PQCrypto comes with initial recommendations for post-quantum cryptography computer




Security Researchers from the European project PQCrypto have an opinion to implement all cryptographic protection now also for a long time can not be cracked by quantum computers.

pqcrypto The report recommends cryptographic techniques that can withstand rekenarij of quantum computers for different encryption methods such as symmetric encryption, symmetric authentication, public key encryption and signing. The advice has been chosen because the researchers assume that they will long remain safe and not because they are efficient. Future research should lead to more usable and efficient systems.

Although the first workable quantum computers will not be expected within a decade, the researchers consider it prudent to secure systems already against quantum computers. The machines will probably be able to crack several commonly used methods by then. So crack asymmetric methods such as RSA keys in a relatively short time by performing quantum computations. Symmetric methods with long keys are also contrary information from the quantum violence.

In symmetric encryption methods advises the team or Salsa20 AES with 256 bit key length. For symmetric authentication researchers recommend using the Galois / Counter Mode process and Poly1305. To secure public key McEliece is recommended because this is already being studied since 1978 and attacks so far has resisted well, even with the use of quantum computers. Digital signatures have to use XMSS or Sphincs. One of the problems is that the memory required to store the public keys is very large.

The problem with possible future quantum computers is that anyone now can for example choose to store encrypted messages and may decipher this in the future. Therefore now PQCrypto advises all working on this future-proofing. The research, led by Tanja Lange of the University of Eindhoven started in April this year and has a research budget for the coming years totaling 3.9 million euros.

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