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Whether to ban video recorders

What if the video still will not be allowed on the road? This rumor came a year ago, and here again – a new example in the face of the enemy avtoregistrator shocking official Alexei Mitrofanov (Internet newspaper LENTA.RU, 30.07.13 «Mitrofanov announced rollers with DVRs unconstitutional”).

In short – this violates shooting, according to the policy, the constitutional right to privacy. You can in fact, and so it is deployed, but then where to put cell phones with cameras? Later the situation resolved. But too vague position of power in relation to the DVR: some scare us banned, others offer to make them mandatory and start with public transport.

If the road shooting still banned, urgently need to decide where to put the registrar has already bought. And this is the application you can find him …

In the animal world

We Murok scutes and because there is no right to privacy, so that they can shoot at any time. And surely they will not mind if notice video with his participation on YouTube. So it will be easy to become famous due to their smaller brothers and already a seemingly worthless registrar. And then it can get pretty funny video. A lot of these movies, you just “ask” at YouTube.

Here, however, the Registrar must be able to operate on battery power and have the appropriate dimensions. For example, ProCam CX3 weight of 67 g can be stuck on the dog’s collar or cat. More difficult if the house live fish – but the video and get more interesting. In this case, you will need a moisture resistant avtoregen – as AdvoCam-FD3 Sport, placed in the housing of.

Threw in a tank, and at least 4 hours (on so many missing battery), you can record the exciting life of aquarium fish. More interesting, of course, will be watching the underwater world on this reef, or at least in the pool with the dolphins.

Property relations

Who stickers pasted the entire cabinet and under who broke the only copier? Who is eating your sandwich out of the fridge and why the new secretary and the boss is so often delayed until late? In the office, many spend most of their lives, there’s just a lot of speculation and rumors, as outside it (and even more). And therefore suspended from their duties Video Recorder is very useful for monitoring subordinates or colleagues.

Here one camera will be difficult to do, well, if there was a car in the whole surveillance system like China Video-Spline FBI-50GS with two HD-cameras and turning both at 180 degrees or more reliable SmartBB Mirror Type, that’s only 5-inch display will somehow get rid of. Another option – to team up with other car owners and associates, whose receptionist was as useless.

But again, be careful with the rights of others. If you truly want to identify the pest or a ruler and made this decision, it is one. Watch the sly – is quite another!

For thrills

Well, if the driver is anticipated ban registrars and got action-camera holder for cars like GoPRO HD HERO 2 Motorsports Edition configuration or the same AdvoCam-FD3 Sport. Of course, such a device is the lack of a level track and gassy “tubes” will not leave without a job – even hang it on a swimsuit, even for skiing. There is a large set of fixtures for virtually any surface, even for housing of filming underwater. In general, the holders of such devices is certainly not lost.


Not lost, and those who bought into his car hybrids “2 in 1”. In general, this option is on the surface, but then someone will throw a temper too impulsive his hybrid to go to hell? Well, shoot, possibly banned, but on the navigators and even radar detectors, it does not go. So the owners, for example, Explay RS5 (navigator plus recorder) or xDevice BlackBox-19 (DVR plus a radar detector) should not think how else to apply to your device. For those who are just thinking about buying a registrar should take note.

As a family

Another interesting application of the registrar – in family life. That is not to record the home-video (though also an option), and for those who something suspect your other half. A woman can hide the unit under the seat in the car or in the trunk. Men are simple – throw into the bottomless handbags avtoregen and let him write the story of her trips (trips “to her friends,” or “shopping”). In the end, the secret will be revealed.

For greater accuracy needed recorder with integrated GPS, like AdvoCam-FD5 Profi-GPS with reference to Google Maps. This stores the coordinates of the route and speed, so that the calculated residence / her spouse will not be difficult. Plus, writes in a high quality image even in the dark – the parts you need are easy to recognize. Incidentally, this method is useful in the case of unruly teenage children.

So if shooting on the roads and banned, you should not dismiss his receptionist to retire. He can still do a good service, though not in its usual place.



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