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Today I’ll tell you about a very interesting device. And it is interesting not only because of the extensive functionality and great sound, but also because it is done entirely in Russia, making it the first (as far as I know) device of its kind, is not a piece products. It’s about a portable DAC with headphone amplifier function PortaDAC OCUB 1866 from Myst .

I am a long time wanted to meet OCUB, thanks to its surrounding lung flёru elitism, but somehow did not tuck the case until early summer a good person sent me, tearing away from the heart, your PortaDAC. After a week of listening I learned how it was difficult for him to return as OCUB back did not want to (but had).

Developed the device in famous among connoisseurs of high-quality sound of Mycroft, and sold by them . The purpose for the device was very simple – to make the device, the maximum oriented sound reproduction with the highest possible quality. OCUB assembled in a very nice elemental basis, as used multibit DAC chip AD1866 from Analog Device, power is built on the AD8610, as the filter is used OP275. The remaining components also on the level – Nichicon KZ capacitors and Sanyo OS-CON, connectors Neutrik. The device has all the inputs, which you could wish for in a portable device: USB, coaxial, optical, and bluetooth (there is a version without it).

Вид сзади

Versatility and quality materials, as well as what OCUB – small-scale device and produced entirely in Russia, led to quite a noticeable price tag is 27 000 for the version with bluetooth and 23 000 without it. But if you appreciate good sound – it is a worthy investment, and here’s why.

Frequency: 0 Hz – 20 000 Hz
Signal / noise ratio: 110 dB
Dynamic range: 95 dB
Output Power: 120 mW
Output impedance: 10Ω
Interpenetration of channels: 75 dB
DAC: AD1866
Digital inputs: Optic, USB, Coax (miniJack), bluetooth
Digital outputs: no
Analog Outputs: headphones-3.5mm TRS, 3.5mm TRS line
Dimensions: 125 mm x 53 mm x 25 mm

Передняя панель
Design and Management

Externally PortaDAC looks quite restrained: an elongated aluminum body with longitudinal stripes on the ends – black plastic frame, which protect the body from abrasion for tabletop use. By the way, in reality OCUB looks smaller than the photo, oblong shape promotes comfortable grip and comfort in use. The fit is very good elements, the device feels monolithic.

All controls are focused on the ends. Located behind the line output and inputs – coaxial, optical and USB. On the front panel – the main power switch, 4 LEDs indicate which input is active, the input select button, headphone output and volume control.

Задняя панель

Enabling PortaDAC almost instantly, as fast running and switching between inputs, no lengthy downloads or pauses, one click toggle switch – and you can listen to music.

Volume control – smooth, no noise and no backlash.

Because of the emphasis on functionality is not without some drawbacks, chief among them – a weak indication of the status of the device. This is particularly annoying with a battery: you never know how the device is loaded (unless turned off) and how much is charged. Manufacturer simply says that time about 6 hours charging time – about the same. We can not say that it supercritical, but the device for more than 700 dollars – frustrating. There is also no support for a fashionable and ultra-high resolution DSD / DXD, but mostly in the sense of these technologies – pure marketing, so I can not say that their absence I was very upset.

Вид сбоку

MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013 as a source of
Fiio X5 as a source of
Fidelia as a player
Headphones Philips Fidelio X1 , AKG K702, Fostex ZMF , Fischer Audio FA-003 Bog Oak Limited Edition, Fischer Audio FA-011 Limited Edition Japan , Sennheiser HD600
Recording in lossless format

Actually, it was the sound – what distinguishes OCUB compared to other devices. Solely for the sake of sound and worth to buy it, eyes closed on small ergonomic shortcomings and the price is above average. The device uses a multibit DAC, so the sound is markedly different from modern devices based on delta-sigma chips (the difference between these two technologies I have described in this review ).

Колода карт для сравнения размеров

The strongest side OCUB, in my opinion – is the bass and the surrounding region midrange. Thanks largely to the selected Tapu, bass combines hlestkost, energy and detail. All drums, acoustic and electric bass sound articulate and properly scale, going to such a depth, which only allow the headphones. The first thing I want to do with OCUB – pereslushat all the metal, which can be reached, then listen to acoustic jazz with a good bass, then do a bias intelligent electronic music and finish than something like the overture in 1812 (look for the record with these guns). With the right mix of headphones wah guaranteed (but pro headphones – below).

С Fiio X5

The first word that comes to mind when listening to the midrange – looseness. Try to pick up some sort of analogy. Imagine experienced rock musicians playing live. They have long been relaxed, do not try to surprise the user individual skills, they know that sound good together, and it is in their union power. So it OCUB – it does not stick out the user tries to the smallest nuances, he just plays them wrong, and the way they sound engineer intended. Due to this, the sound is not tedious and very musical. Tools live their lives, and the vocals pleases corporeality.

The upper frequencies are slightly different from the delta-sigma devices. RF PortaDAC – not as pronounced, and their slightly less quantified, sometimes it leads to the fact that some of the stuff in individual records (not so often) are obscured, lost a total fusion of filing. I can not say that I think this is a big problem, I’m willing to forgive it for mids and especially the bass, but it is worth to take into account if you are a fan of listening to the subtle nuances of sound. Except for this, the HF good – a lot of them, they do not fall apart, do not cut the ear, not falling into the sibilance or cold taunts.

C Re-600

Overall OCUB very genre is universal and has no strongly pronounced color in the sound, although a small bias in the darkness there. Therefore, rich bass music, he revealed particularly well, so the first thing I would recommend it for rock and metal (but not limited).

Re-600 на переднем плане

Good device copes with different headphones, including simple izodinamy. Did not submit to him, as one would expect, AKG K702, hiding power bass almost completely. With very sensitive headphones in the pauses between tracks heard soft whistle, but it does not interfere. Copes well with this processor and mnogodrayvernym armatures (I doubt, based on the output impedance, but for good reason). Separately OCUB gets me a point for a full disclosure of hybrids from Dunu and T-PEOS, as very few devices are doing it right. Not much I liked the sound OCUB with neutral flat headphones, but there are a bunch of fans of this DAC with the Etymotic ER-4.

Вид сверху

Little say about OCUB in comparison. I have, perhaps, the one device that can be compared with OCUB, it Centrance HiFi M8 . They are close in price and functionality and, in fact, are direct competitors. I will not compare sizes, inputs and outputs, and other non-essential things, just about the sound. HiFi M8 sounds more neutral, with no accent on the low (if not included bass), with M8 much more power, which allows him to better control the tight headphones, better resolution and mikrodetalnost over the entire range. Side OCUB – smaller size, the total energy and texture of the LF range. Choice is actually quite complex, and I would just prefer to have both devices.

Incredibly interesting device. Despite some flaws ergonomics, simple appearance and a very high price, in the main OCUB – is sound. And the sound it put with outstanding margin. Add to that a good set of inputs and the presence of the line-out – get a universal device that can please any lover of good music, it is looking for uncompromising quality in the sound.


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