Quantum mechanics will create a one-time memory




Quantum mechanics will create a one-time memory

Now existing security system can not always provide the necessary level of protection. However, the scientist from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and Kai Liu (Yi-Kai Liu) demonstrated that the principle of quantum mechanics to realize the memory, the data from which can be considered only a single time.

A single memory can be used in different areas of computer security, for example, for large financial transactions or transmission of confidential information. In this case, the memory can record two types of information, for example, two authorization code – the sender and the recipient of money. Because memory can read the data once, then extract from it can only be one code, reports tgdaily.com.

According to Liu, when an attacker seizes physical media, conventional methods are becoming scarce. Any codes and ciphers can be hacked and erased information by using special methods can be retrieved, even when multiple overwrites memory.

“To build a sustainable security systems need to use such media, which do not allow multiple read information” – says Liu.

Information in single memory is stored in the form of magnetic spin of entangled bits (qubits). When using quantum technology contingency coding region in one quantum memory can record two separate sets of data, but since you can only be considered once, the memory can be restored only one set of data.

Nevertheless, the risk of this system is to use the phenomenon of quantum entanglement . If an attacker can confuse with qubits media other quantum particles, it will be able to read the information multiple times, causing the system to crash safety.

Currently, however, there is no technology that allows to the two entangled particles to add a third, without violating the quantum state of the system. Furthermore, such technology is unlikely to appear in the near future.

Thus, the current system of security based on quantum mechanics , it may be a reliable means of protecting information from hackers and used in everyday life.
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