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All you need to know about the problem of slowing iPhone phones
Apple officially apologized for slowing down old iPhone phones and promised affected users to change old batteries to new ones for a reduced price of $ 29 instead of $ 79 , beginning in January 2018.

The company says that the operating system is slowing down old phones to address the problems of aging lithium- ion batteries . When the battery is outdated, it can not maintain the charging properly and can automatically close the phone if placed under extreme pressure , so the operating system prevents it from By slowing the phone’s performance .

You can consider this a swap, as your phone will not be as smooth and fast as you used to, but it will not automatically close due to the battery .

The company’s recognition of many angry comments on the Internet from its audience and raised many questions, many users believe that the company has been doing so for a long time to force them to buy modern phones from the company’s phones , and many users also criticized Apple’s lack of transparency regarding batteries .

What Happen or occur For batteries Iphone When Progressing at Age?
Batteries can not maintain their full capacity as they age, and may suffer from greater problems if they become low or cold. Your battery will not charge more than 80 percent after 500 chargers, meaning that the charging time is also low .

If your phone battery is old or operating in cold temperatures , the phone may be suddenly closed As was the case with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S last year , as the processors were seeking these phones to reach a higher speed but the batteries could not deal with this power, so it was closing the phone instead .

Do you this is she Time First Which get up In which Company Tweaks System Playback To lengthen Omar the battery?
Not the first time , Apple has long focused on power management to let you use the device for as long as possible .

The company introduced the ” low power mode ” with iOS 9 in 2015 to extend the battery life, when the battery level is 20 percent, then become 10 percent you will get a notice you can run the low power mode mode with a quick click , Screen brightness , minimize system motion effects , and limit applications running in the background. When your phone reaches a higher charging level, this mode is automatically closed .

Apple also introduced energy conservation features on Mac computers , including but not limited to the Mac OS X Mavericks operating system in 2013 , while the user opens many applications but does not use them to reduce the processing resources used in these programs As long as the user does not use them .

How Working Feature slowing down the phone?
Apple said that from the beginning of iOS 10.2.1 , Apple introduced better power management methods to deal with older batteries . The operating system slows down the phone to prevent its self- closing in cold temperatures , low charging capacity or with very old batteries .

To help manage your energy consumption , your phone ‘s processor will not complete an intense task right away, but instead will organize the effort on several attempts, and what you will actually see on your phone is some sluggish screen movement. The applications will run slowly and the phone will not respond quickly to your orders .

when start Feature at the work?
The feature works only in the case of old batteries in iPhone phones , or in case of low battery charge , the feature also slows down your phone in low temperature conditions .

What she Phones Which There are Out this is Feature?
Phones that have been updated iOS 10.2.1 Last year , iPhone 6, 6 Plus , 6S, 6S Plus, SE . This feature was also brought with iOS 11.2 on the iPhone 7, 7 Plus , and will be brought in the future for the rest of the company’s devices .

Do you effect this is Feature Also On Devices IPAD And Mac?
This feature does not target those devices because they contain larger batteries .

How do I Replace battery My phone?
Apple has long faced many criticisms of the difficulty of replacing batteries for iPhone, where many of the old Android phones came with a removable cover that allows users to replace their batteries easily .

But if you have a phone for your iPhone, the company designed the phone from the base without a removable rear side , so you could put a larger battery in a smaller size .

The company promised affected users to change the old battery of their phones to another new for a discounted price of $ 29 from January 2018 instead of $ 79 , where Apple considers this part of her apologies for what she did .

What Happen or occur if You By placing battery New at your phone the old?
If you replace your phone battery with a new one, the phone will automatically turn off, and you ‘ll have a new phone .

What If You Purchased Phone IPhone 6s new? Do you Will start at The Slow directly?
No, the feature will work only if your phone battery is outdated or the phone is used at very low temperatures .

Why I feel slowly My phone At Promotion System Playback to me Issuance Latest?
Whenever Apple introduces new versions of iOS , many old iPhone users complain about their slow hardware, but not because of this feature, but that may be because storage is full or Wi -Fi may slow down. Phone and some other possibilities .

Do you get up a company Camel So in order to Forgive me On Buy Phone new?
The company completely denies this. The feature you have provided is exactly the opposite. It wants to give your phone as long as possible, but the company did not say it could be just a new battery to get a faster phone .

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