Quantum entanglement has moved beyond the elementary particles




Quantum entanglement has moved beyond the elementary particles

Quantum entanglement – is the key to quantum computers , cryptography, and other applications of quantum mechanics in our world. In addition, it is one of the strangest phenomena in the universe, covering huge distances in the blink of an eye and connects the entire cosmos together. Scientists have long believed that the confusion between the two particles are rare – and short-term event, quickly passing from the external environment. However mathematics from Case Western University found that confusion between the particles of a larger system – is the norm.

Entanglement is one of the most bizarre predictions derived from quantum mechanics. The two objects are caught, if their physical properties are not identified, but related, and this relationship is maintained even if the objects are separated by a large distance. Read more about it we wrote earlier. mechanism of this communication is not defined, but experiments have shown that quantum entanglement does work. When two particles are related to the surrounding environment, their interaction with the environment leads to “leak” confusion into the environment, so it is difficult to detect. But it does not disappear.

Entanglement is quite subtle phenomenon, but how often it occurs in the big world of macroscopic objects? The documents published by Professor Stanislav Szharekom and a group of mathematicians from Case Western Reserve University sheds some light on the phenomenon and show that entanglement – quite a common phenomenon in the world of big things.

The analysis only statistical, quantum probabilities are studied using the tools of geometric functional analysis. This area of ​​mathematics is well suited to address the problems associated with a large number of measurements.

Systems of several particles, usually in a state close to the net. In this state, none of the internal particle binds to another. The particles of the system are not showing any signs of confusion. You can create a state of the particles in which they will be confused, but it is quite unusual.

Now imagine a large system, which are thousands (or trillions of particles). Quantum description will be exactly the same as above, but then how to change the quantum attributes depending of scale, and the more likely – everything is much more complicated and increases. Now a pure state will represent only a small fraction of the possible quantum states, and the resulting behavior of the particles will be different – and they will get confused.

The team also calculated Szhareka possible involvement in the sub-system of entangled particles. If you take two particles out of the system, the chance that they are confused, will be small. Even more: it would be extremely low, almost zero, if you look at the huge system. On the other hand, if you divide the system into two, they almost certainly will be half tangled with each other.

As a result, the analysis showed that in systems where there is a large number of particles, a pair of tiny sub-systems will not be entangled with each other, but a couple of large subsystems will almost certainly be confusing. If you can imagine two subsystems, each of which is about one-fifth of the total number of particles, they will almost certainly be confusing. A sharp change in the behavior of entanglement characteristic of the geometry of spaces with a large number of dimensions.

The results showed that everyday objects are constructed in such a manner that parts thereof are entangled with each other and with all the previously interacted with anything. This result is quite interesting for those who think of the universe as one whole, but do you have any observable integrity of this investigation? This is a very difficult question to which we do not have a clear answer.

Directs the development of large-scale involvement of our world, sometimes – in the strongest terms. Nevertheless, to predict what may happen suddenly, often is impossible. Many believe that the accident lies in the deep structure of the universe. To know these things for sure, you have too much knowledge about the microscopic state of the world. Some might say facetiously that magic works, but does not show actual or foreseeable effects. Well, in any case, quantum mechanics, it will be a fair judgment.
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