Report: Information Security biggest obstacle to Internet of Things




Revealed research conducted by the company, “Telecom Ontagans” that information security is still the major obstacle to the development of the “Internet of Things” IoT, according to the views of 42% of the respondents who emphasized that security is one of the biggest challenges of the Internet of Things adoption on a large scale.

Said Sherry Zamir, senior vice president of communications solutions in the Middle East and Africa at Gemalto: “Find a way clearly showed that the Internet of Things technology is based on a complex system, including telecommunications companies, hardware and environment of cloud and analyzes and other data.”

Zamir said, “It is also all things Internet system of hardware and software to secure all network components and providers of cloud services environment in this way is extremely difficult eg difficulty building trust with users. Where this makes it an important factor of confidence in order to achieve the things that the Internet potential, especially in terms of its adoption by large markets. ”

He pointed out that the required level of confidence can only be achieved when it is to ensure the identity of both parties – human and machine -, an area in which Gemalto has so much experience in it.

The company “Telecom Ontagans” to conduct research and report Internet expectations of things in 2015 based on input from about 1,000 of those surveyed, operators, academics, consultants and providers of cloud services and manufacturers of electronic slides and others, and was designed to provide the most accurate insights.

Find and answered an important question regarding Bmaheh Internet of things, in fact. The majority of respondents has been linked (51.8%) Internet of Things with consumer technology in the first place, such as home automation (28.5%) and technology wearable or portable (23.3%).

16.7% Internet of Things ratio has been linked with the sensor, while linked the remaining 8.4% Internet of Things with large data generated automatically linked 15.4% Internet rate things with Smart City – and also 40.5%, Internet of Things rate linked in general with Internet industrial objects.

Telecommunications companies and its central role

Research shows In addition to telecommunications companies that are considered the center of things emerging Internet system. Where she said the majority of respondents (59.7%) that the Internet of things is impossible without the help telecom service providers, while 50.3% identified, the fifth-generation technologies as a proportion of the most prominent factor in the adoption of the Internet of things on a large scale.

While one-third of those surveyed said (32%) that telecom companies are best for the popularization and dissemination of Internet of Things, where excels in that order on the companies that operate within the cloud environment system (17.5%).

The standards to ensure compatibility between devices and sensors and between the contact pads are the most important, another potential obstacle in front of the processes of development and marketing for the Internet of Things Alnajehtin mode.

He pointed out more than a third of those polled (37.2%) to the “issues related to the consolidation of platforms,” ​​as one of the biggest obstacles that undermine all of the processes of the expansion of the Internet of Things and acceptance between individuals.

Coinciding with the possibility that mobile phone networks provide the primary means of communication, it is likely that operators play a key role in driving and directing communication standards, even across local area networks and broadband networks. As such, it can not be overemphasized in the importance of resolving the issues of communication, especially in light of the fact that the competitors two open cooperation groups to develop the distribution of broadband networking scheme, which is able to deal with the widespread use of technology “communication between devices” and the movement of data to the Internet of things .

Zamir explained that the opportunities offered by Internet technology and large-scale things started and up to what extent can be up to the imagination of the individual. Given that the ideas that rely on data are the key value that can be derived from the use of the Internet of Things,-statement, so that the storage and analysis of companies across the cloud environment to take advantage of the many opportunities where will their offerings to support the actual services based on the Internet of Things, both consumer services or services business. Of course these services will provide the needs of the market – will also address the “gaps” that have been identified by the service providers. ”

He added: “The Internet of Things represents a major opportunity for companies that provide high-speed communication and support necessary to provide ideas and tools of decision-making in real time.

Opportunities in the Internet industry things as they appear to be clearly in the public utilities sector (22.4%) as well as the use of smart grids and related services, followed by telecommunications (18.1%) and shipping, freight and logistics (17%), automotive / aviation (14%) and care health (11.8%).

It is believed most of the respondents (50.3%) that telecommunications companies in a better position to provide Internet services for industrial objects, while 47.5 percent identified, institutional solutions and professional services as publishing opportunities and basic circular in this area.

2020 will be a key year for the mass adoption of the Internet of Things

She said a minority of those surveyed (16.7%) They are in a position to the possibility of publication and dissemination of Internet services things now, while 24.9 percent think they will be ready to do so by 2016, with other rate of 20.8% is looking towards 2020.

Sherry said: “For most of the respondents, it appears 2020 as a realistic target date and to achieve widespread acceptance of the Internet of Things by users, companies and even governments with visions of the future. However, confidence-building process with potential users is important as a first step to transform the large potential of the Internet of things into reality. ”


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