Putin presented the latest military developments




Putin presented the latest military developments in Russia
During the announcement of the message to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin showed the new powerful Sarmat missile system. This is a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile with an energy nuclear installation and practically unlimited range. According to the president, the latest strategic developments have no analogues in the world.


A new intercontinental missile will replace the Voevoda complex. Its weight is 200 tons, the range is almost unlimited. The Sarmat complex is equipped with a wide range of nuclear and hypersonic high-power ammunition, as well as modern missile defense systems. The peculiarity of the new system is that the missile does not use the ballistic flight trajectory, therefore the anti-missile defense system against it is useless. The missile can attack both through the south and the north pole.

“Since the range is not limited, it can maneuver as much as necessary. No missile defense systems are now a hindrance to us, “Putin said.

The missile uses a modernized version of the Russian engine RD-264, already tested in practice for the R-36M2.

National Interest experts in their analytical review believe that the capabilities of the Sarmat missile system for overcoming missile defense of the United States do not play a big role, since the US has at its disposal only 30 anti-missiles, the effectiveness of which against even the old ICBMs is questioned by a substantial part of American experts. Although the US does not really have a circular coverage of its territory by the missile defense radars for an attack through the South Pole, but the radars and satellites of the US nuclear attack warning system cover all the flight trajectories for the Sarmat ICBM, so the effect of a sudden bombardment with the simultaneous destruction of military and political leadership and greater part of the US military potential will be avoided. Most of the NI review focuses on another point, namely the danger of silo ICBMs as a weapon class for a sudden nuclear escalation. Running according to the systems of warning about missile attack always has some probability of erroneous operation, which was already in the past. Also, the concern of the other side that its silo ICBMs can be hit by a preemptive nuclear strike leads to the fact that the parties to the conflict will launch virtually all their ICBMs at its inception.

At the same time, taking into account the fact that Russia’s ICBMs are all equipped with a large number of combat units, the scenario of a “local nuclear war” with the defeat of individual military facilities is fundamentally impossible. Instead, a global nuclear strike by hundreds of combat blocs will be dealt immediately across the territory of the United States. For this reason, the US ceased the use of separating warheads with individual guidance units on its silo ICBMs to reduce the scale of the sudden nuclear escalation. National Interest experts point out that, perhaps, it makes sense for the US not to create its own analog of Sarmat, but to abandon the mine ICBMs altogether because of their escalating nature of application, and fully concentrate on the promising B-21 bomber program. According to NI experts, this will deprive the Russian program “Sarmat” of its main goal – such as the US ICBMs and, thereby, reduce the degree of escalation of the nuclear conflict.

Chu Fuhai, an expert at the China Military Command Commandant Military Institute, also believes that Sarmat is primarily an offensive means of inflicting preventive nuclear strikes rather than a means of a retaliatory nuclear strike.

Underwater drones
The president also noted that the new underwater unmanned vehicles developed in Russia are in excess of the speed of submarines and torpedoes.

“It’s just fantastic, no one else has such weapons yet. And when it appears, our guys will come up with something new, “the president added.

Putin said that “the results of the tests made it possible for us to start creating a fundamentally new type of strategic weapons equipped with high-power nuclear munitions,” Lenta.ru wrote. In fact, here we are talking about the underwater swimming device “Status-6” – weapons of mass destruction, designed to destroy the facilities of the enemy’s economy. On the developments in Russia in the conditions of high secrecy, the development of such weapons became known for the first time in November 2015. Experts suggest that in its most lethal version, Status-6 will be a cobalt bomb with a capacity of about a hundred megatons, the detonation of which near the US coast will lead to the emergence of powerful tsunamis that destroy large cities (New York and Los Angeles) and the subsequent radiological the defeat of the occupied territory, making them unfit for human life.

On December 1, 2017, the high-precision hypersonic airborne missile complex “Dagger” entered experimental combat duty in the Southern Military District. This carrier aircraft is capable of delivering the missile to the target point in a matter of minutes. The speed of the rocket is ten times higher than the sound velocity. Range of action – more than 2000 km.

In the mass production, the newest Avangard complex entered the planning wing block. This system is capable of making intercontinental flights in dense layers of the atmosphere at a hypersonic speed exceeding the Mach number by more than 20 times. The unit works “practically under conditions of plasma formation”, like a burning fireball.

According to Putin, “he goes to the goal, like a meteorite, like a fireball, the temperature on the surface of the product is 1600-2000 degrees Celsius”, and “the winged unit is reliably controlled”. Similar characteristics of the complex, the head of state notes, provided the use of composite materials. Previously, similar Russian developments were not officially reported.

Battle lasers
Since 2017, military laser systems have been put into service. Their characteristics are not disclosed yet, the president only noted that Russia is one step ahead of the rest of the countries on this issue. In addition, Russia’s latest missile developments render US missile defense systems useless and NATO’s eastward advance.

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