is designed specifically for management of “not seeing.” The audio portion on the menu, voice prompts to navigate through the tabs and folders records repository – thing especially useful. You can arrange bookmarks, go to a specific chapter, navigate through the menu – the player rests in your pocket and absolutely should not be in the field of view of going astray in the navigation after half an hour exploring the gadget did not work even once. It is interesting, incidentally, that the cover closes the auxiliary keys, but the usability is not affected one iota.

PlexTalk 03

Immediately to the player by downloading some audiobooks, I was faced with the problem of “rejection” of names of folders with audio books transliteration. Amend the title, I got access to all the downloaded content. Navigation between headings, books and chapters, again, is extremely clear and focused on three sources of control keys, the button stop / resume playback yes navipade four-position. By the way, not only audiobooks as such is able to reproduce PlexTalk – thanks to a speech synthesizer even elementary text loaded into memory, it can be made available for listening. How can this be useful audience this player – can tell one of the owners of PlexTalk:

Typhlitis flash player is very convenient. The buttons are large, I already know by heart that which button to do a voice menu too convenient.

I love to crochet, and a player to me in this very helpful. I have, in general, one nurse to learn to knit well, just simple loops, I really been doing this for a long time, and already tired of the same make. And when I was presented with the player and said that he can articulate the text, I thought I should ask that I found the scheme for knitting, which would be described in detail to allow the ear to understand how to knit. More babysitter please explain and write to the player, he’s also a voice recorder works. Then calmly sit down, listen and try to do something, not the first time, of course, it turns out, but I try. Hopefully then, it is useful to me in my life.

Like everyone else, I listen with the player to music, audio books, very good sound, clean, you can listen through the speakers, and it is possible through the headphones. Most often, of course, I use headphones so as not to interfere with the girls.

Go to the computer you can easily connect via Wi-Fi and download all the necessary info, even my mother understood, but it is not very understanding in the computer, I gave it to her home, she told me to go there loaded books, music and instructions for knitting.

And also very convenient that you can set reminders, I’m not very good at remembering when someone birthdays, so that the player reminds me.

Very good and useful thing!

In fact, a universal device for converting almost any content in audio format.

PlexTalk 10

Working with the player can be done via the computer using a special application PlexTalk Transfer, and simply by uploading files to a memory card – supported media up to 32 GB, which will give the user a considerable amount of audiobooks. If the memory card is not enough, you can connect external storage media information, which will significantly expand the library of books and similar audioizdany available to the owner.


Incidentally, the player supports module and Wi-Fi to connect to the storage media without a computer as a direct mediator. Available even tape podcasts that are stored in the player in the form of xml-links to resources.

PlexTalk 07

Yet the player was very, very curious. Intuitive operation and voiced navigate the menus will not get lost even in the interface of the installation notes, the choice of audio books and things like that – it is the creators of the player care.

PlexTalk 06

You can even use as a voice recorder PlexTalk – one press of a button is pressed, the recording mode of the external sound. The need for such solutions and its benefits are often referred to as just those who deliberately uses this device and, if necessary – their feedback, we will add at the end of the review. There is also a line input. Speaker in the device too is, if you suddenly want to listen to audio without headphones.

PlexTalk 11

Dissemination of such devices for the most part takes place through a variety of charities, one of which, “The Joy of Childhood”, and provided us to study this device has kindly agreed to share reviews holders PlexTalk, which we present below.


Here, for example, a review of one of the permanent members PlexTalk:

I gave the player a few months ago. Himself was at first difficult to understand, but when adults are well explained how to use it, I quickly realized what and how. It really is a guide to using, I studied it at first, back and forth anticipating and remembered.

Most of all I like the fact that I know how to listen to the book, when I want. Teachers also can not help always just me. And now, no problems with it – put the headphones in your ears and chose what you want to hear. Very much I love books with adventure, however, I have them not very much, that has already been uploaded to the memory card, it’s more on the school curriculum, but it is not very interesting, although the study is still, of course, listen. But I have a friend, his parents have downloaded audio books online and download them to my flash drive. Now I can choose the most like to listen to the Harry Potter book super-duper!

In the study is very helpful because this device can act as a tape recorder if you need to learn something, you can record it and teach. More convenient to make bookmarks, or if suddenly distracted, you can pause, and then start from the place where he was staying.

Cool music to listen to, previously mainly listened to the radio, but now other parents to download music on a flash drive, which I like, and now she is always with me!

Well, in general, the player helps me a lot, now do not need to ask anyone to read it to me or turn the tape recorder, with all myself cope.

PTP 1 0

In fact, our office would be difficult without these reviews to understand how these gadgets are changing the world the person for whom they are intended: from a technical point of view, this device can be, and is not perfect, but absorbed and used for lshuyu most important some of the functions for the user – the ability to quickly record audio format notes, explanations of the road somewhere, keep in your pocket a significant body of literature. In this case, move to these “reserves” of information is possible without visual contact with PlexTalk, and this is very important.

A few years ago I would have himself took such a device in order to listen to audiobooks – “specialization” gadgets like feature or even “trick” – it’s definitely a good thing. Therefore, popolzovavshis PlexTalk Pocket in the dark without looking, and even re-read with a huge amount of reviews on this product, I realized that the developers have reached the desired stage of the creation of such gadgets.


We will try to follow this niche, as many specialized solutions are useful not only in the areas for which they are designed, but also in many others. After all, here as Formula 1: break-in, testing, and then to the large-scale distribution. Hopefully, in this case it all goes wrong.


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