Razmyshlizmy: Android and iOS, Samsung and Apple




[Letters] Razmyshlizmy: Android and iOS, Samsung and Apple

Samsung and Apple

We wrote Mayor Ozhegov from Izhevsk

Good day, dear readers AppleInsider.ru. Lately everyone and sundry, has written an opinion on the fight against the two leading operating systems: Android and iOS. Many opinions as people, and let me express the details of the relationship to the two operating systems. I warn you once: The following will be a lot of beech, but I’m sure after reading this text certainly will change your opinion!

A small digression: so happened that after the famous Nokia 5800 I was by sheer coincidence or not “moved” on the Samsung Galaxy Ace, which took more than a year. And then, last summer I went to Andorra, a principality duty free, located next to Spain, where he purchased a brand new The new iPad 64Gb only Wi-Fi on gostsene. Thus began my acquaintance with the technique of Apple and their OS.

Taking iPad out of the box without any problems I activated it and connected to the laptop, which has previously been installed iTunes and inflated toys and cloud applications (which I had previously downloaded on the shares in the App Store, what was very happy). The hardest thing for a beginner was to figure out how to use iTunes. If you download music, I figured out at random, then roll up the video I could not, I had juzat “Yandex”. In the end, I learned that you need to convert video to a specific format or buy the player. I stopped for a second option and bought AVPlayerHD. But there it was, is not the player he can find a movie to go in iTunes, look for this player and stick it right in the movie! This situation is messed up the first impression of the device and the system.

After arriving back home in Russia, I was bored to look at does not customizable iPad. And then I found a Jailbreak. Examining in detail all of the articles I “liberated” a tablet. The procedure proved to be quite easy, harmless and not scary newcomer to death, such as Android-based device firmware via Odin. I immediately pumped popular tweaks from Cydia and set the tablet as I like. Eat more battery died, and fail to brake iPad also did not, that is good news!

I think it’s time to talk about the strengths of iPad’a. Before buying it I read a great many articles and reviewed a bunch of reviews. Choosing between the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer Prime and iPad, I made a choice in favor of iPad’a, because all my friends as one said that the iPad is great. And they were right! I now believe the best iPad tablet, which is in the market, and all because of the following chips:

Flawless body and design – aluminum body, which pleasantly cools hand, is so remarkable that the iPad just does not want to let go. All the buttons and connectors fit into the ergonomics of the device.
Cover Smart Cover – serves as the base (two species), protects the screen from scratches and rubs it from dust and fingerprints.
Camera – in Spain I got the camera Canon EOS 1000D, a charge I forgot to take. iPad saved me and provided so lovely photos, what about charging the camera down I felt sorry for long. What particularly like the camera iOS-devices (other than quality), that there is nothing too much and do not need to wait until the shutter operates and restore photos, it all happens in a split second, and you can get done in 3 times more photos than for example in the same Samsung Galaxy S II, or any other Android-device.
Battery life – the tablet has amazed me that for sufficiently active use he lives quietly 2 full days!
Gestures – well, in any other tablet you will find such gestures, which are in iPad’e? Minimize the application, switching between applications and the discovery of multi-tasking. Yes, Android can put the program GMD Gesture Control, but the need for it to function with root, and yes it is expensive, and as such a harmonious effect on iPad’e you still will not get!
The smoothness of the OS – no brakes, no crashes and buggy! All the games are optimized so that the excellent graphics, I never saw any hint of lag!

This is just the basic “chips” with the iPad that I love with all my heart. But in every ointment is the fly in the ointment. And here I was terribly infuriated closed system. Yes, after Jailbreak’a I was able to arrange the icons as you’d like me to change the animation and scrolling desktops, but the whole bunch with iTunes is a horror! As I tried to look at it in another way, I did not realize this program. Everything should be done only through him, even the “liberation” of the device does not help to fully solve the problem. I did not like that I can not throw corny to Word file in Dropbox. I often use a flash drive instead of Dropbox, for example to send the same document to exel’evsky desktop computer at home and finish the work on it at home. Yes, probably, you are now going to talk to me about iCloud. But I do not have Mac, as for I was completely satisfied, Windows, and I do not have Wi-Fi-Router, and I highly problematic sync on 3G with some there “cloud.” In my opinion, much safer to remove all the stick and ALL! You do not depend on communication, either from the network or from the Internet, and USB flash drive never runs out at the worst possible moment! Why iOS-device I can not throw any file on a USB flash drive, and then find it on the device? I have it on the computer, which is Android-smartphone all laid out on Daddy: movies, music, photos, etc. What is the difficulty? So even easier and easier! No, I’m not hard to find my file on a flash drive phone, I find it hard to go in iTunes, through him in a special program to throw off the file and sync iPad. I also scored all 64Gb per week and then in the long agony choose what I do not mind to remove.

These are now small, but annoying frustration built up from me for the time I needed money urgently. And I sold the iPad (by the way, is more expensive than buying), and with the money I got a brand new Samsung Galaxy SII to replace my old man Samsung Galaxy Ace.


Here I was in my element. Custom firmware, root-law, widgets, settings, and other pleasures of life. Yes, I like that I can put the phone on a launcher and choose your design. Yes, I like that I can download various widgets clock and weather, and configure desktops. Yes, I really like that all the files I can put into folders, and find them in the phone memory, and yes, there you can insert a USB flash drive to expand the phone memory up to 64Gb. By the way, if your phone to buy an adapter for 50 rubles., Then you can connect a regular USB flash drive, keyboard or mouse! I just go bananas when I discharged the phone and I take out of the bag a second battery and I change it in less than 30 seconds.

But it was something that I did not like:

I would love to have exclusive games like Infinity Blade on the platform Android, and it is a clear advantage iOS.
I would love to have a comfortable keyboard, as on the iPhone. I do not know how to explain it, but with a smaller screen on iPhone’e I missed three times less than the standard Android-keyboard on a larger screen. By the way, in the Play Market has the same keyboard as on iOS, and it is also convenient, as on the iPhone! But unfortunately, it does not go out of the box.
The camera shoots a delay for some reason pictures do not turn out as beautiful as on the iPad
I hate that Samsung stuffs their phones unnecessary applications that interface and brake work. After flashing an unofficial firmware, which was deleted Samsung’ovsky trash, phone flew like iPad. But unfortunately, the optimization of games and applications still leave much to be desired …

And once the conversation turned to Samsung, let’s talk about it and Apple (not for nothing that in the title of the article are those of the company).

Most of all I do not like that prints its new Samsung device with the speed of light. Whether it dvuhsimniki, a whole bunch: Samsung Galaxy Young, Core, Pocket Neo, Star, Win, Grand … The list is endless! Is not it easier to make a smart phone with two SIM cards, but really worthy, which will not disappear internet, which will keep the battery at least a full day and that will not slow down so that it would be desirable to drown in the toilet. This is the first flaw Samsung. If they focused on one device, then they did it would be really something sensible! Second, funky design. I understand that all this is certainly an acquired taste, but a remnant of the Samsung Galaxy SIII just do not want to dirty their hands once again! And all their devices in such a design. In addition to Samsung Galaxy SII, which has a male brutal elegant design and a rough, pleasant to the touch cover. In my opinion, this is almost the only smartphone Samsung, which they did a really on the mind. They made their design, not tyrili its competitors. They are not stuffed his 8-core processor for the sake of advertising, and put a reliable and time-tested. The third reason is that Samsung is not able to make innovations, they are stealing from others. From the design of the phone and the icons in their TouchWiz to steal the idea of ​​”smart” watches. The fourth reason is that if you bought today the flagship Samsung Galaxy SIV, a year later forget about it forever. What one can say if the flagships of the company receive a firmware update in a few months after she had already appeared on the Google Nexus’ah. The fifth reason is plastic. Already forge back cover smartphone stitched leather plastic ropes somehow not quite so …

But the Cupertino-based company has always pleases the consumer innovations and interesting solutions. Yes, the last few presentations people are waiting for something from Apple this: WOW! But they can not do the things which are not there yet technology. In my opinion, a fingerprint scanner that’s WOW. Apple has always beautiful design of devices, no matter what they say, many people love them just for their beauty. However, by this company, I have also a couple of complaints and requests. The first thing I do not understand why Apple often stubbornly ignores the various new technologies that are in her hands could turn into something drop dead! Such as NFC, is a very promising technology, you just have to bring it to mind. Second, I do not understand the price of the device Apple. For example, in Mvideo iPhone 5 64Gb worth (better sit down) 38 rubles! I was very surprised when the kind of “budget» iPhone 5s is only 3-5 TR cheaper than the flagship – iPhone 5s. I’d rather pay extra couple of thousand, but I will have a top device, not multi-colored toy. The third reason, which I just vybeshivaet, is that Apple stubbornly ignores Russia. Whether it’s Siri, maps, launching sales of new devices is much later than other countries, there is no contract system in both the U.S. and the latest news is not sensible Russian dictionary in iOS 7. Well, why do so? We have a very promising market, and if Apple had come here, then surely it would be worse of it is gone! And the fourth reason – a complete closed system.

You know what, I’ve defined a formula more outrageous! iPad + smartphone on Android = comme il faut. I believe that the iPad is purely an entertainment device, it is convenient to watch movies on the go, on his face all the latest games and exclusive, and it is a pleasure to use. A phone must be on Android for some everyday office tasks. View or edit the file to Word or exel’evsky, throw any file extension to Dropbox, unzip the Zip-archive and much more!
By the way, for myself, I chose one device – Samsung Galaxy Note II, it meets all my requirements and replaces two devices at once!
Also in my head for a long time had an idea of ​​who buys iPhones, smart phones and who is on Android.

iPhone taken when a person is not interested in a variety of settings, it does not need widgets and customizable desktops. He needs to have the phone just worked, without any lag and brakes. He is ready to pay money for apps and games. It’s there or the elderly, or people who have little time and they have no time to spend time on the setting on the phone, or just the young people who follow fashion, loves to be in the trend and makes a glamorous fotochki in the mirror with your precious iPhone, which they bought at all the money their parents.

Android smartphones are taking people who are bored all the time to look at one and the same design. Green Robot for those who like to change the firmware to take risks, establishing root-law. For those who are not willing to spend, sometimes a lot of money on the application. It may be programmers, people who like to change something, or people who do not have the means to purchase applications.

I also very much like to discuss here the various jokes about a particular OS.

Battery. Do you really think that Android gets faster than the iPhone? You are mistaken, while working at all about the same! And if it comes to that, but now I use the Samsung Galaxy Note II, and I have enough batteries for 2 days of active use, and in 30 seconds I can change the battery and add 2 more days of my devaysa, what you say now?
Spade. Everyone has different tastes and requirements. For example, instead of me 2 devices – tablet and smartphone – easy to use Samsung Galaxy Note II. Yes, I take out my finger to every corner of the screen, and no I’m not a giant. But it is easy to read, if you turn it to landscape mode, the width it will be the same as the iPad mini. Watch movies on its wonderful screen without black bars is also a pleasure.
Brake and lags. Yes, I fully agree that, due to the fragmentation of Android, many programs, and the interface itself, inhibit. But here is completely open system, which is not in iOS. And each person can choose for themselves such a phone for what it wants, and iPhones are all the same.
Rogue. Why laugh at people who can not afford an expensive phone? But they have other values ​​in life. Yes, and now Android users can afford just as well call of iPhone 5s who failed to pay a couple of thousand and buy the flagship of the “fruit” of the company
Perhaps this is all that I wanted to share with you. I hope you will not have wasted your time reading this article. I think everyone brought something for yourself and make some conclusions. Both are good in their own way and everyone chooses what he likes.


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