power of cooperation enables the most difficult task




Love Will Heal The World (Part 3)

Today, there are very few people in the world who are living by God’s definition of love. The two main negative emotions of lust and attachment bring with them other negative emotions. Common examples of such emotions in relationships are – lack of freedom, expectations, feelings of superiority and inferiority, domination and possessiveness. Other examples are a lack of control over emotions, feelings of jealousy, even depression or immense sorrow due to separation or loss of someone. You might question that do we stop loving our friends and family and detach ourselves from them? You do not have to do that at all. Do not forget, the world in its originality, where pure love that existed, the magnitude and depth and also the cleanliness of that love remains un-comparable to the love of today’s world. The love of today’s world has brought with it so much insecurity and pain. Relationships today are like two sides of the same coin. As long as everything is okay in the relationship its heads for happiness and relationships like any other coin don’t always fall on heads. The same relationship does fall on tails repeatedly i.e. it brings with it sorrow repeatedly.

Pure love, which is the original love of the world, is not an impossible love. In fact, it is true love. It is the love God is full of and we can fill ourselves with it also. God is actually pouring that pure love, presently into humanity which is healing humanity incognito and giving rise to a new tree of humanity. The new tree will be full of the different flowers of pure closeness, belongingness, concern, respect and good wishes amongst everyone and without the thorns of excessive lust and attachment which hurt negatively. A connection with God, who is an Ocean of Love, is the key to filling ourselves with that love. This will not only make our lives happier, but we will also become an instrument or right hand of God, in healing the Universe.

Message for the day 09-11-2017

The power of cooperation enables the most difficult task to be successfully done.

Expression:To have the power of cooperation means to have the ability to see and use the specialities of others in any task that is to be done. It is the ability to respect and use the suggestions and ideas of each and everyone which contributes for the success of the task. So the one who is able to use this power is able to be successful in any task that he takes up.

Experience: When I am able to give cooperation and take cooperation from those around me, I never experience fear for any task that has to be done, but am able to be at ease, knowing that everything is possible. I am also able to earn the respect of those around me for having made the best use of their specialities, which further facilitates the success of the task.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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