Reasons to Switch Your Business to VoIP Technologies




Reasons to Switch Your Business to VoIP Technologies

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologiesare undoubtedly going to become a part of our communication activities in the very nearest future. As the name suggests, VoIP allows you to route calls using your existing IP infrastructure. This will reap benefits in the long run and is especially good for small businesses that simply cannot let their telecommunication costs eat up their budget.

Kiss goodbye to your landlines, here are 5 reasons why you need to switch to VoIP:

  • VoIP is Cheaper:Though youwill need a few hundred dollars to buying the required equipment and setting it up, this will later save you money on the long run.You can cut down your regular phone line costs by switching to IP calls. This is especially beneficial when it comes to long distance calls. You should define the ITSP’s (Internet Telephony Service Providers) that will allow you to select the cheapest rout to each destination.
  • Multiline Support:VoIP makes it possible to have multiple lines and each can be registered in a different country allowing you to choose different calling plans. This is an additional flexibility and efficiency for your business communication.
  • Hosted PBX:You do not need an IT experience to manage a hosted PBX, since you will be managing it remotely. Your PBX system will be hosted on remote server at rather affordable costs, letting your small business appear more professional and compete with the big ones.
  • No Missed Calls:In today’s business world a missed call can be equal to a missed customer. VoIP systems allow redirecting your calls whenever you are away, so as you will still be available for your customers.
  • Convenience and Mobility: VoIP users place and receive calls much the way they did with traditional landlines. Plus VoIP services allow viewing billing info, managing voicemail, tracking the call activity and changingaccount settings anytime. What comes to the mobility of VoIP –your VoIP service will be available from any angle of the globe. You can place and receive calls anytime from anywhere at no additional charges.

Overall, VoIP technology is a future of the business communications. So, setup VoIP calls with Voicebuy and start enjoying all advantages of VoIP technology today.



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