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Minute free-thinking: what we are accustomed to seeing classic shooter on iOS? Powerful, as a rule, graphics, avtopritselivanie, obtuse enemies and, in general, the absolute arcade happening. All of the machine immediately puts the entire squad of enemies, and inevitably looming red barrel crumbles heap effects from stray gunfire. If a shooter, where you can not walk, the same, plus periodic extortion money. Now imagine a game where nothing like this. Generally, neither avtopritselivaniya or even enemies. But there is a wind that affects the flight of bullets, and some no, but ballistics. Get Pro Shooter: Sniper .
Strictly speaking, Sniper had to go to even consoles and personal computers, where such things go with a bang. How will the audience as mobile games, is not very clear; On the other hand, the chance to please fans of this narrow layer simulation with Sniper is.


Such disposition. You play, oddly enough, for the sniper. Forget about all sorts of colorful games where the role of a sniper is reduced to aim shots in (required, but how else?) Head. All this is an imaginary and reality has nothing to do – as opposed to the Sniper.

Enemies here, as I said, no. There is a target – and they will fly punishing bullets. First you with binoculars looking out the location of all rivals. Then, switching to sniper mode, brings crosshair on the enemy – it is desirable to get in the middle, there are more points are given.

And just to hit the problems begin. It takes into account more or less everything is taken into account, with the actual firing of a sniper rifle. For example, the distance – if, before the target under a kilometer, the aim should be much higher than the bullet flies in a parabola. Or wind – it is also indicated. But the main thing – to monitor the pulse. This mini-game where you have to shoot, when the arrow indicating, apparently, the heartbeat will be on the green mark.


In order not to shoot at random, you need to switch settings optics. For the wind and the distance there is a special sliders that you specify according to conditions. Here’s how: you own finger switch, and then make the shot; in such moments, you feel like a real sniper, entrenched in an ambush.

Since the number of rounds is limited, but targets a lot, play Sniper complicated. But there are easy mode – arcade. There’s all a little bit easier: ammo is much larger and can make sighting shot: the bullet entered the target will not count.

After the successful destruction of cardboard dummies you give a small monetary reward. You can get her in-game store where they sell and rifles (from the Russian SVD to the most powerful German copies) and apgreyzhennye cartridges. Money here is not specifically require that the application is a free gift – buy, of course, that it is possible, but no one insists.


Pro Shooter Sniper looks on mobile devices more wildly, but it is the fate of all games whose gameplay is more complicated than “collect three crystals in a row.” So, scold application platform for possible irrelevance we will not – these games only bring variety to slim the number of clones farms, which is full of App Store. Especially because as a simulator Sniper is very good; entertain this game you are unlikely to be, but not for it and set up. It’s a competition with yourself, with the elements, with his self-control and – if you enable network mode – with a live opponent.


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