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Project Cars offers fans of motor sport to lose a game in itself at all. Including karts, touring cars, Le Mans cars and formula cars in the offer Project Cars has a large number of racing classes, which can be tried in a reasonable number of circuits. Although the game is playable with a controller as all rijhulpen are enabled, Project Cars overuidelijk designed to simulate. Have access to a steering wheel and pedals, and not a little challenge are dirty are two important elements, Project Cars will truly be a great success, because only then does the simulation to full advantage. You approach the game as a simulation but not really as a game, it is striking that the consoleverises contend with nice load times, there are some awkward things in the gameplay and presentation is generally what is dry. None of that matters to the real racer will really captivate, because it is too busy to work on his lap. That’s right, because this is the field for the time being none to Project Cars.

Outstanding simulator
Many racing classes
Beautiful details
Career Mode bit boring
Load times on consoles
Dry presentation
Tweakers zegt: goed
Price for publication: € 35, –
Available from: € 32.65
Tested version: Project CARS, PC (Windows)
At the E3 game exhibition, it is normal that well-known game magazines promoting free copies everywhere just leaving, so they can be picked up by journalists and other people working in the game industry. So we came several years ago thanks to one of those blades for the first time into contact with a racing game ‘would be unlike any other racing games. The British magazine Edge came out with a big feature on a project that is currently still in its infancy. On the plane back to the Netherlands we read about a racing game created by and for racing enthusiasts. The makers wanted to try to develop a realistic racing simulation, but only meant for the mainstream market.
Tested on: PC, PlayStation 4
Also available for: Xbox One, Wii (later)

Meanwhile, in May 2015, practically knows every fan of driving games or what is Project Cars and why the game had to be monitored. More than any alternative that can be purchased on the market, aimed Project Cars – where ‘CARS’ stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator – on the sporting side racing. The game consists almost exclusively of existing racing classes and especially include racing cars, plus a few nice ‘normal’ cars. Not really: with McLaren P1 driving is never a punishment, even in Project Cars. Even if it is strictly speaking not a race car.

Yet the focus remains on motorsports. This is due to the background of development studio Slightly Mad Studios. Which in the past was responsible for the Need for Speed: Shift games, in which the franchise from Electronic Arts the more serious part of motor racing had to represent – which did best kind. Additionally Slightly Mad enlisted the help of all kinds of race-mad gamers who could actively participate in developing the game. Thus was born, through the “World of Mass Development,” a huge development team worked with the best and most detailed racing simulation ever had to be.

At Gamescom we saw last year, a preview of where it all now have led to. The developer did with driver Oli Webb, who is closely involved in the development of the game, an open book of what a racing game makes authentic. We heard statements about photo realistic-looking cars to the smallest detail counterfeit circuits. More importantly, we met with the virtual reality support that would have the game since its release day. It proved a big eye-opener. Never before have we experienced a racing game in such an impressive way. As Project Cars of itself was not interesting enough, the game was now definitely on our radar.

Unfortunately we have to Tweakers HQ does not currently have a usable VR set, so we can not bring that element in our tests. The same applies to a lesser extent for technical tests: We are currently busy with running benchmarks with the PC version. Waiting for those results would yield the review so much delay, we decided at a later date with a separate article about the technical ins and outs of Project Cars come.

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Strong simulation focusing on league
Table of contents

1. Not all other racing games
2. Strong simulation focused on competition
3. Career Mode: good, but for how long?
4. Audiovisual: details and framerate
5. Conclusion
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