Poor Cube: Care and nerves of steel – the secret of success in this game 3




[App Store + HD] Poor Cube: Care and nerves of steel – the secret of success in this game 3

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Poor Cube

Game: Poor Cube | Free | Universal App | Set

Often, the most unpretentious game, possibly with a minimal budget, can compete in this multi-million dollar projects that can boast not only his story, but also, for example, the graphics. Strange but true. Sometimes it attracts simplicity, allowing escape from the pressing affairs and while away your free time. It seems, Poor Cube – one of the easiest games in the entire App Store. At first glance, of course. From the first seconds of the game you know just all a little too hard. And, quite possibly, the duration of your game and make only a few seconds. But who knows, we’ll see.

When something happened to see the game with a similar process at some entertainment site. Drew then that the author notes accompanying the game provoking commentary. Allegedly, this game is part of the process of testing the American Air Force pilots. Similarly, no longer remember, but the point was that the pilots had to achieve a minimum delivered results. The provocation was the fact that immediately wanted to achieve the same result. And, of course, almost no one worked. Funny.

Poor CoubePoor Coube

Perhaps such a provocation – a ploy. Nevertheless, the game still was interesting. And now, after many years, it was possible to find the same game in the App Store. Fits it and for the iPhone, and for iPad. At last, perhaps, will be more interesting to play, but also on the iPhone is available. Small screen in this case – not a hindrance.

Poor CoubePoor Coube

The playing field is at the top of the screen. It is square in shape, and inside there are five geometric shapes. Chief among them – the square, and that you will be driving. As soon as you touch the screen, the game starts. This means that the other four figures are in a chaotic manner to move around the playing field. Your task: moving the square, not to crash into other shapes it. In this case, touch the walls of the playing field, too, is impossible.

Poor CoubePoor Coube

Everything is under control of a square playing field. Simply slide your finger in the desired direction, the square will repeat the desired trajectory. Everything that concerns the management really easy and convenient. But here’s the game itself is incredibly complex, and that delaeet it so interesting. The speed of the other figures are constantly increasing, so we need to be extremely careful. Predictably, if your first results will not exceed ten seconds. A goal here, as you may have guessed, – to hold as long as possible. But the more you play, the better the results.

In general, Poor Cube – fascinating and very gamble. A good choice for those who want to kill free time. However, in addition to good care, skill and other similar qualities, you need to have more and iron nerves. Otherwise it will be difficult. And so – all super suggested.

Title: Poor Cube
Publisher / Developer: Trofimchenko
Price: Free
Built-purchase: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app
Link: Set


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